Samsung’s New Ad Reveals September 9th Launch for Galaxy S II On Sprint?


It was only 4 days ago that we posted on article on the a possible September 9th launch date for the Sprint Galaxy S II (Epic Touch 4G) on Sprint. This would make ‘ol #3 the first out of the gate to offer the Galaxy S II here in the states. The guys at SprintFeed claimed to have an anonymous source providing them with this info and like most things, we took it with a grain of salt.

Fast forward to today, where Samsung released an ad spot on their YouTube channel announcing the impending arrival of their Galaxy S II here in the states. At the end of the video, they prominently display the U.S. version of the GS2 (complete with 4 capacitive buttons) but upon closer inspection — the date on the device’s clock widget is set to Friday, 09/09. Interesting… After seeing a similar stunt when HTC sent out press photos of the Sensation 4G displaying that device’s rumored launch date in their clock widget, this adds just a little more weight to that September 9th launch date we’ve been hearing.

**UPDATE: One of our readers, Ben Taiber, points out that the location in the weather widget also just so happens to be the location of Sprint’s HQ in Kansas City. Nice one!

Of course, we wont know anything until Samsung gives us the official launch dates and details for the U.S. Galaxy S II variants (hopefully) at their August 29th event. But if you’re as excited as I am about Sprint being the first U.S. carrier to offer the Galaxy S II, you may want to plan ahead and take that vacation day come Friday, September 9th, 2011.

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  1. Sprint in the beginning of September and T-Mobile at the end of October… ugh, I’m without a phone and Sprint is no good here….. Hopefully the T-Mobile date is wrong, or Verizon is out soon.. because I can’t take it anymore.

    1. Get an AirRave from them, I didn’t have any reception at home and they sent me a free AirRave with free service. It works great and any minutes I use while connected to it are not discounted from my monthly allowance.

      1. I had one, their insanely fast 24kbps dl speed in 90% of my area is the issue.

  2. It also has the weather for Kansas City… HQ for sprint….

    1. …but it is only partly sunny? Why the pessimism? jk

      1. Mid-summer – partly cloudy is nice weather.

  3. I hope this is true! I will be pre-ordering this the moment I can! Finally I can migrate over to Sprint. $130 port-in credit, 20% off monthly bill due to corporate discount.. and true unlimited data.. Yes Please! I think Sprint is the last carrier with a decent offering, I don’t expect it to last forever.

  4. Awesome, the 9th is a Friday, right in time for the weekend :) Come on Sprint, please do it on the 9th!

  5. So whay makes this a sprint phone?

    1. Weather location is set to Sprint’s HQ in Kansas. And SprintFeed and other sources are rumoring a September 9th launch for the phone =)

      1. It also looks like the leaked photos of the phone. Notice the rounder shape.

    2. Notice the Epic 4G-esque 4G icon.

    3. The Sprint Visual Voicemail icon makes it a Sprint phone :-D

  6. The weather on the phone is for Kansas City, Kansas. Sprint is based out of Overland Park, Kansas, the largest suburb of Kansas City.

  7. Im hoping i can go with this phone on vzw instead of the bionic…

    1. Bionic is already overshadowed by this upcoming release, not to mention the news of Nexus Prime possibly showing up on Big Red Q4. Throw in the Revolution 2 and HTC Vigor, along with a $299 on contract price and I can definitely wait another few months.

      1. Rev 2, really?

  8. It would be nice if once they could just release on all carriers in the same month….verizon will get this in january

    1. Sprint is 1st in everything….AND s/n the buzz on Wall Street is that the iPhone 5 is coming first to Sprint in October.

  9. Too late. I might have bought a SGS2 a month ago when my contract came up for renewal, but now I’d rather wait till october for the SGS2+ or Nexus Prime.

    The carriers waited way too long to release this phone in the US, it feels outdated already honestly, especially with the news of Ice Cream Sandwich and 720p screens coming soon.

  10. Thats some clever ish on Samsung’s point if the rumors of the Epic Touch 4g being on September 9 are true. I’m definitely going to get this regardless of Nexus Prime on the horizon, there is always gonna be a better phone just over the hill, you just have to make sure you get something that can still hold its own when that phone comes.

    1. Nexus Prime rumoured to have a 4.7 inch screen oh thats going to be high end for a while

      1. but still not that much bigger than the 4.5 the Epic Touch will have, and your right about the specs but it probably won’t effect the performance as much as you would think.

        1. .2 is a huge difference on a mobile phone display. I know it sounds crazy but it’s a pretty major size difference.

    2. I belive the Galaxy S II will hold up, but how long?
      The Nexus Prime bests all it’s specs, especially the screen.

      1. I will admit you do have a point, the Prime is better in overall specs, i just am not too sure i’m gonna wait around for it, I’m still using an Htc Hero (rooted CM7). regardless of Cyanogenmod, its reaching the end of the line lol

      2. Only part that is true is the clock speed of the processor: the gpu on the nexus is an clocked up powerVr sgx540 found on the original gS, also the new screen while is an HD also runs on pentile. Now no one knows whether this is better looking that the super amoled plus but you we all know that the screen will take more out of the hardware to push those pixels and that will lead to more battery consumption, heat , and possibly lag. One last thing is that if google rushed ICS in order to compete against the iphone than there might be some potential bugs. So when compared to gs2 which sadly every other country has been using already confirmed that it is working great. Mali 400 vs clocked up PowerVr 540? HD screen vs super amoled plus? ram=same so can’t really say that nexus is going to have a clean win.

        1. We have no idea who is even making the prime let a lone the specs in it. Kind of hard to compare the two when you have nothing to go on besides rumors.

          1. True, lets just hope when everything finally does launch its just as good as all the hype, and not a complete let down…

      3. Big “IF” but if htc makes it, I’ll drop my 3D and get it. If not, ehhhh. – htc fanboy

        1. I used to be a Htc fanboy, i mean i’m actually still using an Htc Hero (CM7), but i had to admit that this phone appears to perform better than the 3d. I Still don’t think touchwiz overall is better than sense but, seeing how i’ve been running Cyanogenmod for so long, i’m more concerned about overall performance at this point and can go without. I’m not as interested in the fancy polished look and possible sluggishness that sense brings.

  11. It took me forever to find what you were talking about in the picture. I think you need more giant red arrows :)

    1. I could always add a few more for ya.. o_O

      1. I kid. You are my favorite Phandroid writer, I love my late night Android fix. Keep up the good work.

        1. Thanks, Drizzle! :D

  12. Bi Bi Bionic….

    1. Good luck with that 12 minutes of battery life and MotoBlur

      1. I think he was saying it like “Bye Bye Bionic”

      2. As low down said…play on words

  13. I like the phone. But as mentioned above, not a superphone anymore. PLUS, not a fan of touchwiz. Though I guess I wouldn’t use it anyway. With 1080p coming, and faster dual core, I’ll wait until next summer.

    1. Not superphone anymore? You make no sense whatsoever. You do realize that when this phone is released it will have better hardware and specs than ANY other phone on the market. And that includes the Bionic which should release about the same time.

      So what exactly are you comparing it to exactly? Phones that will be released sometime in the future? You know how asinine that sounds? Hate to break it to you but that’s the nature of technology. There’s ALWAYS sometime better coming out in the future. To say it’s not a superphone because it’s not as good as something which is not out yet is well……just.. stupid.

    2. Next summer? Wow, why not get a phone now and next summer?

  14. I will pick this up day one! Im so glad its comming to Sprint first, I hope after the wife see’s mine she will want one too and not wait for the POS that Apple is bringing to Sprint in October.

    1. For wives, moms, sisters, girlfriends, etc most of the time they’ll be happier with an iDevice. They just want something simple they don’t care about customizing everything like you can on android. That said my mom uses android but she isn’t your average user either.

  15. I (like everybody else) have been waiting for the S II just about forever. We switched over to sprint and somehow, my phone was activated on the 8th (my family intended to switch on the 10th). My plan the whole way was to trade in my Evo 4G for the Galaxy S II within the 30 days.

    The news on sprintfeed came out and I was so pissed that I missed it by a day. I spoke to a sprint chat rep, though, and because of the mistake on their end, he was able to move my trade in date to the 10th!

    1. I was on the EVO 4G and ready to upgrade…I did all the research I could, kicked the (digital) tires on the SII but at the end of the day I DID NOT like the interface. I went with the 3D instead and htc Sense 3.0 *awesome. – 2cents

      1. I went with the 3d as well but you could always run a different launcher on either phone if you don’t like sammys no app drawer launcher.

  16. Given the 4 capacitive buttons, this phone isn’t exactly the same as Canada and EU has, eh?

    1. Nope, they are different. Canada has the i9100 and Sprints is the d710. Little taller and a little wider on the d710.

  17. Superphone? Without 4G capabilities? Yeah that’s up to date! Way to keep up with the new technology.

    1. The FCC Documents already stated that it would have WiMax in it… Way to keep up with the news.

  18. …dont make me wait too long.Cause tommorow i could be gone.

  19. Ehhhh, the Kansas City thing is a major stretch. 9/9 absolutely, but there’s absolutely nothing here that points to Sprint over any other carrier.

  20. The Voicemail icon on the homescreen is the same icon for Visual Voicemail on my Photon 4G too.

  21. Just because it shows that Spring is getting it on 9/09, doesn’t mean the others aren’t getting it the same day either. I have a feeling though that VZW will launch the Bionic while AT&T and Sprint get the GSII. VZW will probably get the GSII weeks later…UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I have NO idea why people are excited for a Galaxy 2. I have a Galaxy S phone and it SUCKS! Software sucks! Still got 2.2! Terrible plastic phone, it freezes all the time. The only reason I have this POS is because I broke my Nexus One and Tmo gave me this as a replacement and I complained but thats all they had

    1. cool story bro

    2. (Galaxy S2 Galaxy S)

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