HTC Sense 3.5 Port in the Works for Droid Incredible


The Desire HD won’t be the only handset getting a bit of pre-release HTC Sense 3.5 love. A team is already hard at work tacking together a port of the upcoming Sense update for Verizon’s Droid Incredible. While no test build is publicly available, the port is progressing nicely. The small crew responsible has already dispelled a good amount of initial bugs. It isn’t clear when a new ROM will be available for Droid Incredible owners, but it’s a safe bet it will be well before HTC releases the first official Sense 3.5 device, rumored to be the upcoming HTC Bliss for Verizon.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Got Bloat?

    Add more!

    1. Seriously, Sense has become so bloated. It feels like Windows Vista.
      HTC didn’t learn a lesson.

      1. For me Sense lost to Stock back in 1-5-2010.

        1. YEAH! Gimme that stock cut/paste! And the wonderful addressbook! OHHHH! Yeah!! Let’s port Blackbox to it so we can be all 1999 … who cares about function! :)

  2. Still waiting on the HTC Vigor… Fingers Crossed

  3. EVO 4G plox

    1. We already have it. HTC Bliss Rom on XDA. Check it out, it looks pretty solid. I know they had/have some issues with the kernel though as far as wifi and bluetooth go.

      1. Thanks!

  4. How about a port for the HTC Thunderbolt…

  5. Me gusta. I was looking for a reason to root and here it is (or re-root I suppose).

  6. It’s been on the G2 for days.

  7. I honestly hate the new look, especially the dock.

  8. While sense certainly needs to be updated I still love it! Want some 3.5 love:)

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