Minus Looks to Take Down Dropbox – Offers 10GB Of Free Storage and Revamped Android App


Sharing is caring. That’s what I’ve always been taught. Well, if you like to share everything from pictures, to videos and music, there’s a new kid on the block. It’s called Minus and they look to challenge popular file sharing service Dropbox.

Minus first started out as a picture sharing site and I’ve watched as they’ve grown into this behemoth of a service allowing users to store any kind of media, in the cloud, all while providing the most storage space I’ve seen in my internet travels (a full 10GB to start) for absolutely FREE. Yeah, it sounds crazy. I’ve actually been using Minus since its inception (before it was “cool”). Recently they’ve been busy overhauling their website, updating their handier-than-you-would-think Chrome Extension and revamping their official Minus app in the Android Market. They even offer desktop applications for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.


Like Dropbox, if someone already using the service sends you a special link (cough — here — cough) you and that user will both receive extra storage space. But where Dropbox only gives both parties an extra 250MB, Minus offers a bonus 1-freakin’-GB. That’s like 300% more free! I currently only have pictures in my Minus account but with 10GB, I think I may start uploading my most intimate of videos as well.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. sweet. thanks for the info, and the link. 11 GB is nice to have

  2. Make sure we see her more than you in those intimate videos ;-)

    1. i hope it’s a “her”.

  3. does it have that function where you can just drag and drop the files into a folder in your desktop and it automatically shared through all your device? that’s the only reason i am sticking with dropbox. whenever i want to send something to my android, i just drop it into the folder and that’s it, no browser or opening an application.

    1. They have a drag and drop desktop application but it’s not as full featured as Dropbox (with the syncing of folders and such). Hopefully they’ll update it soon because then it would be PERFECT.

  4. Awesome. And not to be a pain, but 1GB is 300% (not just 75%) more than 250MB.

  5. Enjoy the extra 1GB of storage Chris, I know I will.

  6. Did anyone notice the Itunes for music the Gmail for mail and i believe picasa for photos? just interesting…

  7. Wait- how did you get 23GB of free storage on Dropbox? I thought they capped you at 8GB?

    1. In the early days Dropbox didn’t have a cap.

  8. Sly dude Chris, Thanks for the 1GB.

  9. I’m currently up to 10 gigs on my dropbox. I don’t remember a limitation of file size in dropbox like there is in Minus.

    1. Files uploaded to Dropbox via the desktop application have no file size limit.

      Files uploaded through the website (by pressing the upload button) have a 300 MB cap. In other words, each file you upload through the website must be 300 MB or less.

      1. Files uploaded through Minus has 2gb limit through all

        1. I tired uploading a file with the desktop application and it said the file was over the 200 meg limit so I couldn’t upload it

    2. got 10 gigs also on my dropbox (which is the free limit)

      Any word on what the free limit cap is on minus?

      1. Free limit cap is 50GB!

  10. Thanks for the heads up. Even if it doesn’t supplant Dropbox, who cant use an extra 11 GB?

  11. The lack of folders and a standard view involving folders makes this absolutely pointless for me.

    1. there are album folders and view mode change buttons at the top right.

  12. just signed up!! How much space you up to now Chris?

  13. Don’t forget about SugarSync. You get 500MB for everyone who signs up and 10GB if someone pays.

  14. I’ve been looking for something with more space for less (free). Thanks!

    1. Glad you like :)

  15. How good is their security? Compared to Dropbox?

    1. Been trying to find out. They use Amazon’s EC2 and S3 cloud storage. I would assume (or I like to assume) that Amazon’s cloud storage services are secure. Any ideas out there?

  16. it can’t handle files like dropbox can so no dice for me.
    thank you for posting this though because it’s really great the storage capacity.

    1. Please let us know how we can improve.

      1. I use my Android phone to connect to my CRM. I can download contacts via vcf file.
        I save them to a Dropbox folder and than import them into google contacts via “import vcard attachment”.
        I cant recomment this app highly enough for getting contacts saved into google contacts when you are away from your PC.
        This flow didnt work as I thought it would with your product.
        Thanks for asking though I dont know if this helps you at all LOL and mine is probably a somewhat rare case. I dont know how often people are working with vcf files on their Android anyway.

  17. John here, cofounder of – really happy to see us featured on phandroid!! If anyone have feedback/suggestions/bug reports feel free to contact us @ and


  18. I’m not sure how companies like dropbox or minus make money……. i never go on their website, i never see their advertisements…. are they just so nice and amicable that they enjoy giving free things for no profit?

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