RIM Mistakingly Shows Off HTC Device In New Blackberry Promo Video [Lawl]


Awwww, look — it’s the new Blackberry 9803647 pretending to be “hip” and “new.” How cute. Today, RIM released this promo video of a launch party held in honor of their latest dumbphone, showing off the all new OS it will be running (yawn). The new Blackberry can run games! And message! And — wait — is that an Android device in the video? Either I stepped into the Twilight Zone where HTC is making the next Blackberry device or it seems RIM may have gotten a little confused with their own OS. In an attempt at displaying their new keyboard software (0:15 and 0:27), RIM somehow managed to mix up their Blackberry 9763545 with an HTC device (looks like an Incredible 2). I know, a small slip-up but funny none-the-less. Can’t say how long this video will remain up but back to the editing room, boys!

UPDATE: RIM pulled the video but not before my boy, @juanaguilar_45 was able to download. Here it is again:

Thanks, Denis!

Chris Chavez
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  1. An HTC device with a Blackberry logo on the back?

    1. Exactly. I wonder how long this post will be up.

      1. @AJA0 and Mister_Eff
        Look at 0:15 and 0:27 in the video.

        Pause it.

        It’s an HTC phone with Sense UI and their Touch Input keyboard. You can also tell from the notification bar. =)

        1. Yep, an Incredible 2 or S. The bottom most left key is obviously the “home” button in the landscape alignment.

          1. You’ve got to be blind not to notice all of that.

          2. Yea Blackberry’s have the green call button where that “home” button is.

    2. Because they totally rotated this phone around 360 degrees to show the back with a Blackberry logo.

      Someone doesn’t understand video editing and cutting. Just because all these phones are in the same video, doesn’t mean they are all the same phone.

  2. “Playing sub the new…Blackberry phone with an Android during the promo shoot” lol

  3. HaTaCBerry Touch 99OOPS … sweet. I wonder if it can run android apps natively like the HoneyComb Playbook..catch that one

  4. I bet all of those people were paid actors. Must’ve been paid a lot considering how enthusiastic they sounded about Blackberry products

    1. Absolutely!!! It’s sad they have to pay people to pretend to like RIM.

  5. This is hilarious.

  6. It looks like an iphone & i saw at least a dozen patent infringments!!!! Let the lawsuits begin!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!

    1. Nah, Apple only sues companies that it’s threatened by…(aka, companies that are making money)..;-)

  7. Gotta love the schmucks in middle management.

  8. has the video been pulled?

    1. Yup, but we got it back up. Muahahaha! >:D

  9. Biggest fail ever! You can see it’s gingerbread!

    1. Or maybe biggest win for Android? lol

    2. no you can’t

  10. LOL clearly RIM has no idea what they are doing.

  11. You can also notice that it’s missing the middle square button from the featured black berry !

  12. how do we get that incredible s keyboard on the sensation? I’d give up my trace option for those arrow keys!!!

  13. Lol @ Dinc2 free promo.

  14. mistakenly…. no such word as mistakingly

    1. “Phandroid Mistakenly Uses Mistakingly in Headline”

    2. No such word as “mistakingly?” You sure about that?

    3. Did you just Mistakingly use Mistakenly?

  15. Chris, i love your articles usually but this one was a little too…biased. I almost thought i was on engadget for a moment.

    and oh my. poor Rim

    1. Although I appreciate MOST OS’s (Android, iOS, WP7, WebOS), if there’s one that’s really behind the times (like still in ’05) it’s Blackberry’s.

      More than anything I feel sorry for the guy who edited this video. It’s not really his job to know ALL the differences between Blackberry and Android. He just needed to make a video of people playing with teh phonez and that’s what he did. Sucks that he got an Android in there though =/

  16. @ 0.21 into the video you can see it say Telus TFC02-Clean 3G and I see a blackberry icon. Has anyone considered that this might be a blackberry running android?

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