Firefox Previewed for Honeycomb Tablets


If you’re looking for a great browsing experience on your Honeycomb tablet, you might need look no further than the upcoming release of Firefox. Taking advantage of the larger, widescreen display of Android 3.0 slates, the mobile browser has been designed to reconfigure its layout depending on orientation. Landscape mode provides tabbed browsing via a menu, while portrait mode produces thumbnail previews of tabs along the side of the screen. You can also look forward to a revamped “awesomebar.”

The new browser is still early in its development so there is no given timeframe for when it could be released. We’ll be waiting anxiously, however, as this browser looks to deliver in ways that its smartphone cousin has managed to fall a bit short.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Flash supported? There is no other way to go besides Dolphin until these others run flash supported browsers.

  2. I just do not understand Mozilla. Are we not mentioning it enough? Yes, there is a few people who do not want flash, but most of us do.. especially on a tablet. I use my tablet almost entirely for browsing and so I need a browser that works with the internet… not half the internet.

  3. I just want a full browser experience instead of the mobile browser. I want to see pages as they were designed instead of abbreviated / truncated. I am more than happy to zoom in and pan around.

  4. No flash, no deal. I love Firefox on my PC, and I’d like to be able to sync my bookmarks, but like said: no flash, no deal.

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