Official Samsung Galaxy S II Accessories – Vehicle Dock, Charging Stand and HDMI Adapter


Along with Samsung’s debut of the Galaxy S II in America came the announcement of some “premium accessories” for the device via the company’s press release. Samsung is covering all their bases with various docking stations, convergence and backup batteries being available for each phone as well as a media dock and HDMI adapter for playing media content on your HDTV.

  • Vehicle dock: The dock charges the phone while docked to ensure uninterrupted GPS usage on long car rides. The dock is windshield or dashboard mountable and includes the sophisticated Vlingo Voice Talk, allowing users to enjoy hands-free control of their Galaxy S II.
  • Battery charging stand with spare battery: This charging solution ensures a backup battery is always on hand, while providing a convenient kick stand for the Galaxy S II.
  • HDTV Adapter: The HDMI adapter supports HD video up to 1080p from the phone to an HDTV, projector, or monitor. Use on the go to connect the Galaxy S II to a TV, monitor, or projector to view purchased Media Hub content, videos, presentations, games, or internet on a big HD screen, or listen to downloaded music from the phone on a home entertainment system.



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  1. thats what i like about samsung accessories they come out exactly when the phone is release, HTC takes for ever just to release a damm dock let alone a damm replacement usb charger

    my next phone is Samsung.

    1. Add to that the time it takes for them to release their source code, unlock their bootloaders. Samsung lately has really been impressing me. I just installed a touchwiz rom on my galaxy tab (i/o that I won from here :)) and I must say, it actually brings about a lot of improvements over stock without ruining things like I feel sense does on my sensation.

  2. Slick!

  3. Slick accessories!

  4. MAN this is killing me!
    I cant decide whether to wait on the next Sense phone with (hopefully) better performance than the Sensation or bite the bullet on the SG2!
    I use my phone a lot for work and the Sense email client is sooo much nicer.
    You can check off emails and batch delete. If I get the SG2 its back to having to individually delete. Also no apps on the lock screen.

    1. I’m having a similar quandary, I don’t want the GS2 as it feel cheap in the hand and has a low res screen despite the glorious SAMOLED+. But the sensation has a mediocre battery, SLCD screen and low onboard memory.

      The next problem is that all the next gen of phones being rumoured seem to be massive! I don’t want anything bigger than a 4″ screen I’m happy with my the Desire’s 3.7″ one!

      My ideal phone:
      4″ SAMOLED+ 720p screen
      Dual Core
      16GB ROM
      Ice Cream Sandwhich (Vanilla or Sense UI)
      5MP Camera with dual led flash and high quality lense (physical shutter button)
      Physical Home, Back and Menu buttons
      Battery that lasts easily 1.5 days
      Strong build quality even if it means it’s not the thinnest or lightest handset!

      1. I agree. I am planning on getting a new phone soon and am a little hesitant due to the larger screens. I have a HTC Incredible and find the 3.7 sphone size perfect. The current line up of larger screens do not look as pocketable. I am hoping that the Nexus Prime will take advantage of not having buttons, allowing them to shrink down the bezel making the the phone just slightly larger than the Incredible, even though it has a larger screen. I can dream, right? =/

  5. Why do the designers keep choosing to use USB an the docks? They should use a contact connector like on the N1.

  6. The Charging Dock shown does not have a spare battery. I have that dock – only charges the phone… no spot for extra battery.

  7. These accessories look very similar to the Samsung Infuse’s. Does anyone know if my Infuse accessories will work with the Galaxy S2 if I decide to sell my Infuse for a GS2?

  8. VERY nice accessories! Some things the OGs have been missing since day one.

    1: Car ready, car docks. Meaning the phones goes into “Car” mode when in the car dock like the OG Droid

    2. Normal charging point locations (this one now mimics the bottom charge port like the iPhone. Wondering when they would go this route.

    3. Samsung needs to release an entire product line of supporting accessories like Moto does. Looks like they figured it out. Flagship models needs accessories!

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