Leaked Press Shots Give New Look at Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II


A newly leaked press shot is gives us a look at all angles of the Samsung Epic Touch 4G. The Sprint-boung Galaxy S II variant has been showing its face quite a bit over the past weeks, but this latest image gives us a side view and look around the rear of the phone, showing a handset not all that changed from the original international version of the phone. Still included is the highly-suggestive September 9th date displayed on the handset’s screen, a clue that many have come to believe suggests this could be the date to expect the Epic Touch 4G to launch.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. Looking good. Let’s just hope the bloatware is minimal and the performance is just as crisp as the International version.

    1. I agree. Luckily for the Sprint customers, Sprint has said they will be keeping bloatware to a minimum on future devices and make much of it completely removable. :)

  2. I really think i’m switching from VZW to Sprint for this phone. I would give up a NE2 $50 bucks though… In DC metro(ish) area and the sprint map looks good.

    1. You might be better off waiting to see how will have the Nexus Prime since its only about maybe 2 months away from the release of this old phone. I’m not sure a 6month old phone is really worth it to switch carriers etc.

      1. 4 months old. WTF is wrong with people’s math?

        1. Lol i have no clue, from May ( not including availability for some in late April) to September is definitely 4 months i think some need a to count on they calendars.

          1. Now that you put it that way… its really not that bad. well said. I concur.

      2. This “old phone” has been updated with a bigger display and a faster chipset. Not bad for only four months from the last introduction.

        1. +1 (So, it went from a 4.3″ screen to 4.5 and a 1ghz processor to 1.2 ghz, right?)

    2. If you do, Dont forget this: http://www.sprint.com/switchtosprint :)

      1. holys $hit… I could get $125 if i port my number from Verizon?

        1. Yup, My dad and bro just ported their ATT lines to my Sprint account… So, I got a 250 dollar credit!! My bill is only about $170 a month for Three 4G smartphones with unlimited data! Coverage has been great, data speeds are good, and price is unbeatable.

  3. …its been a long time comin,but i know a change gon come.

    1. Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, Mali-400MP GPU, Exynos chipset

      1. Are you sure? where did you see this processor confirmed?

        1. http://nena.se/nenamark/view?version=2

          The SPH-D710 is Sprint’s GSII

          1. Cool, thanks.

  4. Sprint-boung? #corrections

    1. -1

    2. I dont know why but I find the need to correct typos very annoying.

  5. Sprint includes free nationwide roaming on Verizon for some of you wanting to switch.

    1. what happens to 3G speeds while roaming on VZW?

      1. I think you only get 1X

      2. Speed increase depending on the area your in. You do get 3G, some of us actually run a hack on our sprint phones that forces us to always roam on Verizon so we get faster 3G

  6. This will be my next! I just returned the Evo 3d for it

  7. I hope Sprint gets a white one.

  8. Are you serious? You feel OK spamming the comments? How dare you. F-you, Sam.

  9. Definitely Getting this next week, been waiting a long time for a super super phone. Just a side thought though, i hope it has NFC chip.(Been hearing it may not) i mean its not a deal breaker for me by any means, just something i hope it would come with as far as being that much more future proof.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks all three should be launching the same day. Whats the point on waiting to launch until October when you you want to fight the coming iphone 5 launch.

  11. Corrections. CORRECTIONS!!!!

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