Leaked Screenshot Shows Future Increase In Sprint’s Early Termination Fees


Seems Sprint might be soon be trying a little harder to hold onto their customers according to this leaked screenshot from an authorized dealer. Starting September 9th, Sprint will be increasing their Early Termination Fees from the affordable $200 up to $350 according SprintFeed. Sprint has always been pretty great when it comes to their ETF’s with a fees that actually shrink the closer you get to the end of your term. Although the leak comes from an authorized dealer, what goes for dealers usually goes for corporate stores as well. If you’re already on a contract you wont have to worry about this future increase but if you were thinking about jumping onto ‘ol Yeller, you may want to sign that contract before September 9th.

Thanks, Mike!

[Via SprintFeed]

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  1. Wow, just in time for the SGS2.

  2. iPhone costs more to subsidize, so they have to cover the risks. this seems inline with Sprint getting iPhone 5.

    1. It seems that they are, Apple must be in talks with Sprint

  3. Looks like $350, not $300.

    1. I have no idea what you’re talking about, Ted. o_O


  4. iPhones subsidies…. It was bound to happen…. The other carriers have had this for a while

  5. I say, if you are happy with the carrier who cares about the ETF but sometimes by calling executive chain of command you can have them wave it if you explain to them why you have to cancel.

  6. more incentive to not sign a contract

  7. Theyre doing this as as deterrent for those profiting off subsidies, imo. They made a similar move this month to prevent insurance replacement fraud.

    I think they could have prevented both by not writing off 3+ year old accounts that have balances due. That and/or being moderately more strict on credit approvals.

  8. i like to think they’re increasing their prices on the back end rather than the front end. like raising the deductible on your insurance to keep premiums down.
    hopefully this means that they can maintain their current pricing.

  9. All they are doing is matching everyone else. This is the problem with little competition. I bet by the time Sprint goes LTE, unlimited will go away too. It’s inevitable.

  10. Go Virgin Mobile…$40 unlimited texting, web, Navigation etc…1200 minutes. It’s amazing even on the Optimus but even better on the Triumph

    1. I’m so over Sprint’s network problems… I’ve had a phone and a tablet on actual Sprint, and I’ve had 2 phones on VIrgin. Nothing but signal problems in areas where Verizon still gets 3-4 (out of 4) bars.

      I’m switching back to Big Red the day the Bionic hits the streets.,

  11. What a coincidence that they’re releasing the Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Max Awesome Super Hi-Def Wowsers 4Q 2-D Star Plus *after* 9/9…

  12. This seems like they had planned this to start with the original rumored release date of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Seems the Galaxy S II got bumped a week but this didn’t.

    This adds to my “Stay with T-Mobile or move to Sprint” debate i’m having in my head right now.

  13. The ETFs in the UK are way worse. You basically save no money cancelling compared to just leaving it run without using it. They’re a ripoff, but it’s what people signup to.

  14. so guys I’m looking for some advice here, I’ve had the Evo 4G since it launched and I’m thinking it would be better for me to cancel before Sept. 9th and make the jump to VZW. But there’s nothing on VZ right now that I want.

    I mean the Prime is coming but what do I use as a phone in the interim? Does VZ let you switch phones after 30 days like Sprint does?

    1. “All consumer/IL existing customers who signed a service agreement prior to 9/9 will not be impacted by th” from the picture above.

      So, why not just hold onto your Evo 4G until you decide what you want to do?

    2. Are you an idiot? Always choose carrier first, and then phone second. Or do you have more money than brains?

    3. They have the same 30 day return policy last time I checked..good luck

  15. Thanks for pointing out that the new termination fee doesn’t apply to existing customers, I’ll just hang on to the evo for now

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