Sega Classic Sonic CD Coming to Android


Before everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog made the jump to 3D but after he first appeared ground-breaking titles for the Sega Genesis console, he starred in his first adventure committed to digital disc, Sonic CD. Now, close to two decades later the game is getting a well-deserved reissue on all major platforms, including Android. The re-release of the 2D platformer will feature the same gameplay found in the original in addition to the original Japanese soundtrack. Sonic CD remains a favorite among fans of the series despite the limited action the Sega CD Genesis add-on saw. The game will be available for download towards the end of the year.

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  1. I tried playing Sonic with an emulator, the on-screen controls weren’t working well for me though ><

  2. Hope they do a better job porting it to Android than they have their other ports to iOS-they were just awful.

  3. @Matt try it with the Wii remote with the classic game pad as it works just as good as the original console for me. I guess I should state that I’m using it with HDMI to my TV.

  4. @Matt well those one interface fits all for Emulators verses an interface specifically for touch screen Sonic will make all the difference. at least here is hoping.

    Also Mega-CD was awesome, and it did fairly well– it was the 32X that had a lukewarm reception. Personally I miss the days of the Add-on. Bring back the modules!

  5. Are the other sonic games which are out for iOS on Android too? AFAIK they are not. Would rather see all of those before sonic cd.

  6. i played Sonic 4 on the iPhone and trust me, its horrible. they tried to enhance the graphics but they made Sonic feel sluggish overall.

    “Ask any Sonic fan to name their favorite games, and Sonic CD always ranks near the top of their lists,” said Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America. << this is sooo true

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