Sep 8th, 2011

Facebook’s draw seems to have gotten the best of Motorola as they, too, seem to be set to announce a “Facebook phone” of their own. Preliminary confirmation of such a phone popped up at the Bluetooth SIG. Like HTC’s Status/ChaCha, the Motorola EX-225 (it’s model number until we can get a name to attach to it) will have a fully-exposed QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode with a blue Facebook button sitting beneath it.

With that, Facebook integration is expected to be a major focus. While we’re not sure how Motorola will go about transforming MOTOBLUR for this purpose, we should note that HTC’s implementation wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

In our review of the HTC Status, we criticized HTC for providing little incentive to use their Facebook services opposed to the official option you can find on the Android market. At the end of the day, we deemed it a nice phone for those who want a portrait QWERTY device.

While HTC’s disappointing offering (which is said to be doing pretty poor at retail) will have no bearing on Motorola’s, we won’t hold our breath for the Facebook phone that many-a Facebook fanatic have been waiting for. [via Electronista]

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