Droid Bionic Teaser Makes its Way Online


A clear version of a Verizon teaser for the Motorola Droid Bionic has made its way to YouTube after initially popping up around the web yesterday in a much lower quality. DroidLife provides the goods as Big Red invites us to “rule all machines.” The phone has done a pretty good job of ruling the tech blog world with countless leaks over the past weeks, but will it still live up to the hype when it launches in early September?

Kevin Krause
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  1. That chick looks a lot like Natalie Portman

    1. That’s because it is her. I still don’t know why Verizon and Motorola come out with these commercials. They are not relevant to the phone. Show it against an iPhone4 and show me how fast it is. Don’t give me this bullshit!!!

      1. waaa im horney for a new phone waaaa give me tech specssss waaaa lol jk man, its a cool commercial but yea more specs would be cool.

  2. I am still waiting for the HTC Vigor and it’s Dual Core 1.5 Snapdragon processor with one gig or ram. I don’t care if they give it a Droid Tag or not…

    1. Good story bro

    2. Ignore the Moto lemmings, I am with you on that. DROID’s are not always the best phone to get, take for instance the Galaxy SII, its still currently the most powerful in the world and the most sleek. I would take that over the OverHyped Bionic any day. And seriously, you need to ignore this guy, Brian is a Moto freak, everywhere I read something about Motorola, he’s there, I give my opinion and then he’s forcing his on other arguing why its better etc and doesn’t let it go. This is where I will take my leave because I know he will have some smart ass remark like the over used “Good story bro” line. Seriously? are you 10 years old?

  3. Going to be an interesting fall season for Android phones and the carriers…the flood gates are about to open with a huge choice of new phones with all the carriers participating….
    And probably not most of the readers on this site, that appear to upgrade their phones every 6, 9, or 12 months, there are a large number of customers worried about the damage done to their 401k’s, their college funds….worried about their home’s value, and their jobs security, etc., that haven’t made a change with their phone for a long while….that quiet group, that jumped in on the second major Android release, the Hero with Sprint, October 2009, and that large group that fell in love with Verizon’s first Driod in Nov. 2009 are all going to be available for new contracts in the next 30 to 60 days.
    It’s really going to be exciting, if not overwhelming, to see the marketing push from Sprint, TM, ATT, and VZ, along with Sammy, HTC, LG, Moto to grab/keep all those customers. Throw in the new iphone and maybe the new nexus and I could be wrong, but I think we’re going to see a wireless season like never before.

  4. Hahaha judging on these leaks, it could be exactly what we wanted. But no one will ever know until it launches.

  5. Nexus Prime. That is all

  6. Why can’t I post comments?

    1. Is that a trick question :/

    2. Because when you come in completely anonymous – or with IP address that won’t resolve – your post gets auto tagged as spam until someone sees it and approves it.

      The more spam we get the harder it is to sift thru.

  7. CDMA sucks any way

  8. Wow, really? That’s the angle the advertising is going to take? I never understand how advertising agencies choose their ideas. You have a name like Bionic that is basically the enhancement of humans with technology and you come out with a woman fighting a robot and a stupid tagline “rule all machines.” Let’s hope the phone is better than the advertising.

    1. I’m curious as to how ruling over all machines doesn’t = the enhancement of humans in your book?

  9. so where is the phone ?? lame teaser for a phone.. looks more like a teaser for a new terminator without Arnold :))

  10. Nema, don’t feed the trolls.

    And further more, I found this commerical cool if it’s an introduction to another ad, if this is it..then seriously wth? If it isn’t then…it could get cool.

    Wait for it…WAIT FOR IT.

    William Walllace: HOLD…HOLLDDDD!!!

  11. I just laughed so hard. this is awesome.

  12. I must say that apple and verizon are great at marketing there products.

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