Samsung Stratosphere Passes Through The FCC Complete With Verizon 4G LTE


The Samsung SCH-i405 better known as Verizon’s Stratosphere, passed through the FCC today complete with LTE 4G bands. The FCC filing confirms yesterday’s rumors that this will essentially be Verizon’s version of the Samsung Epic with no new surprises to report. This device looks to fill the void of 4G LTE enabled QWERTY sliders on Big Red. All that’s left now is the launch date and pricing but something tells me we wont have to wait much longer for either of those.

[Via TalkAndroid]

Chris Chavez
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  1. With the Nexus Prime and or the Droid Prime right around the corner. Who would want this phone? I was all for the GSII but since i’m on verizon i’ll just wait a little longer.

    1. Some people don’t really care too much for dual-cores. 4G LTE and a full QWERTY keyboard could be what they’re looking for…

      Options options options..

    2. Is there any evidence that the Nexus Prime/Droid Prime will have a physical QWERTY keyboard?

      1. None what-so-ever. It wont. =p

    3. I have the OG Moto Droid and I RARELY use the slide out keyboard. I will NOT get another (just adds thickness & weight).

      I was waiting for the GSII but I will WAIT for the Prime. I am in “patient mode” now & I won’t buy what Verizon decides that I should get. My urge to grab a phone quicly has left me and is replaced with stubborness since they teased us and made us wait so long.
      I will just keep doing factory resets to keep my old Droid running.

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