AT&T LG Thrill Pricing and Launch Date Revealed


BGR is reporting that America’s second 3D capable handset, the LG Thrill, will be launching this Sunday, September 4th on AT&T. If you thought you would have to pay a premium just to get your hands on glasses-free 3D, we’ve also learned that the device will only cost you $100 on a 2-year contract. Not too shabby for a device with a 1Ghz dual-core, Texas Instruments OMAP443o at the helm. Other specs include a 4.3-inch 3D screen, 5MP camera and 512MB of dual-channel RAM for added speed. What do you guys think? Is this phone still on anyone’s radar?

[Via BGR]

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  1. If i were looking for a 3D phone, i’d choose it over the EVO 3D.
    I like what i have seen about it.

    1. the specs of it dont compare to the 3D..it looks better, is faster, and HTC Sense is Amazing..LG makes crappy android phones

      1. the specs compared to the 3D are very unnoticable. The biggest factor when it comes to these two phones are the screen resolution and UI. Sence is way better then LG’s somewhat touchwiz. Overall LG’s 3D support is better than HTC’s. And that my friend is a big factor because the phone itself is,,,,,,well…..3D

  2. Are we getting the Gingerbreads out of the box or is there an update coming soon?

    1. Yes Gingerbread shipped with the device…

      1. U know this forsure?

  3. I am currently between this, the Xperia Play, or the xiaomi MI-ONE. Not sure…

  4. “don’t compare” ? I think the OMAP4 consistently contends if not beats out the DC Snapdragon. The PowerVR SGX540 also benchmarks higher than the Evo’s Adreno 220. Granted the Evo has an advantage with the screen resolution. However every review i have read, of both phones, the advantage goes to the LG in regards to the 3D effect, better viewing angle, etc. I think the Evo 3D will be a good phone but i don’t see how the LG Thrill “don’t compare”.

    As far as Sense … that’s personal preference … personally i have not found a single stock launcher that fits my needs. I can take Launcher Pro and completely replicate Sense… so i don’t see that as a advantage…

    Now the fact that the Thrill is supposed to be released with 2.2 is an issue.

  5. Go to your local Target if you want it for half that! They’ll have it for $49!

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