Samsung Epic Touch 4G Launching on Sprint September 9th?


An unsubstantiated report coming out of SprintFeed claims that Sprint could be among the first of the US carriers to launch the Samsung Galaxy S II. Under the name Epic Touch 4G, we could be seeing the followup to last year’s Epic 4G as early as September 9th. The timing matches up with previous whispers about the launch of the Galaxy S II in the States, but the date remains a rumor for now. All will be revealed (we hope) come August 29th at Samsung’s launch event for its new North American lineup.

[via SprintFeed]

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  1. The back looks nice, But how will the screen look?

    1. Super AMOLED Plus, nuff said.

      1. WVGA, yea… I’ll wait for Nexus Prime thank you very much.

        1. and wait… and wait… and wait… enjoy. lol

          1. I don’t wait at all, I get a new phone every 6 to 8 months, obviously you haven’t seen my huge collection. Just got my Sensation in June tho so I’d like that to last at least until December. I never wait, this is not a jump over what I currently have at all. I refuse to buy a phone that has less than qHD or HD 720 now. #truth

          2. The qHD on my photon is pixelated like you wouldn’t believe. So far, the g2x was the best I’ve had.

          3. Darren the display on your Photon is a Pentile display, the one on my Sensation is non-Pentile so it’s smooth as butter w/ no pixelation. Big difference between the two. For some reason Motorola just loves using Pentile displays in its phones.

        2. yeah, its just like this phone… we wait and wait only for stuff to get pushed up further. I don’t see the prime dropping when they say it will. Just get what you want and resell it to get what you want when you want it.

          1. I never sell my phones, I keep each and every one of them. I also keep them all updated and charged.

      2. That alone however does not put the argument FOR SGS 2. I am still thinking of any compelling reason to go with Galaxy S2 over say, the iPhone 4..

        (I am not saying SGS 2 is not a good phone. Just that MOST of those features already seem to be available on the iPhone 4 which is now almost giving way to the iPhone 5)


  2. if this is the SGS2 then count me in. i just hope they dump the slide out keyboard.

    1. its dumped, hence the “Touch” in Epic Touch 4G.

  3. Um, the source link just links to an app called GetGlue in the Android Market???

  4. Sweet! I really want to see more info (release date, pictures) on the Nexus Prime before I make a decision. On the other hand I’m impatient so I’ll probably pre-order this thing as soon as I’m able. It’s a great upgrade from my EVO.

  5. Can we please get a Verizon SGS2 leak before I break something?

    1. Verizon was the last to release the Original Galaxy S last year, it looks as if that’ll be the case this year as well with the sequel.

    2. I feel ya man… i’m about to do the same… It went from being the first to probably last now!

    3. You don’t go to Verizon for fast hardware releases. You go to Verizon for coverage and LGE…. And to pay more $$, sadly… But that’s capitalism for ya.

  6. …this is the LONGEST i have EVER waited for a PHONE RELEASE.But,i think it will be WELL WORTH IT.

    1. 7 mos off contract waiting for EVO 4g….

  7. Finally!! hopefully its a real date, it lines up with sprint’s usual set time frame of friday or sunday for releases

  8. wait for the Samsung Nexus Prime it will have a 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor with a 4.5″ Super AMOLED HD display with a resolution of 1280x720p with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich coming in October…

    1. right on Edgar, exactly the same reason I’m passing on the Hercules. Even tho its a(dare I say it) godly phone, Nexus Prime is just going to blow it away. Anyways I love my Sensation so that’ll do until then.

    2. Or, just wait 6 more months than that for the Samsung Nexus Prime Epic Touch 4G Decepticon. It’ll have a quad core 1.8GHz proc, 4.55″ Super qHDAMOLED++ display with a piping hot resolution of 7680×4322 (those two extra lines provide better black balance), 15MP RFC, 8MP FFC, and 6MP SFC, and is expected to ship with Android JuJuBe

      1. Oh hell yeah! I can’t wait!

  9. Just wish i could of hold off for the GS2 forAT&T now I’m stuck with my Atrix. I’ll just wait till the GS3 comes out next year.

    1. Just a thought… you can buy it out right and sell the Atrix to compensate for the difference.

    2. I’d take the Atrix over the GS2 personally. GS2 is too ugly in my opinion.

  10. I’m waiting on the Nexus Prime… but I want to see Samsung’s new UI, I might just jump on the Epic Touch.

  11. I will have this no doubt. If the Prime doesn’t disappoint me like the S did then I’ll have that as well. I don’t think I’ll early adopt the Prime if they rush it to market just to go against the iPhone 5. Who knows the Galaxy 2 may do all the dirty once they flood carriers.

  12. People have mentioned Nexus Prime will be equipped with 1.5ghz processor. well, would it be better than 1.2 exynos of GSII? Not really. Only the good thing about Nexus Prime is that crazy high screen resolution and MAYBE ICS. That’s all.
    If Prime would come out with OMAP 4470, I agree it will blow out all the other phones but OMAP4460 isn’t that great. Little Disappointed.

    1. And that’s where you’re 100% wrong. There’s a LOT more to having a Nexus line phone than hardware. In real world usage you’ll be hard pressed to notice the processing speed differences and even the screen resolution. The most important part of getting a Nexus line phone is knowing that THAT is the phone that Google is developing its new OS versions on and you will be among the first consumers to recieve the next several updates.

  13. I like TouchWiz, so the Nexus are not for m yet…

  14. Does anyone know the specs on this vs the nexus prime?

  15. Oh boy only a year after its been released elsewhere. This phone release has been delayed to long and by the time it comes out there are better things right around the corner. Before anyone says there is always a better phone around the corner the fact is this phone has been out for like 4-5 months already. Thanks but no thanks I’ll be getting the Prime.

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