Droid Bionic Selling for $199 on Amazon with New Two-Year Contract


If you have your sights set on picking up the newly released Motorola Droid Bionic but are waiting for the best deal to come along, you may want to check out Amazon. With a new two-year contract the handset is selling for $199.99, $100 less than the price Verizon is asking if you were to walk into a store and purchase the Bionic today. If you are simply upgrading your current Verizon contract, you still look to save a nice chunk of change for the Amazon price of $249.99.

[via Amazon | Thanks, Aztec!]

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  1. will amazon deduct my $50 verizon savings once i give them my carrier info, bringing the price down to $199 ??

  2. ka-CHING

  3. Yeah, but 699 if you want to buy it off contract. WTH?

    1. Its called buying off contract from Verizon? Only costs 590 (w/o taxes, dont know how much that would make it.)

  4. Not a bad price, but if I get a bionic I will be doing it through verizon so I can keep my unlimited data plan. That will save me more than $50 over the life of the contract.

    1. you can keep your unlimited data plan with Amazon. Done it before.

  5. Guys, I bought one, trust me, save your money for something else I’m taking mine back. pentile screen is worse than droid 1. this screen is just not fitting with a phone of this supposed caliber and price tag

    1. I’m with you! Taking mine back straight away too, this is a sad day. After all this time, dammit!

    2. Interesting. This is the first that I’ve heard about these screens.

    3. Okay, just fucking stop with the hyperbolic crap. Saying the pentile screen is worse than Droid 1 is simply NOT TRUE.

  6. i ordered mine already, $589.99 w/out contract

  7. I got mine from Costco for 279.99. Came with screen protector, carrying case, car charger, car dock, desktop dock, extra battery, and a charger for the extra battery. All in all I say I got a great deal.

    1. If I was to get it I would go through cost-co as well. Only question is can we go through them if we are an existing Verizon customer upgrading their line?

      1. Yeah, you’re able to upgrade lines at Costco. The only thing is you can’t use your New Every Two (that additional $50-100 off) if you’re one of the few people who still has that credit.

        1. this line doesn’t have a new every two :)

          thanks for the info Randy!

        2. It only gives me a $30 discount for my New Every Two on the Verizon site…

      2. Yes you can… I am a existing customer.

    2. I was going to get one at Costo but now I am torn. It’s 45 minutes away and I would have to pay $50 for a membership. For NE2 verizon customers it is $250 at the verizon store instead of the $279 that Costco is charging. So I would be paying $80 more at costco. But the bundle is $160 so I guess it is still a decent deal. Saving $80 but do I really need all of that. I also get a discount on accessories at the verizon store so I could put the $80 towards accessories. I can also have Verizon put the phone on my bill so I can wait to pay it if I want. Can Costco do that? Ugh, what to do!?

  8. It’s $250 if you’re an existing customer, but there’s no tax. That’s significant ($50) if you have to pay tax on the full retail value of $600 like you do in California. It’s equivalent to buying the phone at Verizon for $200.

  9. The problem with upgrading on these 3rd party sites is trying to keep your old unlimited plan.

    1. Amazon Wireless lets you keep your existing unlimited data plan. I bought my wife her Thunderbolt about a month and there was no problem.

  10. yeaah… i was on amazon and they are charging me 250. sooo i decided to clear the cart.. thinking about going to costco since i get more with my money.and its just down the street from me :-)

  11. I’m not getting the $199 price in the cart…

    1. The $199 is for new customers only, loyal customers get screwed.

  12. REVIEW: I went and played with the Bionic for a short moment @ Verizon: I know this sounds petty but here are the deal-breakers:

    1) Pentile screen, it’s definitely pixelated. If it was this was out 5 years ago the screen would be AMAZING, but with so many better screens to date…
    2) Multi-touch to zoom is choppy. This is REALLY petty but it mattered to me. The iPhone for example is VERY smooth, at the end of the day you may be in search of a complete user experience like myself. With dual core OMAP it’s surprising to see this.

    Oh, but LTE! and the wait continues…

  13. Prices in my area.

    I checked all the main sites out to see what there prices were. You have to be careful as some contracts do not offer the same monthly fees you can get from Verizon on line.
    This is what I came up with… (sorry I did this in a spreadsheet so it might not come out very good, but it should give you some idea. Looks like the best deal is on the Verizon website. I also might be a bit off on the shipping fees as I got a bit lazy when I saw the $89 monthly fees. Also these were just notes to myself so I should have cleaned them up a bit for you, but it is late and I’m gong to bed.

    Dealer Price Discounts Monthly Notes

    Verizon $269.97 $76.97 with warranty
    Walmart $294.99 $74.98 Plan looks like current plan, but no insurance. Overnight shipping free
    Walmart 2 $219.99 $89.98 450 text and phone discount, $15.00 month more $360 in two years
    Costco $279.99 $124.99 Free car charger and carring case ($40.00 savings) does not give me my unlimited data opton
    New Egg $249.99 $89.98 $20 overnight fee
    Amazon $249.99 $89.98 $20 overnight fee
    Target $249.99 $89.98 $20 overnight fee
    Best Buy
    Sams club $249.99 $89.98

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