Aug 18th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:11 pm

Awwww, look — it’s the new Blackberry 9803647 pretending to be “hip” and “new.” How cute. Today, RIM released this promo video of a launch party held in honor of their latest dumbphone, showing off the all new OS it will be running (yawn). The new Blackberry can run games! And message! And — wait — is that an Android device in the video? Either I stepped into the Twilight Zone where HTC is making the next Blackberry device or it seems RIM may have gotten a little confused with their own OS. In an attempt at displaying their new keyboard software (0:15 and 0:27), RIM somehow managed to mix up their Blackberry 9763545 with an HTC device (looks like an Incredible 2). I know, a small slip-up but funny none-the-less. Can’t say how long this video will remain up but back to the editing room, boys!

UPDATE: RIM pulled the video but not before my boy, @juanaguilar_45 was able to download. Here it is again:

Thanks, Denis!

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