Live From The Samsung Galaxy S2 Event in NYC!


The cat is officially out of the bag. We already knew that Samsung was making a killing with the Galaxy S2, selling 5 million in the phone’s first 85 days. That number is about to drastically increase as Samsung has just announced availability in the United States on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Although we know most of the details, we’re reporting live from the event and will surely have hands-on footage to share with you soon. So stay tuned!


Here are a couple videos from the event, including a brief intro from Todd Pendelton, Samsung’s Chief Market Officer, and the unveiling of the Galaxy S II lineup.

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Official: Samsung Galaxy S II Announced for AT&T

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  1. basically this event showcased android, not the phone…

  2. eh…i’d say it showcased TouchWiz more than Android, but still would’ve liked to have seen them talk about the different versions of the phone by carrier…

    1. That’s what i meant…woops

  3. These big screen phones need s better resolution than 800×480.

  4. Yeah, I got more out of the individual carrier announcements, then the event. I find it amazingly weird that the AT&T version only has a 4.3 inch display, while retaining the same measurements. What’s up with that? All of the size of a big display, just no big display.

    1. Exactly…
      You have all of these “small screen” fanboys raving about how they are happy that the AT&T version got the “awesome” 4.3 inch screen when the device is the same size with a bigger forehead over the screen.

      I wish I could buy a 5′ version because frankly I still use my Evo more than my 7′ tablet.

      1. and what are you?big screen fanboy?if u want any bigger carry a tablet,,personally..4.5 is my limit

        1. Yes I am…. your point?
          I carry a 4.3′ screen right now (which everyone said was too big when it first came out) and I have no problems with it in my pockets or my hand. People really think that a quarter inch is something worth crying about?

          1. Remember the Burger King commercial? Some people just have little bitty hands..The rest of us have no issues holding a phone with a 4.5 screen.

  5. Phandroid….Enjoy every ounce of info you give us…need you to clarify something, the AT&T version of the Galaxy S-2, they list “NO NAME” for the processor. Is this another AT&T screw the customer scheme, or is it the Exnos Processor?

    1. During the Live stream they only made mention of Exynos processor in reference to the U.S. devices =)

      1. Okay Chris, the Bottom Line, does the AT&T Attain have the Exynos Processor?

        1. The specs say it does.


  7. Being on Verizon, really glad I did not see their name anywhere. I didn’t expect to mind you, but really looking forward to the Prime. Really does sound too good to be true.

  8. I don’t think the manufacturers will be able to skin Ice Cream Sandwich very easily and quickly and therefore we will see more versions come to carriers unadulterated OR we will be waiting for quite a while after the Nexus’ are released.

  9. Oops! forgot to ask, you were there… any idea of timeframe as to when it will be available? There was talk of a soft release, any truth to that?

  10. WOW the marketing guy has only been with Samsung for 2 months and cant afford a tie?

    1. really? This event is about phones, not ties. Tight anus much?

      1. ooooh aaaaah you just made my butthole moist.

        1. ewwww! LOL

          1. I know! Fred is getting all perverted!

          2. Seriously right? Now he got me thinking of tight, wrinkly, moist, winking brown eyes!

  11. This is disappoint! Nothing any of us really didnt already know!

  12. The AT&T version is the UK version with 4 buttons on the bottom instead of a home button

  13. Samsung Epic Touch 4G version is awesome

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