New Gingerbread Build Leaks for HTC Thunderbolt


Another build of the Gingerbread update for the HTC Thunderbolt has been making its rounds among the Android developer community. The latest Android 2.3 build goes by version number 2.10.605.1, a slight bump up from the intial build leaked earlier in the week. The necessary files and instructions are available over at XDA, but given the freshness of this leak you may want to wait until the community at large has a chance to dissect it a bit. Install-friendly ROMs will likely follow in short order.

[XDA via AndroidCentral]

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  1. What about official update?

  2. Yes, we’re getting closer!!

  3. I loaded this release and I have had NOT one issue. If we are so close then I doubt there is much of a diff between this and the “official” ver.

  4. downloaded now and it works great! I just dont understand what is taking Verizon so long to release send the OTA..

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