Sep 6th, 2011

My good friend @AndroidAtNight on Twitter spent a lot of his free time designing this amazing homescreen based around what he feels like the next iteration of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, could look like. I have to hand it to him — it looks pretty nice. The NIte UI theme takes a lot of design cues from the new Android Market and even some hints from the new Google Voice widget with its busy but minimal stylings. The theme isn’t your typical root required/flash zip file theme. Instead, its composed entirely from a dizzying amount of apps you can find in your very own Android Market with no root required. I’d be lying if I said the entire process was an easy one. But — if you have the time, the dedication and careful attention to detail, you too could be the talk of the town with a theme that will make the ladies say, “Aye, papi!” (probably not). Hit up the source link and prepare to be learn-ed.

[Via AndroidAtNight]