Google Finally Releasing Fix for Nexus S Voice Search Bug


Just over two weeks ago, we reported on a long-withstanding bug affecting many Nexus S owners after being asked to shed some light on the matter due to Google’s lack of communication to owners regarding the problem. The bug was discovered as early as April 2011 and has since gone unsolved. Thankfully, it seems our little spotlight worked (we like to think so, anyway) as a Google employee confirmed that an OTA update that addresses this issue will be rolling out soon.

The bug related to Voice Search. The application would continually pop-up and disappear, sometimes so fast that the user can’t press the “cancel” button on the pop-up in time. It happens often for some and only intermittently for others, but either way we’re sure we’d get annoyed if it kept popping up when we were trying to use a different application. No timeframe still, but at least they’re close to a rollout and we know things are being worked on. [Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I guess I’m lucky that I never saw it.

  2. Oh I thought I was just pushing the voice search button on the keyboard by mistake

  3. hmmmph I thought the nexus line was suppose to be all great, the epitome of all android, the best it can be at the time, backed by the great GOOGLES and their first in line updates: guess with all those updates google forgot to address their problems and was also too busy to hear their customer out huh? wink wink sarcasm and roll the eyes around.

    1. This bug is nothing, stop being such a crybaby because you can’t get one.

    2. Have you ever considered that over the past few months they’ve been dedicating their efforts to developing ICS?

  4. I would like to know what Google is doing about the App Market. Every since they updated the market, I no longer see all my downloaded apps. Google has sent no information accept they know about it.

    1. To see them on my Nexus One, I now need to hit the menu button and choose My Apps. That was a change and it took me a minute or so to find it (and that only by virtue of my wife’s G2 having always had My Apps “under” the menu button).

    2. Dude I agree!!! The new market sucks, not only the UI but because of the missing app. I wish they would just go back to the old market version, this new set up reminds me of a Windows phone the way that its set up; the apps and movies and everything is just thrown around the screen. Anyways, I still love Google but the new market stinks. Even when downloading/updating apps it seems to take longer

      1. you can go back if you want, just uninstall the updates and it will go back to the old version.

    3. If your not seeing all your apps listed under My Apps in the newer market, go to settings->applications->manage applications->all(tab)->market and force stop, then clear the cache, and clear data.

  5. I definitely don’t like that the new market app has “my apps” only available by clicking on the menu button and unlike before if you had autosync off and it would take you to the settings to turn it on, so the market app could work, now if you have it off, tough luck, you have to go to homescreen-settings-autosync and change it.

  6. Yeah, this would drive me crazy too!


  7. Minor league glitch. it’s a helluva phone.

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