Samsung Nexus Prime/GTI9250 Support Page Found On Samsung Site


A support page for the Samsung GT-I9250 was discovered today on Samsung’s site. Just in case you’re getting mixed up with all these model numbers the GT-I9250 was originally rumored to be Samsung’s Nexus Prime device after a leaked roadmap showed the device with a 720p HD screen and running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. All that kinda went to hades once BGR leaked their “insider info” on a potential Droid Prime release this year with the model number SCH-I515 and heading to Verizon. While that through everyone for a loop more than likely we’re looking at Samsung Droid device that will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich (SCH-I515) AND a Nexus Prime device for the rest of us (GT-I9250). Of course, all of that is pure speculation on my end.

[Via AndroidGuys]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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    1. What about the lake of fire? “Where the worm dieth not”? Hell is a different place than the lake of fire as referenced in the Bible. Hell would be the lesser degree wheras the lake of fire would be greater degree. So in that case Hades being the lesser degree of Tartarus would be appropiate.

      1. Gehenna

        1. I wOnder how many people get that One xD

  2. The Prime is going to make the GS2 look like a toy. I’m actually glad none of the variants announced today are making their way over to VZW.

    1. it is made by the same manufacturer :) and i feel galaxys 2 it could it been better if it came to verizon with let.

    2. Really? Exynos will still r*pe anything that comes out this year and until next summer.

  3. gs2 are outdated once they are released on the us. Haha.

    1. Wait- what’s better than the GSII right now? o_O

      1. Any phone that isn’t vaporware, since they haven’t been released yet? And despite their pending release being imminent and your counter-argument that people have gotten hands-on of the devices at this point indicating they’re real, I’d like to remind you that people were playing with the Bionic as early as MWC and it still is vaporware, too.

        1. I think it deserves a little more than vaporware. I doubt Samsung would throw a huge release event with three major US carriers if it didn’t intend to ship it. When did Motorola throw a release event for the Bionic?
          And when it does land, it still won’t be outdated. Sure, the Prime will be out a month later but the resolution on the GS2 HAS been outdated, even overseas. Everything else is still top notch.

          1. “And when it does land, it still won’t be outdated.”

            Well, maybe the AT&T/Sprint versions. Us Tmo customers are SOL. A Nexus with HSPA+ 42 is the ONLY thing that will keep me with Tmo. If that doesn’t happen by the holidays, I’m off to Verizon for the Droid Prime.

          2. REALLY? All this talk about Prime coming soon might as well forget about the SGS II. Really? when you say “out” you mean to buy for the genearl public? or as in “Announced”? Meaning the general public will be able to buy it a good 4~5 months later.

      2. droid bionic :)

        1. What phone that is out RIGHT NOW that’s better than the GS2?

          1. SGSII isn’t out….

  4. Please come to T-Mobile. I honestly don’t think I will end up with the phone that I’ve been dying for since May.

    1. HUGE news for you to say this :O

      1. Yeah Crook i didnt see this coming a month ago but now im undecided. The good thing is that our phone is pushed back so far that we can (hopefully) choose between the two even if the Nexus is a month after the Hercules.

    2. Agreed!

      GS2 was such a let down. Hopefully 09/01 IFA brings good news….

  5. The dates on there are weird… August and march of this year?

  6. Hopefully this phone is coming to ATT. Got my unlimited data with them and want to stay grandpa’d in.

    I am thinking SCH-I515 is for Verizon and GT-I9250 will be for ATT/Sprint/Tmo. Verizon will be called Droid since it won’t be pure Ice Cream experience (vcast etc.) and the rest will be called Nexus. But then again, who knows =P

  7. I hope your speculation is true. I’m nervous about a DROIDed Nexus. Maybe big red will prove me wrong, but I don’t believe the only change will be the name. i.e., I’ll be surprised if Verizon releases a pure ‘vanilla’ ICS (rocky road, maybe? :) ). Hoping for a quick Sprint release as I bail from T-mo like a rat off a sinking ship once my contract is up at the end of the year.

  8. Two questions.
    One: Is it pretty much confirmed that its being made by Samsung?
    Two: is it REALLY not going to have any buttons?

    1. Not the touch sensor buttons I’m sure they will still have standard power and volume buttons…

      1. I’m thinking they’ll do like (insert forgotten phone name here) that turn the screen on with two screen tocuhes, and volume may be on-scxreen…

    2. If its is to mash 2.3 and 3.0 then the back / home buttons will just be on the bottom of the screen like with 3.0, assuming of course.

  9. As far as the possibility of a Verizon branded ICS phone and a Nexus branded phone both running ICS, with the Verizon model being out slightly before the Nexus, that’s entirely possible, and I’d like to remind you that the original Droid came out in October with Eclair/2.0 followed by the Nexus One in December with Eclair/2.1 on it and not many changes software-wise. We very well could be seeing the same thing again. There’s clearly precedent especially where Verizon and a Nexus device is concerned.

    1. “precedent” maybe? 0bama is a president…

  10. It could just be the model number for the Prime globally (i.e. GSM) and SCH is just VZW’s model number for it. That’s pretty common when it comes to Samsung phones.

  11. Remember, not all phones on verzion comes with all of the bloatware. I still have the orginal droid and its stock all the way.

    1. that is why i keep telling people but they cry anyways. Droid prime will be the same as OG droid with ics and plastic build quality

    2. I bet this wont be one of them especially if it comes out around the same time as the Iphone 5.Which phone do you think Verizon wants to sell more?

  12. I want it to be like the OG Droid in that it is going to be pretty much vanilla and that it really looks dope. The OG was sang praise from every one for its looks and build quality. Some of the red and black would be sick. However, I want this unlocked and ready for devs to crawl all over it. Most OG’s run fine at twice their stock clock speed. I am not expecting OC’s like this, but I do want custom kernels that will bring power sipping governors and wired/wireless tether at the kernel level.

  13. I agree completely with your speculation, Chris. I think us on T-Mobile and sprint will still get our Nexus :)

    1. but without lte :) on the other hand verizon’s version will have lte

      1. it will also be full of bloatware that wont be removable effectively making it NOT a true Google Nexus (that’s why its being called DROID Prime)

        I’d rather have the full experience, not a bootleg with lte, ^.^

  14. Pentaband UMTS, please.

  15. Don’t screw this up Verizon. If you add touchwiz or bloatware i will defect to Sprint in a nano second. Give us vanilla ice cream plz..

  16. Is it confirmed to have LTE? I think it has, but like to see some info.

  17. I really hope this will be T-mobile’s first 42mbps phone.

  18. vanilla or not, i will end up using launcherpro anyway.

    1. Agreed, LauncherPro is the best… but you gotta admit that if it’s not a branded Nexus device (the very fact that the term Droid Prime is even being thrown around implies that it likely will not) that the several month delay in getting the latest OS is a pretty big let-down.

    2. Actually the stock launcher is very nice.

  19. Kinda wish this site would post less about rumors. It degrades the overall quality of the content

  20. engadget had something about an i9220 getting wifi cert last night. a i9220 and a i9250? Could one be the slider gsii while the other be the Prime? Someone commented that the Nexus S is i9020 – somewhat letting me believe that the 9220 is the next Nexus. the i9250 could be teh slider gsii.

    also, isn’t the SCH-i515 a Verizon numbering scheme. meaning the i9220 (Samsung number scheme) could be the same as the i515?

  21. REALLY? All this talk about Prime coming soon might as well forget about the SGS II. Really? when you say “out” you mean to buy for the genearl public? or as in “Announced”? Meaning the general public will be able to buy it a good 4~5 months later. People really don’t think sometimes…If the Prime is indeed to be out – out in 1~2 months time. We would have seen/been confirmed the specs already.

  22. My head hurts….which phone will I be buying soon again?
    I thought I wanted the nexus prime….does that still exist? All this talk about nexus prime, droid prime, droid prime = nexus prime, droid prime =/= nexus prime….it just messes with my head.

    So what do we know about the NEXUS prime so far? Because Im mixing the specs of the droid prime with the nexus prime now. How big will the screen be, what processor will it be using and where can I pre-order it?

  23. “While that through everyone for a loop”

    Wow, I am quite amazed that people like you can land a job (if you can call it that) while college graduates with real world skills like me are stuck in limbo.

  24. “threw” not “through”

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