Verizon Wireless Offering $100 Gift Card and an Early Upgrade to Their Feature Phone Customers Looking to Go “Smart”


If you are one of many of our readers still rocking a feature phone but scoping out smartphones for a future upgrade – and you just happen to be a customer of Big Red’s – something good’s coming your way sometime soon.

According to leaked documents, Verizon is set to offer a promotional trade in program that’ll allow those described above to get their upgrade early (if they aren’t already eligible) in order to step up to a smartphone. Signing a new two year agreement is required, of course, and doing all of this will get you a $100 “Verizon Wireless Gift Card” to partially offset the cost of whatever phone you choose.

The way it’s worded, it sounds like this one can only be used in Verizon stores. The leaked documents say the promotion is to increase smartphone take rate AND accessory take rate. What’s more is that you’ll need to use it at a Verizon Wireless corporate location – not even their authorized resellers can take the card. Unless you can find someone to buy your gift card for cash you’ll have to stock up on a nice collection of accessories to go with your phone that you might not want or need otherwise.

Once you upgrade, you’ll be given a pin number to access their trade-in site that’ll instruct you on how to mail your phone in to receive the gift card. You’ve got 30 days to mail it in from there. Things are said to start August 18th and go on until September 30th, more than enough time to allow the DROID Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy S II to make their way to the carrier. [PhoneArena]

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  1. This just tells me that VZW makes bank on data package charges.

  2. Ogcourse they do over the 24 months contracts. That is why they no longer offer yearly contracts. Being with one of the big 4 is like going to a casino…house wins 80% of the time or they wouldnt be as big as they are…Think about that

  3. Dont fall for it ppl! Wait for Tue next generation! Its coming soon. You don’t wanna be l:coed in that contract.

  4. Very cool. My wife and I will both take advantage of this! :-)

  5. smartphones. Because of this, there are no decent dumb phones anymore.

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