ASTRO File Manager Reaches 15 Million Downloads as Version 3.0 is Prepared


The folks at Metago have announced that they have reached 15 million downloads in the Android market. Being one of the oldest (and one of the best) file managers on Android, we can’t exactly say we didn’t expect to hear this bit of news sooner or later. We’re not sure if Metago includes devices that come preinstalled with ASTRO (quite a few), but it’s an impressive feat anyway.

With that, they’ve mentioned that they’ll be releasing version 3.0 of the file manager soon. Version 3.0 will, well, it will add native support for Android 3.0+ meaning your file management experience will look as good as it ever has with all of the screen real estate that comes with Android tablets.

ASTRO already boasts an impressive list of features, including compressed file support, network-enabled file management (through the addition of modules) and more. Can’t really ask for a whole lot more for free (ad-supported). We look forward to seeing how their Honeycomb application fares when it’s set to release sometime soon. Read on for full press details.

Marietta, GA – August 31, 2011 – Metago Incorporated, the developer of ASTRO File Manager™, the leading content and task management tool for Android mobile devices, announced today ASTRO has exceeded 15 million downloads on the Android Marketplace alone, with an average of over 45,000 downloads per day.

ASTRO provides users with the ability to manage their content, applications, external memory, and processes on their Android smart phones and tablets. In addition to managing pictures, music, video and documents, it provides a robust task killer that closes unused processes that often burden mobile device resources and allows root access to files.

“We are about to release version 3.0, which will have an improved user interface with honeycomb support and many other features that will enhance the user experience,” said Kevin Payne, founder and CEO of Metago.  “We have a highly focused effort with our research and development team to enhance existing functionality and create new products and functionality that will help our users better manage their Android devices. In a matter of weeks we will make some very exciting announcements about a new product that will take ASTRO to a new level.”

“Fifteen million downloads on the Market is a great accomplishment. However, we believe it is just the beginning for us,“ said Kent Krueger, vice president of sales, marketing and customer experience at Metago.  “We’re investing a tremendous amount of time and resources working on enhancing our core product while developing new solutions that fit seamlessly with ASTRO.  We are fully committed to creating the best customer experience and believe users will see this in the coming weeks.”

To find out more information regarding Metago or the ASTRO File Manager™, you can visit us online at or follow us at

About Metago
Metago is a leading mobile device application firm headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.  The Company sells innovative applications for Android mobile phones and devices which help users to get the most out of their Android smart phone.  For more information on Metago, visit us online at

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  1. This is a great app. What I really like is the ability to create apk’s from installed apps. This is great for apps that you do not want to update, yet need to reinstall after a OS update.

    1. SO true. I use both Astro File Manager and ES File Explorer. I like them both. I use Astro a bit more because it can back up apks.

    1. I only use ES for messing with root files, otherwise Astro is my go to! Except on my tablet, Honeycomb file manager is my go to.

      1. Lies? :3

    2. I too root for ES. Astro is a good file manager for lame users, but lacks so many features that it isn’t even funny.

    3. I may have to give this ES File Manager a go. Astro’s been broken on my Hero ever since the last upgrade.

    4. One more vote for EStrongs. It’s the only file manager you need for root access and otherwise. If you want something lighter, try OI File Manager.

      Ads are lame!

    5. ASTRO, it seems you may have a stalker. I have used ASTRO since it came out and it is the best! I watch android news and it seems that almost anything that is posted for ASTRO, an ES person comes along and puts in their two cents… and includes a link. I mean, I get the two cents but posting a link sounds curiously like an ES employee. Maybe im wrong. ASTRO, maybe you should do the same thing? All is fair in love and war…

  2. I have only tried ES File Explorer, it works for me.

  3. Great app. Can’t imagine Android without this – can anyone explain why there’s no built-in file manager?

  4. Root Explorer kthnx

  5. Awesme, I love Astro but had to use FMHD on my tablet because it looked so bad.

  6. Haven’t tried ES, was a big Astro user for some time then I put SRF on my Epic which comes with Adao. It’s so much better. Browsing my SD card on Astro was slow and clunky like there’s no caching and/or the reading method is deficient. Adao is smooth as glass. Also on Astro, no matter what I did with the file extensions, I would always get mp3 file type not found when trying to play an mp3 from within it. Adao, I get prompted for what app to use, set the default app. Done. Bye bye Astro!

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