Motorola Droid Bionic to Launch with New Webtop Accessory


While the lapdock and HD desktop dock remain options for Motorola’s next Webtop-enabled phone, the Motorola will debut a new accessory for their Android pseudo-desktop alongside their upcoming Droid Bionic for Verizon. The Webtop Adapter is a small, portable accessory that can take Webtop connectivity easily on the go. According to information obtained by Droid Life the offers the full Webtop experience when combined with a wireless mouse and keyboard. It should create an affordable option for those looking to use the feature first launched in tandem with the Motorola Atrix for AT&T, a strategy Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha spoke on at a recent company earnings call.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. “the Motorola” “the offers”

  2. My biggest issue with this is that they keep coming up with more ways to use data but yet I still have to pay $20 extra a month for hotspot capability for virtually anything I want to do that’s similar.

  3. Having to pay a tethering fee to use webtop completely kills this as even a consideration for me. Why should I have to pay an extra 20 a month when all I’m really doing is hooking up a larger screen and keyboard? It’s not as if your running a completely separate machine, the phone still does all the computing.

    It’s too bad, I actually think this is a good idea. But it will be killed by greedy carriers.

    1. Where does it say anything about paying a tethering fee to use the webtop functionality? I don’t see anything in the article or the image that says that.

      1. It doesn’t. We learned about the tethering requirement with the Atrix, but that was on AT&T. We’ll have to wait to see what VZW says about the Bionic. I am sure they will require tethering as well.

        1. I am sure as well. I cannot possibly think of a scenario where they wouldn’t. This MIGHT be why they are offering unlimited tethering for 4g to grandfathered people for only $30.

          1. The Atrix recieved a hack to bypass the tether requirement. If there is one with VZW then I would bet the same treatment will follow

  4. Really, really, really getting sick of these. Maybe I’ll have to stop coming to Phandroid till they figure out how to block some of this spam.

  5. They’re joking right? What does this “adapter” actually do besides launch the webtop app automatically? Maybe it converts the mini-HDMI to full-sized HDMI (maybe), but the phone should already come with a cable that does that. Ditto for USB. What is it adapting?

    This looks like nothing more than a fee for the people that are unaware of, or perhaps scared of, the fixed version of the webtop launcher. You know, the one that ignores the check for an approved dock and lets you launch webtop whenever you plug in HDMI.

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