Galaxy S II Family Portrait Reaffirms September 9th Launch on Sprint [Rumors]


As Samsung prepares for complete U.S. domination with their family of revamped Galaxy S II’s, a newly leaked photo surfaced on the interwebs. I’ve always been one for gross speculation and conspiracy theories so I now present to you mine, on the launch date for the Epic Touch 4G on Sprint.

So far, we’ve only heard from someone who has a cousin who works in Sprint that the Galaxy S II could launch on September 9th. With the release of a Samsung ad-spot on YouTube, this rumor was further reaffirmed by the presence of a 09/09 date found on the device’s weather widget in said promo vid. I know, grasping for straws. BUT the location of the weather just so happened to be the home of Sprint HQ in Kansas City, MO. The only thing the Samsung GS2 ad-spot failed to mention was any clear Sprint branding on the device but in today’s leaked family portrait, we can now see the device, the carrier, the date and the city, all in one clear shot.

So you can take this with a grain of salt or like me, a bag of sugar. I for one have cleared all my early plans on the September 9th and if you’re looking to pick up the Samsung Epic Touch 4G, I would suggest the same. Oh – and no need to bring a jacket, it will be a beautifully warm 89 degrees with partly sunny skies.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Oh yeh I won’t be waiting on a nexus phone which is not even confirm on almost anything. rumor that it has an old gpu, pentile screen what pushes the processors and battery even more, a rushed ics platform etc… no thanks nexus

      1. I’m not gonna wait for the nexus either, but i wouldn’t say all of that lol. I’m just gettin this cuz i’m still using old Htc Hero (CM7) and i need to get my upgrade on. Cyanogenmod is amazing, but i need some better hardware ASAP, and i’ve waited long enough lol

    1. You realize all Samsung’s AMOLED screens are pentile right?

      1. Not on the Galaxy S2 they aren’t. The Super Amoled’s are. The Super Amoled Plus is an RGB.

        I hate to say this, but please do your research before spreading misinformation.

        1. dont you hate people that post random sh!t that is not even close to true.

  2. i hate Sprint even more now.

    1. ;)

    2. The water is nice, come on in. (they’ll even give ya $125 – http://www.sprint.com/switchtosprint )

  3. Unless I’m completely wowed by the Epic Touch, I’m probably still going to get the Motorola Photon.

    Currently have the Epic 4G, and while the GS2 is a upgrade by far, the lack of Camera and Notification LED, and the low screen resolution make it not as interesting even if has the best processor.

    1. lack of camera and low res screen??? explain yo self

    2. It has the best 8mp camera in a phone to date……and the best looking screen ever……….your an idiot

  4. That’s fine. Let Sprint have all the glory, because they won’t be getting the Nexus Prime at launch.

  5. …what i need to happen next is for SPRINT TELE-SALES to call me 3 days before launch date and say:” Sir,would you like to pre-order the GALAXY S2 so that it will be mailed right to you once it is released.”

    1. Sprint has allowed customers with “Sprint Premier” status to purchase the phone 3 days in advance for the last few “big” phones… hopefully Sprint continues that!

  6. thank god, my contract ends on December, i still got times for Nexus 3.

  7. This article reaffirms a rumor that is a confirmed speculation

  8. Finally a phone to get rid of this hunk of junk EVO3D for.

  9. i waited 3 months for the SGS2 and know i am going to have to wait at least another month for the Vigor or nexus prime thanks verizon for not having any decent dual core phones

    1. You can get the highly marketed, under powered, over priced Bionic!?!?!? VZW is doing this on purpose because they would not be able to move much of the Bionic stock if you can compare it to the SGS2, Vigor, Prime, and iPhone 5. If I wanted new phone on VZW and Bionic was my option, I would wait another 4 weeks to save $150-$200. The reason is they will not be able to sell any units at $300 with the competition. They may have to do a $100 gift card if you take it free deal.

  10. ok.. I try and not complain about the site.. like it a lot, come here often.. But I got a little thing that annoys me a bit… And that is when you have pics in your stories,,, like this one.. and like the different pics of graphs and charts and things with details that are “supposed to be interesting”, and “hey look at this”, but it’s not easy to see in your story.. So you click on the picture in the story, and you think “maybe this time”.. you will get a bigger picture.. but no.. you get me every time.. either with a same size or smaller pic.. every time you get me damn you…

  11. sprint getting good phone good for them!!! just get lte and everyone will switch

  12. All I know is that I must wait for everyone to purchase and use this for at least a week to see all the issues such as the previous domestic Galaxy S had compared to the international countries.

  13. Google is taking over the game, watch out.

  14. I’m stuck with ATT where I live so I am happy to say that I like the form factor of the ATT variant the best. Unless it has a 4.5″ screen, which I have no use for personally. Then I may just let my search for a Craptivate replacement continue on.

  15. How’d they not notice the Sprint version has a WiMax symbol in the notification bar as well?

  16. Im sick of android ..I can’t wait for the sprint IPHONE.

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