Samsung Nexus Prime Receives WiFi Certification


The Samsung GT-I9250 which has a 99.9% chance of turning out to be the upcoming Nexus Prime, has just passed its WiFi certification today. Right on schedule with that leaked Samsung roadmap, the eve of the Nexus Prime is almost upon us. In case you needed a refresher, this device will be the premier Google device running the latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The device will have a 1280×720 HD screen so bright, so vivid, it will be like looking into the face of Andy Rubin himself. Word is Google has made nice with Texas Instruments so you can expect the latest OMAP4 processor they have to offer. No word yet on a carrier but I’ve heard from some people, that know some people, that rob people — it could be Verizon.

[Ameblo via Droid-Life]

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  1. I so hope that this is not Verizon only… I am planning on switching to Sprint and getting this phone.. I guess we will see what happens..

    1. You’re good. Sprint will get it. Don’t let people tell you Sprints network is crap either. I drive truck for a living, and my livelihood depends on my phone. If my coverage was bad I would have to pay whatever price it would take to have good coverage. Sprints coverage here in Ohio and all surrounding states I drive in coverage is fine. Could care less about 4g, my rooted EVO runs perfect for me with 3g.

      1. I could see myself switching to sprint from TMO for this phone so I’ve looked at coverage maps. Sprint 3g is along almost every major highway which I would be psyched about compared to tmo’s lack of 3g on most highways. I spend most of my time stationary but the ability to travel and have streaming stuff has been lacking with TMO
        Edit: I would however miss sim cards. I switch phones more often than most and I like having a beat em up phone (G1) for beaches or anything stupid.

        1. I’ve heard that 4G CDMA phone on Verizon (not sure if Sprint is included) does have SIM card.

          1. Verizon uses CDMA which does not use SIM cards. They include SIMs for global roaming on their phones(e.g. Droid 3). The LTE phones have data only SIMs which operate on the 700mHz frequency which no one else uses.You still have to activate your phone each time you switch between devices.

          2. Thanks man. I’ve never been on CDMA network. Do you have to contact them in order to activate your account on a new phone? If yes, Verizon and Sprint should develop an easy way for pp to switch from one phone to another by entering in a “SECRET” code or something as long as we dont have to call them everytime we switch phones.

        2. I stay on a plane. I was Tmobile and am now Sprint. Other than the basement of the Buena Vista Palace & Resort in Orlando, Florida, I have NEVER not had a signal anywhere in the United States on Sprint. Even out in Gladys, Virginia (where Sprint’s own map says there is no coverage) I get coverage (because Sprint roams w/out charge on Verizon, Tmobile, ATT&T and US Cellular).

          Wake up.


          1. I don’t see what you’re getting yourself so worked up about. Where did I talk down about Sprints network? I said it was better than TMobile’s which isn’t hard to do. I guess I need to repeat myself that Sprint is the carrier I would switch to if it had the Prime and TMO didn’t. I would still consider switching to it even if TMO did get the Prime also. Having consistent service would be a nice change of pace.

            Also, I don’t see what being on plane has to do with your argument..

      2. Yes, Sprint 3G technically has good coverage. But the 3G speeds are atrocious.
        In the middle of frickin Manhattan, i get an average of 250kbps. And that is BETTER than most other areas i travel to.
        Sprint isn’t a bad company, but their 3g is so bad that i might take an ETF and go somewhere else. Just my 2 cents.
        (i’m also on a rooted EVO 4g)

        1. “i get an average of 250kbps”

          LOL you are the only person in the United States that has this problem.

        2. My average on Verizon is 350. On a good day I can get over 1Mbps though.

        3. Their 4g is worse (compared to the other carriers)

  2. When will this be released? Let alone if for even verizon

    1. By the the verizon releases this it will be obsolete.

  3. How is Verizon going to get vcast and Bing on this baby? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    1. Lol Does every Verizon phone really have Bing on it? (Wouldn’t know, I’m a Sprint user)

      1. Sprint here too bro. Just fanning the flames for you. Honestly though, since Verizon is the only major carrier w/o a nexus variation, why would they be first? Seeing as how Google doesn’t allow carrier bloat, I believe Verizon thinks with the Bionic and iPhone 5 coming out they don’t need the Prime. Just my opinion. I have been wrong before, just not sure when it was.

      2. Does the iphone on vzw have bloat?? i would assume no…that would leave the NP possibly not getting fat

      3. No, I have the Charge, Droid X, and OG Droid and none have Bing. I’m pretty sure the entire Droid line is Bingless. Plenty of bloat though :) I’m sure that a Nexus Prime would be better though. You definitely wouldn’t have to worry about VZ navigator suddenly launching when you were expecting Google Navigation.

  4. lmao “that rob some ppl” thats a good movie. but seriously that phone better be a motherfuckin dual mode GSM-CDMA super awesome take to any carrier on a mothafuckin’ plane phone

    1. I agree. The Nexus Prime will have to be a “global” phone to compete with the iPhone 5 (since it’s rumored to be global)

  5. This is why I love being on T-Mobile, I know we will be getting it on release day. I REALLY hope it supports 42mbps

    1. Tmobile is not really 4g, only big red can claim and prove 4g speeds. So if you get the prime it will be inferior to the VZW model. Tmobile is an ok carrier, but can’t come close to VZW, So verizon will definitely know what to do with the Nexus Prime!

      1. Its been explained over and over again that Tmobiles Hspa+ is considered 4g by standards.

        1. but compared to LTE its really just 3.5g

          1. I don’t like the fact that when your on Verizon’s 3G you are limited to 1mbps but T-mobile’s is 7mbps. Why can’t they speed up their 3G a little.

          2. no it’s not!!!

            I hate when people don’t do their hw!!! True 4g is 1Gbs and nobody is coming close to that!

          3. Actually, per the ITU, Wimax, LTE, and HSPA+ ARE in fact all 4G by todays standards. One can argue speeds, but not that any of them are or are not 4G.

            More than likely, a new term will have to be coined when “true 4G” speeds are actually reached in practice.

            Now, if one chooses to ignore the standards set forth by the ITU for todays 4G, then that one MUST accept that none of the carriers have 4G, and that even Verizons vaunted LTE network is in fact, only 3.xG (This means you, Krause… :p).

            Any arguement otherwise is invalid. Period. End of story. Fini. Over.

          4. technically correct. Per my note below, the ‘standards’ for 4G was lowered for HSPA+. True 4G will be achieved when LTE matures, and Verizon seems lightyears ahead

          5. learn something ok….Lte isnt 4g if you use standards as well…anyone in the biz will tell you that..

        2. just to clarify, these ‘standards’ were lowered to match what AT&T and T-Mobile were calling 4G.

          When 4G was originally defined, only a mature LTE infrastructure could qualify (think VZW in 2-4 years)

          HSPA+ was deemed a generation after ‘3G’, hence why the standards were lowered.

          1. Well, actually, the ITU’s statement included LTE along with HSPA+ and Wimax as forerunners of true 4G technology, therefore they “lowered” the standards (a description I don’t totally disagree with, btw) for vzw’s LTE, just as much as they did for tmobiles and Att’s HSPA+.

          2. agreed. hence my remark about ‘mature’ LTE infrastructure.

            LTE will reach original 4G status, where HSPA+ can not keep pace. Why do you think AT&T is trying to catch up with LTE? HSPA+ is 3.5G

          3. Perhaps the “standards” were lowered because HSPA+ was beating speeds for phones already marketed as 4G.. people should just give it up already.. i’ts been done, it’s called 4G deal with it.. stay in the know and buy what you want.. but you do not appear “smarter” by saying it’s not “true” 4G.. It is.. period.

      2. i hate to burst ur bubble there mr vzw, but NOBODY has true 4g speeds…

        4g is 1Gbs, nobody even comes close to ture 4g…

      3. fyi….lte isnt real 4g get your head out of your apps.

  6. chris, i <3 you, but i sincerely hope you're wrong about this. do not want samsung at all.

    1. me too man.i wanna see something From SE or Motorola.something new and different

      1. You <3 me too? o_O

        1. Pleeeeeeeease no Verizon.
          I dont wanna have to hop on the big red bandwagon. Theyre super expensive.

          1. Not to mention their network blows. No simultaneous voice and data, and their 3G caps at laughable speeds.

          2. with LTE, there can be simultaneous voice & data.

            This is a limitation of CDMA, not just Verizon.

            For example, if you have WiFi (or LTE) access while talking on the phone, you can do both.

          3. Really? 3G is fine on Verizon, I’ve never had a problem with any phone. Pulls down faster and has better service than AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile. But that could just be here, idk.
            And like Horace, yes, LTE and WiFi let you talk simultaneously. Then again, I don’t find myself using this feature that much, unless I have a bluetooth headset, I hate switching the call to the speakerphone, especially if I’m not in a good place to do so (which is almost always).

      2. Glad it will be Samsung. SE sucks, see all their Android offering. Moto does not care EU customers. So either Samsung or HTC would be my preference. And I am a happy Samsung Nexus S owner, here in EU :)

    2. I don’t want another samsung nexus or verizon. Come to SPRINT!! or T-Mo, my contract with sprint is almost up hah

  7. Hmm… If Tmo get’s this phone, NO ONE would want the iPhone. Ice-scream sandwich is closing the fragmentation gap, and then Android will become more developer friendly and then all the iPhone apps will be on Android and then everyone would want it. *exhales*

    Though with a screen like that, only Samsung is capable of. I’m sorry, I wanted the underdogs (LG) to give a crack at this, but I needz my screen. I’m kinda hoping it doesn’t have that chin thing. Though I’ll miss the aluminum design HTC did with the first one. Still like that one the best (design wise)

  8. Ha! Verizon wouldn’t know what to do with an awesome phone like the NP.

  9. I am praying for this to be a VZW phone. It only makes sense since they are the only carrier that won’t have the SGS2. Samsung would not want to release 2 phones so close to each other to compete against one another.

    If this is not a VZW phone, then my options are getting even more limited: Vigor or iPhone 5. The Bionic is over priced by 50%. They are giving very little improvement over what is out already with the lower end parts:

    4G LTE: Already phones out with it
    Dual Core: Yes, it is one of the first, but also one of the slowest
    qHD: Poor screen quality vs HD and SAMOLED+ HD

    I’ll be waiting for Nexus Prime with the rest of the Telebots.

    1. Don’t forget that it will be the first Android phone that fully uses both cores.

    2. Hmmm good argument there, but it really comes down to manufacturer preference. You can always root the Bionic (it WILL happen, trust me lol. It’s way too popular, and the Droid 3’s root should work on Bionic too) and make it vanilla Android.
      Also, it’s the first LTE phone to have both, not just one. And actually if you overclock it, you could easily get 1.5 Ghz, it’s just that they’re trying to conserve a little battery here, could easily be stock overclocked to 1.2, but probably doesn’t need it.
      qHD is great, a full (well, 720p isn’t FULL) HD screen is SO overkill dude you have no clue. Plus that will drain battery life like no other, and will probably be Pentile to conserve battery life (if you’re in that Pentile hater boat).
      The Bionic has been being developed for quite some time now, I expect them to have a lot of things working correctly compared to the launch of the Prime, even if it’s just Vanilla Android.

  10. No all Verizon phones don’t have Bing. Only certain phones get “Binged” thanks heavens.

    To all you Verizon hatred: Your just mad because the only place I CAN’T get a great signal is inside a lead box!!

    1. I believe only non-Droid phones are ‘Binged’. The Samsung Galaxy S variants for VZW were not considered Droids.

  11. T-Mobile has carried every Nexus 1st and I don’t think that will change but I’m wishing a full release on every carrier to go head to head with icrap 5. Let’s face it though one of the best feature is the mobile hotspot that most carrier block or charge extra for and I have never paid for it with my N1,NS or G2X so why wouldn’t Google start with the carrier that is going to allow the users to use everything they put into it. Verizon seem not to get the Nexus because they are control freaks like apple, everything must cost.

  12. What is the average time from FCC approval to release? is there any consistency?

    1. No.

      A company like Apple typically has their devices go through FCC simultaneous to announcement.

      If I recall correctly, the Bionic went through FCC months ago.

  13. This is the phone I’m waiting for to jump ship on the t-mobile disaster as they get eaten by at&t. Can’t wait to get some big screen on big red with the big LTE.

  14. A Verizon phone with no bloatware? keep dreamin…

    1. that’s what I am afraid of. Though, hopefully it will be true.

    2. The Og Droid didnt have any verizon bloatware..

      1. Right… because the VCast app for android hadn’t been written yet, and the fat cats didn’t understand the platform well enough to “fully monetize” the opportunity.

        1. Boy I love people that know everything like you do. Please tell me more since you sit with the CEO of verizon everyday..

          1. That’s the best you could do?

          2. people seem to forget that the eris came out at the same time as the droid, and that had bloatware. so to say they didn’t know how to fully monetize it, is bs.

          3. Those were bundled with Sense by HTC… not mandated by Verizon, but thanks for playing.

  15. ugh….change the logo of the nexus prime on this site…after the last transformer movie I can’t stand any it, temporarily. I’d much rather think of Metroid PRIME when hearing about the nexus PRIME.

    So besides an awesome screen and a dual core from TI, do we know anything else that makes it even more awesome?
    Like cool new features or something? I heard it would finally sport a panorama picture option out of the box.
    Anything else?
    Did we hear anything new about that face-following camera demo from Google i/o?
    Anything that no current phone offers to date?

    1. I kinda like the logo. But then again, I’m biased.

      1. I think everyone gets it…

        1. Ok, cool. Credit where it’s due and all…


    1. If it comes to Verizon, this is my next phone.

  17. Sprint roams voice and data onto Verizon. Anyone who tells you they can’t get a signal on Sprint needs to take the phone out of their lead-laden ass. They’re lying or they’re just stupid. Sprint has the best service, plans and even if it doesn’t get the NP, it will get the next Samsung or HTC variant in early spring and the 3rd likely successor in the EVO line-up. Why anyone would choose Verizon is beyond me.

    1. In my experience, Verizon prioritizes their connections. My office has AT&T, T-Mo, Sprint, and Verizon Android phones. All of them have seriously slow data connection (<200Kbps) during peak hours except for the Big Red sub. I'm the T-mo with a N1. I can get 2.5Mbps down at 8am… and <200K after 10. The Sprint user is at bottom of the barrel speeds throughout the day. Downtown ABQ

    2. You sound like me about half a year ago. I get signal just fine, but recently here in Indianapolis, my Sprint 3G speeds have completely tanked. I am now a sad panda. I considered moving to another carrier, but giving up my $30/mo unlimited everything Nexus S is just something I can’t do. I am praying that Sprint’s big 4G announcement that’s coming will cheer me up. Also, if Sprint doesn’t get the Nexus Prime (and in less than half a year like the Nexus S) that might be another reason for me to leave.

  18. Besides the great Nexus Prime news, thanks for the awesome new avatar. ;-)

    1. You’re welcome.

  19. If the Prime drops in October…then it will not be on Sprint.

    Sprint to Get iPhone 5

  20. with the price of verizon LTE devices, you can expect to pay probably close to a thousand bucks for this phone(with a 20 year contract). it will be the phone everyone will want, but cant afford. thanks verizon!

  21. I actually hope all 4 main carriers get it. That way the playing field would be leveled. As long a Verizon gets it for sure, of course. BTW Phandroid, cool logo you’re using for your Nexus Prime articles on the main page. It looks familiar to me.

  22. As long as it packs with Super AMOLED Plus Ultra Supreme Super Sonic HD display. I’m all for it

  23. Samsung? Why google, HTC is much better

    1. LOL at what?

      1. @ build quality, but loses to every other hardware component on the phone lol

  24. i dont have any high hope VZN will be getting this phone….

  25. I can’t wait for this to hit Sprint. I am literally holding my breath for this phone.

  26. This is the Nexus we are talking about. It will be on GSM first. Then make it’s way to Sprint. And this is also Verizon we are talking about. They think they have better phones and don’t need any Nexus.

  27. Just spoke with a friend that works with tmobile. The galaxy s2 is coming out mid to late October and the Prime may not come out until Q1 as to not interfere with S2 sales. I think for sure now vzn is getting the prime first, and maybe sprint after that. bummer.

  28. Yeah but will it have a super duper 2160 HD display, 8 GHz octo core processor, 16 Gigs of RAM, a terabyte of storage and wipe my ass for me! Doubt it…..

    In all seriousness though, I’ve been waiting to change my team colors from magenta to red, So if this next nexus is on VZ bye bye Tmo, as the next nexus I’m sure it will be on par (or better) with the latest and greatest.

  29. this will be my next smartphone

  30. Nexus Prime will most likely be my next phone, if it has a 60 it is a will buy but if it has a 70 it will be a MUST BUY! lol

  31. ^^ My next phone, world phone or not. :D Or the Vigor. It is so good to have choices. I remember when Verizon only had the best network coverage, but the best phones were with Sprint/ATT/T-Mobile. No more. :D

  32. Great to hear that it might have a metal case, my only concern about Samsung making it was that they’d go for their usual plastic. Held off getting a Sensation for this so hope it’s worth the wait.

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