DROID 2 Global Gingerbread Update Now Rolling Out


No, Motorola didn’t forget about you DROID 2 Global users who are still on Froyo. They have announced that the Android 2.3 upgrade for the phone is now available and is rolling out in phases (meaning don’t go acting all silly if you aren’t able to pull it down yet). Menu > Settings >  About Phone  > System Update will get you started. Let us know how the update treats you once you get it installed. [Motorola, Thanks Tim!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just got the update offer and its downloading!!!

  2. I’ve had a leaked version for a couple weeks now. Definitely a nice upgrade over Froyo. Battery life has increased nicely. Still wish I could get CM7 in a stable mode on this device, as I hate all the Blur crapware that’s on here, but at least it’s an upgrade.

    1. I’d just use the Nightlies — I’ve been running one for nearly a month now without even a crash. I was amazed — I thought running CM7 on this thing would’ve been full of problems.

  3. Finally… Thank god. Downloading it now. Does anyone know if this unlocks the bootloader?

  4. It’s a very stable build. I’ve had pretty much no problems with it besides minor things (which will most likely be addressed in a future update). Enjoy, fellow Droid 2 Global owners!

  5. “No, Motorola didn’t forget about you DROID 2 Global users who are still on Froyo.” – Nope, just us DROID R2-D2 users. Any bets when we’ll see our update???
    (Not bitter at all)

  6. Mine crashes every time I hit the menu button on the home screen.

    1. Are you using a different launcher? Mine was doing the same thing with a port of the stock 2.3 launcher (the one Steven Lin has posted in the Market).

  7. The battery life is amazing now. I’ve been using the rooted leak version, and it’s amazing.

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  9. So I’ve tried to update twice now and keep getting a software install failed. I’ve had the phone rooted with z4 but never flashed it or anything and uprooted it before I downloaded and tried to install it. Does this have anything to do with it not working for me?

    1. I was rooted with z4, also never flashed it. I used z4 to unroot, then updated and I didn’t have any problems.

  10. The last week and half on the road all over Northeast. VZ Navigator crashed more time than I can remember, two times on Interstates just before a set of turns. VZ Navigator would not load for the last two days
    New Gingerbread and Whoopee speed loads and looking good.

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