Sep 7th, 2011

Seems there are a few rumors floating around the blogosphere of a leaked document showing T-Mobile prepping their employees for a mysterious September 24th “All Hands Day.” As to be expected, imaginations are running wild. This could either be some last minute training for the Samsung Galaxy S II (Hercules) or may have something to do with the rumored release of the iPhone 5 on T-Mo. Nobody is quite sure.

Adding even more speculation to the iPhone 5 rumor is a similar “All Hands Day” Sprint is requiring for their team. According to numerous SprintFeed tipsters, this one is scheduled for September 11th, just a few days earlier than T-Mobile’s AHD. Luckily, SprintFeed received this leaked image displaying the time frame in which employees need to train for the launch of Sprint’s upcoming Epic 4G Touch which seems to encompass that tipped September 11th date and goes up all the until the phone’s launch on the 16th.

Gee, Scoob. It seems we’ve solved the mystery of the T-Mobile and Sprint “All Hands Day.” If both these training events are in fact related, then they are nothing more than training for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Even still, I still find it odd that Sprint or T-Mobile would need to train their employees on devices featuring similar OS’s to what’s currently on the market. Go figure.

[Via TMoNews and SprintFeed]

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