More Claims of Evidence Tampering in Samsung v. Apple Case


As Apple files its case against Samsung in the Netherlands, claims of tampered visual evidence are again making the rounds around the blogosphere. This time the Samsung Galaxy S looks to be the victim of resizing, making the phone appear more similar to the iPhone 3GS at first glance. While there are some striking visual similarities between the two smartphones, in reality the Galaxy S is both longer and wider than the iPhone.

Accusations of misleading visual evidence first arose with Apple’s suit in Germany over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a case based solely on the outward appearance of Samsung’s tablet in comparison to the iPad. The BBC reports that though evidence in the court filing appeared to be manipulated, the judge presiding over the case had a chance to examine both slates in person. The Netherlands case, however, is a bit more far reaching with Apple going after both the hardware and software designs.

Unlike the German case, Samsung had the opportunity to defend itself against Apple’s claims and pointed out a history of misleading evidence. The evidence in support of these claims apparently wasn’t enough to sway the court in Samsung’s favor. Though the misrepresentation of Samsung’s devices in these court filings do seem problematic, it is hard to determine the intentions of the visual evidence without context.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Psst. You posted about this already.

  2. How is this different then the earlier story?

  3. I bet the isheep WILL deny it. lol

  4. Wasn’t this just posted a few spots down?

  5. No they aren’t exactly the same. But they are so similar that its not even funny. All these fanboys talking about there is nothing similar to the design or the UI is just insane. The UI operates and looks exactly the way ios does. Bottom line, if you took an iphone and a Galaxy S to a person who had no idea what cell phones were, or who made them, they would definately think both phones were made by the same company. To people who know about the phones, of course they can see the difference, but to a complete stranger to the phone arena, they wouldn’t.

    1. Nice try Patrick.

      I am walking over to an older lady that works for my company, she has never owned a cell phone and doesn’t plan to. Using a friends SGS and an iPhone 3Gs. We’ll see just how smart you think you are.

    2. Looks like the results are in…

      The first question I decided to ask her is “At first glance, would you say that these devices are made by the same company?”

      Her reply “No not at all, you can completely tell a difference. Just like with a TV sure look similar in some ways, but it’s obvious they are made by different companies. It’s just like if you were to compare a Mac to a PC.”

      After that I asked her to compare the devices, and see what is similar or if it looks like one device copied the other.

      She said “All touch phones look the same for the most part” She then went on to point out how they both look a lot different after inspecting them closely. Here are a few points she made.

      – The icons look similar since they are both square
      – Both devices have rounded edges

      – Lock screen is completely different
      – Home screens look nothing a like
      – Much different in size
      – Build quality and feel is completely different

      1. So…….a lady at your job who in your words “has never owned a cell phone”……….said to you …….”All touch phones look the same for the most part”

        Ummm if she knows that m then obviously she has some knowledge of cell phones, or she wouldn’t have a clue what all touchscreen phones would do.

        Nice try, but FAIL

        1. Nice reply but if you haven’t noticed millions of people own touch screen devices. Even if you have little to no knowledge of phones you have seen a ton of people with something that has a touch screen.

          Not only that 90% of the people I work with own a device with a touch screen. Working in an environment like that you see them constantly, and have heard people talking about them.

          It may be best to use common sense before making such a vague statement.

        2. your an idiot really…dont worry everyone..dont answer Ipatrick…he doesnt want to hear the truth…he is the truth..lame

        3. He never said she didn’t have knowledge of cellphones just that she has never OWNED one. Nobody is completely clueless.

    3. You are correct in that the UI operates and looks exactly the same…. Except for that pesky application launcher in Android, oh and the notification pulldown bar and let us not forget widgets on the home screen. /sarcasm

      There is no similarity in the UI at all. The only similarity is the icons, which I highly doubt that Apple owns the patent on icons.

      1. Ok it doesn’t to you, it does to me. You want to be specific down to colors of icons and whatnot, im speaking in general terms. Rows of icons that swipe the same way, same transitions, icon dock etc….we can agree to disagree.

        1. So basically you are saying that the app drawer/launcher is identical to iOS. That totally makes the UI’s the same.

        2. How else are you going to display the selection of apps in a logical, easy to use/understand format? The grid (or list) is the easiest form to look at and organize by. Then there’s only so many ways you can differentiate your “grid” from someone else’s before they all start to look similar.
          And in response to your statement that a person unfamiliar with cell phones would believe both were made by the same company: bull. It’s kinda hard not to notice the Samsung logo on one phone, and the Apple logo on the other, since the suit is about the entire phone, not just the UI. Also, the notification bar on both phones looks completely different (signal strength, time, etc all in completely different places). It doesn’t take techies like us to see glaring differences…

        3. u arent well rounded in smartphones are you? one out of million couldnt found

        4. Icons can be made to look like anything take away the icons and where is your argument? All app drawers look a like unless some use a transparent one, FYI ALL APP ICONS ARE THE SAME SHAPE! Rows of icons are on literally every touch screen device. All of them swipe the same way except on Android we can change it to where the transitions have a 3D effect, some choose no effect so its standard. Most ppl can tell the difference between a 3GS and a SGS one main point is the bigger higher quality screen, the bottom soft keys as well.

    4. the guy actually conducted the very experiment that you outlined, and when the results came in and they were not what you wanted them to be, u discredit the very experiment that you wanted to conduct…..

      go to bed

      1. Actually he did not. Obviously she had enough knowledge to make about the phones to make a generalization that they are all the same when we know sense ui motogiz aosp are all different. So u might wanna speak when spoken too.

        1. an ass much?

        2. Oh please 6 year olds could tell whats not an apple product by looking at it. If you can then you have issues with your eyes.

    5. The app drawer is similar to the iOS home screen…lets think about that. The app drawer…thats only one aspect of the UI.

      Look at the settings areas for the GS….or any Android phone for that matter vs.iOS. iOS settings looks like OS X, Android doesnt.

      Show someone both phones with JUST the home screens and I bet they can tell the differences alot easier vs. having the GS app drawer open.

      Show someone both phones with the settings areas open and they will laugh in your face if you ask them can you tell the difference.

      2nd phone has the app drawer open ….3rd phone is the home screen. Somewhat shady move again by Apple if you ask me.

      Why compare a phone that’s using an aspect of the UI thats not gonna be open on a regular basis? I’m surprised no one really noticed all this until now…us in Android land shoulda been picked up on the size differences. the GS is 4″, GS 2 is 4.3″.

    6. Except the most glaring fault with your supposition of, “if you took an iphone and a Galaxy S to a person who had no idea what cell phones were, or who made them, they would definately think both phones were made by the same company”, is that one says SAMSUNG on the front, the other has an apple on the back.

      Now, call me crazy, but if Apple is really hinging this whole infringement case against Samsung on the fact that its (potential) consumers are THAT stupid, then people need to wake up and realize what they are to Apple: $$$. That’s it.

      it makes me sick to see Apple effectively cry like a baby because they think someone else’s phone looks sooo similar to theirs, that a veritable moron couldn’t tell them apart and might buy the other guy’s phone instead of the iPhone. Pathetic.

    7. you would have to be braindead if you didnt realize it..and yeah they arent the same…get your fanboy apple loving head out of your rump

    8. Are you kidding me in what way does it operate the same to get the same picture as the iPhone displays one has to enter the app drawer, its not freely displayed. The 1st picture on the left is the home screen of iOs and the picture on the end to the right is Samsungs homescreen. In no way are the end two pieces similar except for the fact that the 4 apps at the bottom stick. The visuals are not the same the back doesn’t even look the same, the feel of the two are completely different as the GS is light as can be.

    9. waooo, that means that Sony vaio and Compaq are same for the lay man, similarly asus and icer laptops are same for a stranger,,,,, now come on….apple can,t make this as a lawsuit point…..

  6. I think I hear an echo.

  7. Not a shocker. Seeing that the “Mac vs. PC” ads were based on lies, this is the next logical step for them.

    1. This changes everything! Oh, wait a minute… no it doesn’t…..

  8. I think Kevin is stalking Quentin. That’s twice this week he’s posted the same article as Quentin.

  9. Now we just need Chris Chavez to post this story as well. You know for good measure and all.

  10. You guys seriously need to read your own site before you post… This is getting rather old.

  11. These patent lawsuits that apple are filing are lame and without any type of basis, if they were indeed granted patents on a black rectangle and grid icons, then those at the patent offices should be shot, and why have we not seen this type of foolishness in other market, e.g monitors, televisions, cars and the like, i mean how much can these things be different and not be the same

  12. i hate iphone icons .they look fluffy and gay .apple products really are just toys .

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