X10 AirPad is $200 Worth of Tablet with Gingerbread on Board


A new entry can be filed into the “you get what you pay for” category, as X10 has launched their $199 AirPad tablet. They are touting it as “the best tablet on the market for under $200,” which, given the pricing qualification, we are OK with. But should we ever really be OK with a $200 dollar Android tablet? Well, if you want a slate with a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen running Android 2.3, housing a 1.2GHz Rockchip CPU, and offering 4GB of storage then maybe so. Additional specs include HDMI output, a 2MP camera, and WiFi connectivity. On second thought, you really do get a pretty good bang for your buck.

[X10 via Engadget]

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  1. This would be pretty sweet for a front end in your car

    1. I was thinking the same at first, but looks like no GPS.

  2. That actually sounds decent. Why wouldn’t I be OK with the listed specs? The only downside is no Honeycomb, but for $200, I could live with it, plus the developer community will likely fix that shortcoming quickly enough. Android tabs shouldn’t cost as much as iPads. That’s supposedly part of their appeal.

    1. The Android tablets with the same specs as the iPad2 are cheaper at the moment. Xoom – $400 with 32GB, Tegra 2 dual core chipset, all that jazz.

  3. Wow, finally a sub $200 tablet that is capacitive and actually has pretty decent specs. I would probably be jumping on this one if I hadn’t already bought and rooted a NookColor. I’d like to see some reviews on it though.

    Only potential negatives I saw is that the site doesn’t mention bluetooth, does it not have BT at all? Also, is that a mini-USB port instead of the standard micro? The full size USB host port is pretty sweet though.

  4. It would be ok if it had a microSD card slot

    1. it is ok

    2. It says it has a microSD slot if you go to the product page that is linked.

  5. What is a rock chip cpu? That seems like the question here.

    1. It is Rockchip’s RK2918 CorteX A8 cpu. I think the question is “Who the f**ck is X10? i’ve never heard of them. Will they suport this products? i mean updates and so, because it is not normal that after you bought it, to rely on some community devs

  6. Dang, that looks pretty good! Definitely a better deal than the 7″ Tab if you don’t need GPS or 3G. It’ll be interesting to see what the ROM hacking community does with this, too.

  7. Airplay + iPad = AirPad…or is it an iPlay?

    You would have thought Sony could come up with something more orginal….it costs nothing to think. Me thinks I can see yet another lawsuit coming….surely this is easily avoidable.

    I might develop a car called a BWM or a Social network called Giggle+ or Bookface. Come on Sony….get original. It’s almost Sony want to get sued to bring some market attention to this product.

    1. I know man! It has a screen! Just like an iPad! And it’s rectangular! Just like an iPad! And it has multi-touch! Just like an iPad(although Android had that first).

      I think it would be fairly tough to make a tablet PC that some dumb troll like you couldn’t make that comment about.

      1. I’m talking about the name you dumbass troll. It’s about as original as that crap Padphone.

    2. What gave you the ideea that this cheap chinesse tablet pc is made by sony (or even supported)? i’ve searched the internet and didn’t found any line to support the ideea that this is a sony tab

      1. Point taken….may not be Sony. Whoever it is should rely on a more original name.

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