DROID Prime Gets WiFi Cert, Nexus Prime Gets Bluetooth SIG Cert


Two phones I’m sure many of you are patiently waiting for have made stops at certification forums. First up, the DROID Prime, said to be Verizon’s version of the Nexus Prime (but could totally be their Galaxy S II) has gotten WiFi certified. Next, the Nexus Prime (which we expect to be fully stock Android on the carriers set to bring it out) has passed the Bluetooth SIG’s requirements and is good to go.

The Nexus Prime already saw its WiFi certification a couple of weeks ago so it’s pretty much ready after the FCC gets down and dirty with it. Likewise, the DROID Prime has already gone through Bluetooth SIG. If the FCC deems everything is fine and dandy sometime soon, we could be primed (see what I did there?) for that October release window we’ve been hearing about. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So… DROID Prime and Nexus Prime are different phones? I’ve been having a hard time following this mess. VZW = DP, Else = NP?

    1. its more like VZW = Droid Prime with verizon logo and bloatware apps preinstalled, and Else = Google = no carrier sells this, only Google through distributors just like the Nexus One and Nexus S = No preinstalled bloatware apps, no tweaking of the O.S., and = Pure Android Phone without restrictions

      1. Carriers have sold the Nexus S. I’ll be surprised if the Droid Prime is branded with Verizon’s bloat ware and logo–although it’s certainly a possibility. Why can the Verizon iPhone 4 remain untouched but not the Droid Prime? Pretty sure the Nexus S is the hottest selling phone next to the iPhone. I can see the Droid branding being beneficial seeing half the Android users out there believe they own a Droid phone and not an Android phone. But Verizon should keep there name and apps off of it.

        1. It’s probably becasue of the iphone 4, Verizon is not the type to be hands off, so since they can’t molest the iPhone, they’re going to molest the Prime.

          1. I hope you are wrong. I will be very pissed of if Verizon adds bloatware to the Nexus phone, but not the iPhone. I may even go to Sprint out of spite =) … seriously.

          2. I hope you get what you want, but I’m thinking since they’re calling it a Droid, it’s a Verizon branded device. You should go to Sprint, anyway, or Tmo if the merger gets denied :)

        2. So Verizon should continue to confuse new Android users????

          Most people already know what Android is. I understand what you are saying because even most iPhone users don’t know what OS they are using.

          1. I took a taxi back to my car yesterday morning after a heavy night of drinking, and the driver says “got to get the droid phone with the weather app” as he points to his Evo Shift. I just let it slide.

  2. So, they are two seperate phones? What are their model numbers? Who’s making them?

    1. It appears to be two different phones and I hope they are.

      Their model numbers are:
      Droid Prime = SCH-I515
      Nexus Prime = GT-I9250 (notice the similar number to the Nexus S = GT-I9023)

      Samsung is making them.

      I think that on Verizon they want more control so they are going to name it the Droid Prime.

      1. It’s the same phone. SCH is just verizon specific samsung model number.

        1. I am not a pro at these things and I don’t know if you are but why are all the blogs saying that they are two different phones then.

          1. They could just be calling them different phones in the sense that the first Galaxy S phones were “different” phones. That is to say that apart from a few physical differences the whole original Galaxy S line was fundamentally the same.

  3. droid prime = nexus prime. ONly VZW, it will have the VZW logo on the front (per usual) and verizon bloat apps. Thats my take on it.

    1. I do believe you are right, thank god it’s 2 different phones since I refuse to go to Verizon and want the Prime.

    2. I hope your wrong but your probably right, it is Verizon’s way.

  4. Two phones? … This kind of scares me as a Verizon customer. I hope Verizon doesn’t ruin this phone with crappy bloatware and long update waits. I am holding on to hope that it is just a name branding thing, and that even though it is called Droid, it is actually a full blown Nexus phone … please

    1. I think you’re out of luck, Verizon is not giving you a google experience phone if there are 2 different phones.

    2. After all the crap the carrier’s have pulled over the last few years I wouldn’t be happy unless it said Nexus and not Droid on the phone. The Droid name used to mean something but after the original one they all went to Motoblur.

      1. yeah but with samsung it wont be locked down like moto and will be easily rootable and able to run roms etc.

        1. A good phone doesn’t need to be rooted.

          1. True, but what else are you supposed to do with it once you get bored but still have to wait for your contract to run out? :P

  5. Hopefully there will definitely be 2 separate phones… if Verizon was going to get exclusivity on the nexus prime/droid prime, I was going to be very upset! (being a t-mo customer)

    I dont know who you are referring to when you said “patiently waiting” though :P perhaps [im]patiently is better!

  6. Quentyn, the way this article is written is highly confusing. lol My brain hurts trying to comprehend all this Prime nonsense!

  7. I don’t give a shit what they’re going to call it. Just fcking release the phone.
    And all these cries about Verizon not carrying the phone, Verizon is in bed with Apple and its dildo called the iPhone.

    1. Yeah, that’s a strang response. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sprint is supposed to be releasing the iPhone 5 before anyone else.

    2. Lolwut? Droid Does ring a bell? The fact of the matter is that Verizon is responsible for making Android a mainstream OS. Now, you can piss and moan about bloatware (something I’ve yet to experience) but the fact of the matter is Verizon is the best carrier in the United States, and the most expensive, and that without it Android would not be as strong a platform as it is today.

      Also who’s to say that the Droid Prime won’t be the exact same thing as the Nexus Prime? I would assume the name change is simply for the marketing advantages it gives; moreover, if Verizon sells the iPhone without bloatware then why wouldn’t it sell the Prime without bloatware?

      1. Because the iPhone is controlled in a dictatorial fassion by Apple whereas Google does very little in terms of regulation of Android.

        That’s one thing about Android being open source. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

        1. And normally I agree, but, because this is a Nexus device (regardless of the name) I would be completely surprised if Google doesn’t require them to leave the phone bloatware free; pure Google if you would.

          Why would they do this? Because if Verizon receives the iPhone 5, HTC Vigor, and the Prime they will have the best line up of phones for the holiday season hands down.

          1. The fact that Verizon has already decided to change the name to Driod Prime instead of leaving it as is already confirms they are going to throw their bloatware on it b/c that’s the only way it’ll differ from the Nexus Prime.

          2. Nope, marketing purposes. I’ve seen no evidence to the contrary and I can’t imagine Google would let that happen; I’ve already explained why Verizon might accept a “no bloatware” stipulation.

      2. No way is Verizon the best carrier. Their lineup sucks, the 3G sucks, and their plans are expensive! LTE is all it’s got going for it right now.

        1. Their lineup sucks? Compared to what exactly? AT&T’s Atrix? The Droid X2 covers that and tomorrow’s bionic will be nothing but an upgraded version of the Atrix. Perhaps Sprint then? Well the Photon and EVO 3D are fantastic phones but they don’t offer the iPhone and, again, the Bionic basically makes up for both phones. T-Mobile? The G2X isn’t bad but it’s had quite a few software issues, the X and Bionic cover that phone. Now you may have me on the My Touch slide 4G but the Droid 3 is a comparable device.

          Their 3G sucks? According to Gizmodo it’s the second fastest, on average, in the country only being beaten by At&T; gross.

          Their plans are expensive? I agree wholeheartedly.

  8. So is there any word on the size of this phone yet. I was waiting for the GS2 but now that isn’t going to happen. Still with my OD i’m waiting to get a new phone that doesn’t look like a monitor attached to my hip… with decent specs.

    1. Rumored 4.65 inch screen, but there are no capacitive buttons, so less bezel. Hopefully not too big

      1. I guess I’ll have to see it… My rule is that when holding in one hand if my thumb can’t reach most of the screen it’s too big…

  9. Maybe the Droid prime is just gonna be an updated SGS2, but calling it the Droid Prime?

    1. The Galaxy S II doesn’t have good enough specs for being googles flagship

      1. That, sir, is a ridiculous comment! what other phone has specs that trump the SGSII?? Please explain your reasoning…

        1. based on rumors, the Prime will have larger screen (than the standard SGII), and usher in a the new state-of-the-art processors.

          The SGSII was state of the art a couple months ago.

          1. SGSII does not have 4g. primes will…

          2. That is why I said A updated version.. You know with better specs and not quite a stock google experience? I really hope thats not the case though..

          3. Sadly comparing a phone that isnt quite out yet to something that is as a currently great phone. Fun..fun…

          4. Thats what I am saying here. It will be updated with better specs and wont be a flag ship device for google, but for verizon. I am a verizon customer I just dont trust them enough for it to be a total google experience. Know what I mean??

        2. Wasnt a comment it was question..

  10. This is not all that different from previous Nexus phones — think ‘Nexus One’ and ‘HTC Desire’.

    Likely, Verizon isn’t interested in a non-branded, non-VCast, etc. phone, but is interested in leveraging the ‘Prime’ name.

    Verizon has paid a lot of money to license ‘Droid’ from George Lucas, and they have done an excellent job of marketing. How many non-techies think Android and Droid are synonymous?

    Droid Prime = to the Samsung & Verizon branded verzion of Nexus Prime

  11. where’s my EVO Prime??????????????

    1. Yarell, is that you?

  12. I think it might end up the same way the whole Droid/Nexus thing did (here’s hoping), where Verizon will get a stock, DROID branded device and the rest will have the “Nexus” device.

    It would be pretty sweet to upgrade from my OG DROID to another stock DROID handset.

    1. That’s the idea. They do not want all the OG Droid owners to jump ship to the ifone5.

  13. I have yet to see a strong link between the Samsung 9250 and the nexus prime. Yet it keeps being called nexus prime. Which is what I believe this article is calling the nexus prime WiFi certification.

  14. Woah woah woah… I thought this was the same phone. What’s the difference between the Nexus P and the Droid P?


    1. Bloat vs no bloat, maybe.

      I would say no free tethering but it seems that tethering is being taken away from all Nexus phones.

    2. Rumor:
      Droid Prime = Verizon
      Nexus Prime = other carriers

  15. Would be epic if both of these were the same phone and the Prime ended up being a World Phone. AKA capable of both GSM and CDMA. Way to 1-UP the iphone5’s supposed availability on multiple carriers.,,,buy one Prime, use anywhere.

  16. i’ve lost myself with all the news of Prime and Droid Prime… so Motorola is making both phones or do we know yet?

    1. Rumor has it that Prime is Samsung.

  17. My Prime-ary concern is that Verizon does not screw us over…but they most likely will. Sad day.

  18. I’d like an Evo Prime plz.

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