$100 HP TouchPad May Soon Be Your Next Android Tablet [TouchDroid Project]


I’m sure all of you have heard the news by now following HP’s systematic killing of webOS: the HP TouchPad is on sale for $100-$150 at retail in order to liquidate stock. Purchase now, think later. But while webOS may not be your cup of tea, you might be happy to know that a team of awesome developers over at RootzWiki have taken it upon themselves to do what everyone was hoping someone would do – port Android over to it.

Starting out, they will be working on porting Android 2.3 Gingerbread and will work on it until it’s stable. To work around the fact that the TouchPad only has one button, they will employ on-screen controls. That is, of course, until they begin work on porting Honeycomb and/or Ice Cream Sandwich that will certainly have built-in controls.

It appears the Gingerbread version will get to stable beta status and no further as they’ll begin working on Honeycomb from there – they might just want to get familiar with the TouchPad and deliver something for people to sink their teeth into while they wait for the big kahuna.

If you’re not familiar with the specs, the HP TouchPad has a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and 1GB of RAM (should be more than enough for Honeycomb), a 9.7 inch 1024×768 display, and, oddly enough, it doesn’t have a rear camera but it does have a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera.

I’d say this is a no-brainer. Even if the project doesn’t go where we’re hoping it will (but we see no reason it won’t), a TouchPad for $100 is a steal. [RootzWiki, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I knew this was going to happen. That’s why I was going to buy one, but couldn’t find any in stock =/

  2. Check B&N

  3. Who didn’t get or want one and why doesn’t phandroid post on the weekends?

    1. You didn’t see me Weekend Wrap Up? Posted on Sunday =)

  4. I was able to get one. I really hope this project works out since I never seem to be able to win one of Phandroids givaways and this may be my only way to get an Android tablet for a while (broke college student).

    1. People are complaining that their orders are being cancelled

      1. B&N dropped the price for the 16GB at midnight. I grabbed two at 3am, checked out and had my credit card charged. Then, I went back an hour later and grabbed two more for gifts. The Touchpads were still available, checked out, and had my credit card charged. Around 6am, I checked on my orders and got an Unable to process orders on both orders. Looks like they oversold their inventory. I’ll be curious to see what happens.

  5. i bought one for this my gf for this reason exactly webos is garbage

  6. So any numbers on how many sold before price slash?

  7. Ordered one from B&N, let’s see if they cancel it.

  8. wow 100 dollars is like 50pounds….that IS a STEAL
    for a dual core cpu + 1gb ram and 16gb memory? I wanna live in Americaaaaa

    1. I got a 16 GB HP touchpad for $49.00+tax plus free shipping from Staples. Can’t believe my luck going to pick it up in the evening from store.

  9. yeah, I picked up one from B&N hopefully my order doesn’t get cancelled as well. This is such a good deal.

  10. we are talking hp touchpad you slimy, flaming spammy troll!

  11. So glad I bought when I could. It will be fun to play with, It keeps my girlfriend for being jealous of my Transformer and it gives me a tablet to experiment on! Winny win win.

  12. wow… that’s awesome. I ordered one too. If it gets android then its great. otherwise a $99 photoalbum, couch browser is not bad.

  13. Just ordered one off B&N. Fingers crossed they still have one for me.

    1. Me too, got a conformation email but won’t believe it till I get a shipped conformation.

  14. Both version just got pulled from B&N. It now officially says Out of Stock.
    We shall see… :

  15. Unfortunately, without the source available, the only way to “port” Honeycomb to another device is to get the SDK emulator image running on it. If you have ever run the Nook Color builds of Honeycomb that were done this way, you’ll know that it gets you a “sort of” Honeycomb experience: it will be nice to look at, but don’t expect it to be very functional.

    Aside from a Gingerbread AOSP build, I wouldn’t bother until Ice Cream’s source drops and a proper tablet build can be done for it.

  16. I hit google shopping and OfficeMax, Bestbuy, and another big box electronics store have them in stock for $99.

    1. Did you actually call the stores? I have not found any stores that have them in stock in the western Chicago area.

  17. Those are better deals^^^^^


  18. bought a 16gb at B&N and my card was swiped, come on shipping email!!!

  19. I have searched google, best buy, b&n, target, walmart, frys, office max, office depot and amazon, out of stock

  20. Amazon sellers have them for $300 or more

  21. I placed an order at 8am and got an order confirmation. Placed a second order for 3 more tablets and got another confirmation email. Went back to check on the status later and one of my orders could not be processed. The other status says hasn’t been shipped. Plus b&n customer service refuses to answer the phones.

  22. HP is going to get another shipment so keep on your toes ppl. :)

  23. not sure how long this will last, but i just had my best buy business rep place an order for 3 of them for me… in the background you hear all the reps selling them though, better be quick! some guy bought 5,000 of them , who knows for what

  24. check erwin comp they have some for $129.00

  25. If you ordered a touchpad from BN and it got cancel, check out the link below, intresting feellings.

  26. I’ve been hurting so bad for a $99 Touch pad lol. I don’t’ care if WebOS is on it or Android. I just want a nice 99 dollar digital portfolio.

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