Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Leaked For The Samsung Captivate


Back in June we saw Android 2.3.3 leak for the Samsung Captivate and the leaks just keep on coming. This time we have an official leaked build of Android 2.3.4 for the Cappy courtesy of Przekret over on XDA. I’m not going to tell you how to flash this (Odin) or even recommend that you try it out for yourself. Just know that it is out there and if you’re rooted, I’m sure some crafty developers have already cooked up a few good ROMs from this.

[Via XDA]

Thanks, Drew!

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  1. Honestly I like the back of the Captivate compared to other Galaxy S variants and the Original international version.

    Little off topic sorry

    1. Off topic but I totally agree with you. All they needed was an LED flash. Nice design though. =)

      1. A LED flash would of been nice too!

        1. Yes, it would HAVE

  2. So does this mean the Captivate will get Gingerbread from providers? or is this a third party rom?

    1. It’s an official leaked ROM from Samsung. AT&T said they’ll update all their phones that were released this year to Gingerbread but the Captivate came out last year so who knows what they’ll do =/

      1. And in the very next sentence they said the Captivate will also get Gingerbread.

  3. Wow I thought the SGS phones had Gingerbread by now. Crazy how the Atrix came out months after and received it months before while the SGS phones (which have similar hardware to the Nexus S) still don’t have it. I realize majority of people who have SGS phones flash Gingerbread ROMs but this is just wow.

  4. When you have CM7 nightlies you don’t need no stinking carrier polluted gingerbread. ;-)

    1. bu, bu, but . . . CM7 doesn’t come with such wonders as AT&T Navigator for the low, low price of only $9.95 per month!

      How do you expect to get anywhere without an app like AT&T Navigator?

  5. I had the Captivate. Good phone. But when the Atrix came out, I got rid of the Captivate bc I had been waiting for 7 months for the Froyo upgrade. Now I have my Gingerbread and loving it.

  6. The lack of carrier and samsung support is why I switched to Motorola. The dev support for captivate is hands down the best though it’s probably the easiest to work with that I’ve seen so it’s a lot of fun

  7. And there’s another fine example of your lack of spellchecker for titles :)

    1. No… that’s just — uhhhh– how I pronounce it. Ging-eh-bread. No? Fudge. >.<

  8. Just glad I never bought the Captivate. always best to wait one year after a phone release something else new will come out

  9. I hate my Crapp-tivate. My camera works 50% of the time. The GPS never works. Its slow as hell. I rooted it and tried to flash a new rom but it wont allow that to happen. Now titanium back up pro is being blocked and I cant install that. If anyone has any tips on how to root and flash my captivate please let me know. Ive been all over XDA and found nothing that works. Maybe im just missing something.

    1. Root it and put CM7 on it, not too complicated. Many websites have this info easily available.

      1. So basically I root (already done) but when i try and flash it there are errors that come up… this is where i need help

  10. Oh and I will not be getting the samsung galaxy II on att regardless of what people say about the phone

  11. Agreed the craptivate is not a good phone. When it works, it’s ok, but many, many times every single day I have to wait…and wait…and wait for simple things like the phone dialing screen to appear. Don’t even send me a text. I’ll get an instant notification in the top menu bar (or the puzzle piece if it’s sleeping), but when I try to open that msg, it’s at least a 2 minute wait. I bet a hard reboot (remove/replace battery) on this thing at least once a day.

    Just biding my time until ATT gives me the grace to upgrade to either iPhone5 or Nexus.

  12. And yet, we with the Rogers version don’t even have 2.3.3…And I’m sure as hell not flashing an i897 rom….again.

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