Sprinkle Now Available in the Android Market – Coming Soon To Nvidia’s Quad-core Kal-El Devices


It’s been a long time coming but a little game by the name of Sprinkle is now available (dramatic pause) in the Android Market. Yes, this is the very same game we brought to you in our exclusive video preview all the way back in June and have been counting down the days until its release. Sprinkle is exclusive to devices with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processors. So, if you’re lucky enough to rock one of those devices, you can get in on this water physics based action.

The premise is simple, using a makeshift fire truck you douse flaming meteors falling from the sky before they can burn down fellow villager’s house. While that may sound easy enough, when combined with unique water physics and puzzle elements, this game provides for a pretty amazing challenge. Whether you’re an adult or a child, Sprinkle’s charming personality and low learning curve makes it a joy to pick up and play.

In more Sprinkle news, the 2-man Swedish wrecking crew over at Mediocre spoke on Nvidia’s blog about developing the game on the Tegra 2 platform and what they have in store for Sprinkle on Nvidia’s upcoming quad-core Kal-El processor.

“With Project Kal-El around the corner, these are interesting times for mobile game developers – especially for those of us who are making physics-based games. We think Sprinkle is a good example of how to use complex physics simulation for gameplay and not just effects.”

There you have it, folks. Nvidia’s Kal-El is real — it’s being developed on — and it’s only right around the corner. You can find Sprinkle right now in the Android Market, Nvidia Tegra Zone app and for only $1.99. If you like “fun,” I wouldn’t hesitate on picking this one up.

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Chris Chavez
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Nvidia Unveils – Companion Site to Nvidia Tegra Zone App

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  1. And this is why i love android OS, unfortunately im only rocking the original Galaxy S, but thanks to custom roms, and a lil thing called chainfire 3D, ill be playing this no worries ;-)

    1. Don’t bite my head off guys, but I like how you start “love androidOS” i love it too but it’s funny that the reason is because you can install another app to let your device run a game it already should….. I’m android all the way, but seriously your “this is why i love” would have been better saying iOS in this instance when regards to games running on the OS period… that being said i got the game on my xoom and iPad2, fun stuff…. cool water physics

      **as evident by the 2 next comments ha**

      1. dude… stfu

        1. I knew someone would cry ha

      2. not biting your head off, i think i kinda understand what your saying, but this is a developer issue not having it work from the get go on non Tegra devices. Clearly it does work without Tegra. And im sure it would work fine without an app to make it happen, and Yes the game should work straight away, but this isnt so much a limitation of android os or the hardware of a 1 year old phone, its the developer making it only “exclusive” for Tegra equipped phones. Chainfire 3D proves it will work, and props to Chainfire for his work, been doing some amazing stuff for the Android community as i understand it! Yes some games will look better on a Tegra phone, and yes some will be less good looking on a Galaxy S, but proof it can work if the developer could be bothered to tweak the app a lil to suit.
        So what i have to install an app to make it happen, heck i do the same to play some old skool Super Nes games on my Galaxy Tab.
        Yeah, i do love android os, just not on a fanboy level :)

    2. Yup. Enjoying it on my Galaxy Tab 7 with no changes to Chainfire3D mod

  2. Well i’d really love to play this but sadly the game is limited to nvidia devices (don’t have chainfire YET), and it’s force closing right away on my galaxy tab 10.1 :(

    No luck with chainfire 3d on my sensation…and i’ve passed the refund period. Sigh.

  3. I’m starting to get a little frustrated with the tegra exclusive games. I bought the evo 3D with the understanding it’d be able to handle these kinds of games.

    1. get chainfire 3d

      1. I’m not sure if it is because I have chainfire installed on my Evo 3D or not but it showed up for me as an available download in the android market. Not sure if it was because I accessed the market from my web browser ether. It just crashes though even if you use chainfire with it.

        1. you need to install the Nvidia Driver Plugin

  4. this is why hardware should also be swapable in phones. of course, i think it’s ridiculous to dev for a chip instead of for an OS.

    1. It’s artificially limited to Tegra devices. It could easily be made to run on other devices, developers are just being bribed or given some sort of incentive from Nvidia.

      1. I know, that’s my point. it’s ridiculous for a developer to target only one piece of hardware instead of just focusing on bringing a good game to an entire ecosystem.

        as far as hardware being swappable, i’ve long wished for the ability to build your own phone like you can with PCs. it would be great to get a ruggedized waterproof case and be able to stick in the processor etc that i want instead of relying on the OEM to say “ok you get this feature but you have to deal with a processor running half the speed of last decade’s tech when it’s overclocked”(hyperbole, gotta love it.)

        plus, instead of having to go out and buy a brand new phone when a core is added and your contract is up, you could just swap out processors. i’m certain that at least at first it would be more complicated to do than i am imagining, but then again, so was building a PC from scratch once upon a time.

  5. Got this on my non-tegra Android phone (Galaxy S) and its running really smooth . Its a shame such a nice game is only available for tegra 2 devices , specially knowing that a 1ghz single core chip can run it just fine .
    Ive asked this once but ive yet to get an answer , how do the developers benefit by releasing an app to be tegra 2 only ?

    1. I’d assume nvidia is paying for the exclusivity.

  6. So with software hacks this runs fine on non Tegra devices, even the single core Galaxy S, just like a bunch of other “Tegra exclusive” games.

    So what the hell is up with the games being Tegra exclusive, and why are the developers not telling us why?
    Nvidia and their anti-competitive bulls**t, that’s why. Bribing developers to artificially limit software to only run on Tegra.

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