Gingerbread Goes Grandiose with Mobiado’s Grand Touch Luxury Handsets


By this point, we are fairly used to luxury brands producing Android handsets here and there, though exorbitant price tags are typically meshed with specs that you might find on last year’s mid-range handsets. For all the diamonds, leather, and gold plating its hard to imagine even multi-billionaires throwing money at these devices. Enter Mabiado, a company familiar with the luxury cell phone but new to the luxury smartphone. The handset they have managed to produce for once sounds like an appealing blend of luxury and function, but if Grand Touch series’ specs at all sound familiar chalk it up to a clever ruse on Mobiado’s part.

It appears they have simply taken an order of Nexus S handsets and outfitted them in precious metals and other pricey embellishments. The Grand Touch CNC is made of precision machined solid aircraft aluminum. The Grand Touch GCB is outfitted in 24k gold. Both feature their fair share of sapphire crystal accents. Both also feature a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 16GB of internal storage and run Android Gingerbread. Looking at the renders of the handset, there is no mistaking Mobiado’s starting point.

And how much might you spend for such a well-dressed Nexus S? Mobiado has declined to name the price outright, but we wouldn’t worry about it. This one is well out of your budget.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. looks nice, but they should have waited for nexus prime

  2. The outer design looks pretty good and it’s different. Once I get my DIY CNC machine all built and working, I want to try and make my own machined aluminum phone, well the casing.

  3. now if Nokia could have some android devices and make a “luxury line” like the 8000 series…

  4. What the hell is wrong with this guy making phones out of gold? No one cant afford it unless you re a millionair

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