Aug 31st, 2011

When HP decided to discontinue the HP TouchPad and WebOS after they failed to do anything meaningful with it, they decided to sell out the rest of their stock in a fire sale clearance. This saw the device offered as low as $100 at most retailers and consumers snatched them up like hotcakes on a Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, so many people purchased them that stock quickly depleted, but HP decided to do one last production run of the TouchPad to meet lingering demand for the tablet (pending price, of course). If what reports is true, however, no regions outside of North America will be included.

“We are pleased by the response to webOS and look forward to customer feedback so we can further enhance the platform. A limited quantity of TouchPads will be available in the coming weeks  in North America only. In EMEA we are discontinuing the webOS hardware operations and will not offer any additional products beyond what might be currently available in selective outlets.”

That’s sad news for our friends in Europe and other regions, if true. With hope that Android will eventually be ported to the tablet thanks to the very dedicated development community, this was one of the hotter items to get at its price point. Perhaps eBay will treat one of you well in the near future, though we’d expect a bit of markup as it’s now become a bit rare.

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