Free at Last: HTC EVO 3D Bootloader Now Unlockable


HTC has (literally) green-lit the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint to have its bootloader unlocked, changing its status on the HTCDev site to match that of the Euro HTC Sensation (which saw its bootloader open to unlocking last week). The news ends a long period of back and forth between Android developers and HTC as the former pushed for the latter to loosen the reigns on their software, allowing for easier manipulation and modding. Of the three handsets promised to receive an unlocked bootloader, the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G is the remaining device still under lock and key.

[via HTCDev]

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  1. It is unlockable, yes (I successfully completed the process earlier)….but as I can’t flash Team Win nor CWM’s recovery this is of little help to me.

    1. So it S-Off’s the device but can’t flash a custom recovery??????

      1. It marks the bootloader as unlocked with s-on.

        You read that right, I am not making it up.

  2. I’m confused. Is this a method to mimic the HTC-sanctioned unlocking or simply letting us know we can use HTC’s instructions to void the warranty?

  3. Basically it gives you Su access but no bootloader access to flash a custom recovery……so its worthless

  4. If what ya’ll are saying is true it sounds like they didn’t bother disabling the write protection on partitions such as recovery. Which as said makes the whole ordeal, especially the voiding of warranty, totally pointless.

  5. OH MOTOROLA??? Are you listening?

  6. HTC you’re a bunch of morons for doing it this way. Did you not expect a bunch of flame to come about when your method or rooting essentially achieves nothing??

  7. Who in their right mind would use this method?

    1. I sure didnt. And i have no idea who would choose this incomplete method over complete root via revolutionary

  8. Glad I opted for the community unlock. This sounds like a pile of

  9. so how do you unlock your phone?

  10. Dear all,

    where can i DL the recovery image?

  11. I just would like to dump the bloatware.

  12. I, for one, am fine with HTC not unlocking their Bootloader especially for sprint. Once hordes of wanna be freeloaders start loading up custom roms and highjacking their 4g connections using tethering, you can bet your ass that Sprint will change it’s unlimited policy and policy toward tethered data.

    As long as talented people are behind the scenes unlocking bootloaders by way of exploits, I can’t complain. Flashing roms and recoveries are for people that take the time to research their options, understand how their phone works and what they are getting themselves into by going this route. If flashing recoveries and unlocking bootloaders was public knowledge, could you imagine how many idiots would be taking their bricked phones into sprint stores demanding refunds, or flooding useful message boards with complaints like “YOUR ROM SUCKZ, BOO! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING AND EXPECT INSTENT GRATIFUCATION TELL ME HOW TO FLASH YOUR ROM!”

    I have been a lurker on XDA and many other developer forums for android an other platforms and I am quite aware how people act. I say leave the complex stuff to those willing to take the time to research and understand it

  13. woooo ! want oneeeeeeee !

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