Nexus S Owners Still Without Fix for Voice Search Bug


Since late April, shortly after the Nexus S was released to the masses, a bug with Voice Search has haunted many users. Some have been so annoyed to the point where they’ve just ended up returning the phone. Others have looked to third party solutions such as flashing custom ROMs as well as downloading applications that keeps the issue from happening.

The bug causes Voice Search to initiate without the user expressly opening the application or holding the search button. It happens more often than others for some folks with reports of the application flickering on top of any application they’re using, making the phone useless until they find some way to get it to stop (usually by restarting the phone, but that only helps the problem for so long).

Google has supposedly been investigating since the problem was pointed out to them, but they have since let nearly 4 months’ worth of complaints pile up with nary a word on their progress. Early troubleshooting efforts wondered if different combinations of hardware versions and software versions caused the issue, but so many different people have reported the issue that those variables don’t seem to be the ultimate cause of the issue.

Even AT&T Nexus S owners, who are on the latest hardware version and on Android 2.3.4, are having the issue, meaning whatever the problem is Google likely hasn’t made an attempt to fix it. Users are urging others to try to get Samsung and the carriers they bought the phone from to offer support, but that doesn’t seem to be working. We’re not sure why they’ve been so pedestrian on getting to the bottom of this, but we’re hoping this spotlight will help get things rolling on a true fix. [Google Support Forums, Thanks Patrick!]

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  1. I’ve had my T-Mobile Nexus S since January, and I’ve never had this problem. I briefly had some issues where the home screen would randomly long-press itself, but that seemed to disappear after I dropped the phone in a glass of water by accident. I wouldn’t recommend that as a fix, though ;)

  2. It used to happen to me all the time. But ever since I’ve flashed CM7.1 it hasn’t happened since.

  3. Are you talking about the Nexus S 4G? The original Nexus S was released in December. I own the original and have never once had an issue with Voice Search.

  4. I’ve never had it happen once. Nexus S 4G

  5. The original Nexus S is the AWS version compatible with t-mo. They release the GSM version compatible with AT&T in April. It was released in Canada with most carriers here. The issue always happens to me with low signal, like in parking lots and elevators. We’re the forgotten ones, even Skype still haven’t enable the video chat even though they list Nexus S on the list of supported devices.

  6. I have a nexus s 4g and haven’t had a problem.

  7. I’ve had the same issue with the Samsung Captivate since day one.

  8. Honestly I didn’t even know this was a problem and I’ve had the T-Mobile one since day one but I do know about Google taking forever with this stuff because my nexus one had a glitchy touchscreen and bad 3g reception for 3 months until I finally a better one from htc. It was my third phone.

  9. I have the nexus 4g and never had the voice search issue. I have had lots of problems with the back capacitive button getting stuck the same way the search button is in this case. Samsung said they never heard about the problem. So I pointed them to the google forum and they said they don’t look at 3rd party websites. I tried to explain that it was google, not a third party. Tech support doesn’t care. Needless to say, I returned the phone for repair and I’m not too confident that it will return repaired.

  10. Thanks for taking the time to publish!

  11. It happens a lot here on the GSM Nexus S in Canada on all major carriers…That’s why I wanted Phandroid to publish something about it…try to get it to the masses…since Google doesn’t seem to care enough to fix or give us an ETA on the fix…By the way..I have the Nexus S and I don’t experience the bug…but lots of my friends do…

  12. This happens to my EVO 3D when listening to podcasts. The phone is confused as to whether I just plugged in headphones or a mic, and as soon as I move the headphone jack it stops the podcast and waits for a voice command.

  13. Hasn’t happened to me ever on Nexus S 4G…

  14. Not a problem here on my TMO Nexus S and this is my second Nexus S after a busted the touch screen on the first one which purchase on release day.

  15. Yip. I get this. But only when using 3G data on UMTS 1900 band. I’m thus having to force my device to use 2G. Bummer…

  16. Is this for all models? I’ve had a Nexus S since December of 2010 and I’ve never had this issue.

    1. I don’t think it affects the TMobile and 4G versions…

  17. Thanks phandroid. This needs to be addressed!

    1. I sent this to Phandroid, Androidandme and Engadget …only Phandroid deemed it important…

  18. This is only an issue for Rogers/Telus/Koodo handsets. It doesn’t effect WIND/Mobilicity/T-Mobile/Sprint handsets. It is remarkably annoying and makes the phone virtually unusable. I can’t believe the Google hasn’t stepped up with a solution. I will think very carefully before buying another Nexus Android phone.

  19. app called nexus s search bug in the market helps with the issue, hopefully google fixes soon

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