Samsung Gets a Bit Racy With New US Galaxy S II Teaser [VIDEO]


Samsung just dropped a bold new teaser for the US release of their latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S II. While touting the phone’s thinness, dual-core processor, and worldwide popularity, the video manages to get a bit racy with images of women in sexy outfits, the Mona Lisa lusciously licking her lips, and an image of an in-the-buff statue — his junk covered by a leaf — with the suggestive text “It’s packing a huge screen.” The suggestive imagery never amounts to more than PG-13, but the ad, which only shows us the international version of the Galaxy S II, is sure to turn more heads than your average smartphone spot. Samsung is set to launch the S II at an event in New York City next Monday, August 29th. We’ll be on hand to provide a first look at what to expect when the handset reaches US carriers this fall.

[via YouTube]

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  1. I like this kind of news in the morning. Makes me smile.

  2. nice commercial

  3. It kicks donkey’s ass!

    1. Maybe the inuendo was “Its kicking ass”

  4. The two hampsters for dual cores – genius.

    1. My favorite part for sure.

  5. There it is in the flesh right there at the end!!

    $100 says 4.5″ screens all across the board.

    That’s one awesome commercial BTW.

    1. You owe me 100 bucks.

      1. We shall see Dario Sucic. I’ma be lookin for you on Monday.

  6. Great commercial, wish we had a similar one here in the netherlands when it released

  7. Wait – why does it appear to have one button all the way thru, then 4 buttons at the very end?

    1. Wow….didn’t even notice that

    2. Think with your head, it showcases the phone in Europe, and then announces the American one at the end, it was intentional.

      1. Thanks for the opinion. I would really advise you to be more polite around here, btw.

        1. Or just THINK. The Galaxy S didn’t have a button in america while the Europe version did. Same with the GS II

          That’s not an opinion btw

          1. Thank you for informing me. I was not aware that the Galaxy S, European version, was buttoned differently than the US version(s).

            The Galaxy S was so non-standardized here in the US, I had no real idea what they might being doing elsewhere in the world.

            As for thinking – yes, I did before posting that, and asked the question I had.

            And the opinion part – that is that commercial meant to do that – maybe the ad agency only had access to a Euro copy. Or maybe they thought no one would notice or care. Or maybe they thought it would subtly confuse with the iPhone.

            All sorts of thoughts are possible when assumptions don’t come into play.

          2. Oh didn’t mean to be rude. My A/C is broken in my house so it’s 98 in my room right now

            Pissed off cause it’s the second time in 2 weeks

          3. No worries Drybones5, hope you get your A/C fixed – I went thru that myself this year (and I live in the desert), so I know what a drag that can be.

            I do really appreciate learning how the Samsungs are different, so cheers and thanks!

            (We’re at the reply limit, so it only looks like I’m replying to myself.)

  8. Yeah 6 month old phone is going to be released..Yippy!!

    1. we get it. you think the phone is late. move on.

    2. Still better than the Suckonic coming out on Sept 8th.

  9. I’ve seen cartoons on public acess tv that were more racy than that….

  10. Is that the US version at the end? 4 cap buttons at the bottom?

    1. Why dont you read some of the comments before posting this same question for the third time!!

  11. the commercial end shows galaxy s2 USA variant

    1. Official unofficial official unveiling!

  12. I have this phone (I am from Denmark) it is absolutely amazing and blows iPhone 4 out of the waters:) You all have something to look forward to.

    1. You make it seem like blowing it out of the water is a challenge?
      Optimus One > iPhone 5

      1. Damn.

    2. Luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyy =(

  13. Is that a GS2 in your pocket?…

  14. Haha…one problem: It’s a Samsung.

    So aside from the blatant eff you to the US being the last nation on the planet to get the phone (I know, I know it’s the carrier’s’s’s’s’ faults’s’s’s) you’ll get it just in time for the rest of the World to get the Android update…and you can wait another 6 months (I know, I know it’ll be the carrier’s’s’s’s’ faults’s’s’s).

    1. so, what phone is better when its released? the 18 month old iphone4? lol, there are a dozen other phones or so that are better than that since christmas.

  15. It appears that they caved to pressure from Apple by building the US version with four buttons.

    1. or, it could be the fact that every US android since the g1 uses the 4 button layout.

      either or.

      1. Touche.
        I guess you don’t think the US market would welcome the one button design?

  16. Nooooooo Samsung…. Should I get the SG2 or wait for the Nexus Prime?? Please stop teasing us! Can’t wait.

  17. Meh, I think the Prime will better fit me…

  18. someone else mentioned this on another blog. The date on the phone is Friday 09/09

    1. i missed that part. i was too busy checking out the location to notice the date. had to make sure it wasn’t the stock international image that used Barcelona.

  19. Not only is it 6 mos old, it supposedly will not ship to the US with the bad-ass exynos chip, so what’s the point? PRIME-TIME!

    1. How is it 6 months old?
      It was released on the last week of May/first week of june. Now it is August. 3 Months late in the U.S which I don’t think its that bad.
      But haters always have something to moan, complain about right?

      1. Beginning of May*

    2. i’m hoping that they will up the specs a bit as the GSII is kinda old

  20. so at first it shows normal pictures of the phone [home button + 2 touch buttons] .. in the end it shows a pic of a phone with 4 touch buttons ?

    1. U.S. versions wont have the iPhone-esue homebutton. Typical 4 capacitive buttons for us =p

  21. should wait for the Motorola Nexus Prime. Galaxy S2 doesnt mean anything now.

    1. hasn’t it been confirmed to be made by samsung? personally, i don’t see motorola ever making a nexus device now that they’re part of google.

  22. It would be great if they focussed on fixing the data connectivity problems on the European ones rather than selling more faulty units.

  23. So since its losing the Physical home button will it still be able to take screen shots???

    1. Yeah, you don’t need a physical button to take screenshots. Just like in MIUI or stock Evo 3D =)

      1. Awesome! Thanks chris, You the bomb!!

  24. The date says 9/9 at the end. Wonder if they did that on purpose to say it’ll come out on that day lol…

  25. nexus prime will make this phone look like the thing that comes out my behind!

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