Motorola Competitors Comment on Google’s Acquisition; Everyone Approves


Wondering how the likes of HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG and Samsung would respond to today’s news of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility? Take a look at the quotes from Presidents and CEOs of each respective company below.

“We welcome today’s news, which demonstrates Google’s deep commitment to defending Android, its partners, and the ecosystem.”

– J.K. Shin
President, Samsung, Mobile Communications Division

“I welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.”

– Bert Nordberg
President & CEO, Sony Ericsson

“We welcome the news of today‘s acquisition, which demonstrates that Google is deeply committed to defending Android, its partners, and the entire ecosystem.”

– Peter Chou
CEO, HTC Corp.

“We welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.”

– Jong-Seok Park, Ph.D
President & CEO, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company

Just as Google stated, this acquisition is about protecting Android and it does not negatively affect the ecosystem for other OEMs. They all seem to approve of the deal and that’s all anyone can ask for.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This has been done for no other reason than to file patent suits against crApple and MicroSuck.

    1. Looking at Google history, it’s probably to stop crApple an MS’s suits againts Android partners. They’d rather spend their money into R&D than tying up the DOJ.

      1. While I agree with you about what Google might _rather_ be doing, that doesn’t change the fact that it may be necessary to “waste” time and money pulling the trigger on actual patent counter suits. The threat is meaningless unless Google is willing to follow through. It also serves to deter future patent trolls. And yes, Apple and Microsoft are at this point shifting into becoming patent trolls rather than innovators. (Not that Microsoft ever was an innovator.)

        1. Windows definitively never changed or defined anything…

          1. Are you even aware of what Windows 3.11 was like compared to its comparison operating systems? Let alone 95. 95 and the line down were buggy as hell but you can’t say that they didn’t innovate. They don’t anylonger. Which is the problem. When your the little guy with a superior product you gain a lot of steam if you market it right and sometimes you find yourself the leader of a revolution.

            In the end the leaders of the revolution must then rule and then they become the problem…. Its time for another revolution.

    2. I cant wait to see the 180 of basement android fanboy nerds when they see Google start using patents to bully other companies.

      1. I only see Google sueing others, when its a counter-sue
        I imagine situations where apple/MS sue android, google sues apple/MS they reach an agreement….do this long enough and they either all use every patent of the others or they don’t infringe anymore because they don’t like the idea of the agreements

        I can already here the first iSheeps and Msfanboys scream their lungs out when Google files its first case (even if it was to act as a counter suit to eventually come to an agreement)

      2. You are quick to point out basement Android fanboy nerds on most of your posts here on Phandroid. In reality you are the biggest basement fanboy nerd of them all, you have the most post than anybody here. So what is it…are you a fanboy of Android or Apple? It’s time you choose because Google is only going to get stronger and clinch down on the No. 1 OS in the world.

        1. “it’s time you choose…”

          LOL this is exactly the mentality that makes you a fanboy. I don’t have to root for one team.

          1. LOL…hahaha!!! For God shakes don’t you realize where you are posting, hello….ANDROID FAN SITE, hence “Phandroid” site! You would have an argument if this was like CNN or other than a specific fan site.

            I have never denied that I’m not a Google enthusiast or what it is known as “Fanboy”and I’ll be quick to admit that I’m one. You on the other hand, are what people call “Closet Fanboy”! You are always calling everybody else one, but fail to realize you are the biggest one of all.

          2. “LOL…hahaha!!! For God shakes don’t you realize where you are posting, hello….ANDROID FAN SITE, hence “Phandroid” site! You would have an argument if this was like CNN or other than a specific fan site.”

            Thank You!!! I swear I dont understand some ppl. I just browse Apple, iPhone sites, but have never joined. Cuz I know my views would be in the minority and I would be seen as a troll cuz most of my posts would be against Apple.

      3. And you say you’re not a troll…….lol

        Perfect example….someone basically said the EXACT SAME THING you said….but in a different way on another site.

        Like with some…no most things in life: “Its not what you say…its how you say it” Ever heard that saying before?

        You try to hide your trollish ways behind your Nexus S. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      4. If Google does that, of course we will flame them for us. Competing through litigation instead of innovation is disgusting, it doesn’t matter who does it.

        It would be messed up if Google fans DIDN’T pull a 180 in that case.

    3. Business doesn’t work the way you think it does.

      Google doesn’t want to file patent suits (hardly any company does — it’s very, very expensive). Google wants to have a retort for patent suits against itself and its partners. When Apple comes around asking for $10 per Android phone sold because of a patent it holds on X, Google can now say, “Sure, and we’ll need $10 per iPhone sold for our patent on Y.”

      It’s a defensive move (as can easily be seen in the comments by Google partners).

  2. All 4 just happened to say almost the exact same thing. Can they make it sound any more like canned prewritten statements most likely prepared for them by an intern at Googe on the condition that they release this statement or stop using Android?

    1. It could very well be that Google communicated with its OEM partners immediately after* going public with the news. Those communications could have had “hints” that are “quotes” from Google execs about how this is good for partners. Such wordings can be written with the intent that they will be almost copied verbatim. Google could assure its partners . . . blah blah blah, etc.

      *after — followed by the smallest unit of time known to modern physics which is defined as the time between the light turning green and a Boston cab driver behind you honking the horn.

      1. Google informed them well in advance. Even if not formally, informally. google’s next move is to have a uniform launch of devices with the same OS version.
        One OS. One platform. One Unified OEM team. It is a brilliant tactical move. Your move Apple. Lets see who they acquire. Wonder who’s left.
        Starts with R, rhymes with HIM

    2. Corporate mouthpieces all say pretty much the same thing. Not surprising.

    3. Almost? HTC’s and Samsung’s quotes are exactly the same!

  3. I defend this article, its writers, and its entire website.

    1. lmao

    2. I welcome Eric’s commitment to defending this article, its writers, and the entire Phandroid ecosystem.

  4. It does all sound pre-written. But whatever… I’m enjoying this news, even though I’m a Samsung guy.

  5. WIN! where’s iKing?

    1. Busy comforting the faithful? Drying their tears? Preaching a comforting message of reassurance?

      What? 17,000 patents, including patents on basic GSM technology? Nah, nothing to worry about here. Ignore that oncoming train. Please resume your arrogance and smugly continue using your iPads to troll in Android forums.

  6. LOL good move Google, now….where are the Steve’s hiding, Google’s litigation finger is itchy …

  7. Wow, sound similar much?

  8. This is pretty awesome IMO.

  9. I have to think that this isn’t ONLY about patents even if it is primarily. I’m sure Moto’s patent library could have been had for cheaper than 12 billion dollars. I’m sure Andy Rubin is going to be able to realize a lot of ideas having direct control of an OEM in the mid-to-long term

  10. The enemy of our enemy is our friend.

  11. Why do I have the same feeling that I had when I watched X-Men First Class?

  12. Wow. All these “welcomes”. Deja vu.
    Welcome, IBM. Seriously.

    1. PR is as PR does… not sure what you expected from them?

  13. Google just “zuned” all their hardware partners.
    What happened to “don’t be evil”?

    1. Go on, try explaining yourself on that one :)

      1. They built a platform and asked others to build hardware on it.
        They actively recruited and nurtured the partners.

        Then they started turning out their own hardware.

        In the medium-to-long term I think it will be very difficult for these manufacturers to stay with the Android platform.

        1. you’re missing the key point here that Google’s buying the division for their patents.

          They’re not a hardware company. They’ve been caught out with patents. This is their ‘kneejerk’ reaction to the Rockstar group’s efforts to clamp down on android success.

          They’ve also stated that the companies used to bidding for nexus devices are fine for bidding again.

        2. It almost feels like you didn’t read the original post.

          allow me to help you

          1. So let me get this right. Google is not going to produce and market phones in direct competition with their Android partners? Because that’s what the original post sounded like to me.

            Sure. Google bought it for the patents. But they didn’t say they were spinning off the hardware business.

            I’d sure hate to be one of those partners right now. The creepy “We welcome…” comments from the leading partners only confirms that this is trouble. It’s the end of an open platform in all but name.

  14. Now, how would apple think about this?

  15. I had no doubt that the rest of the OEM’s would be happy and jump on board of this.

  16. I was kinda like why Motorola and not HTC but nothing bad can come out of this.

  17. If people think Google did this move to screw the other manufacturers. You guys are silly. Android is free. Google make money off advertisement and the market. The more phones/tablets that are produce is a benefit to Google.

  18. .
    two words – IRIDIUM SATELLITES

    Google is now in the Satellite business
    and it has lots of good mobile patents

    Things could get interesting

  19. Now I’m just waiting for the iObject to come out of apples corner.

  20. Google probably did the smart thing and spoke to all of these CEOs before making the announcement. I’m sure they promised Android it self would remain open and that it was done for the patent war

    1. They probably had to sign certain contracts as well behind the scenes to guarantee that Android would remain open and that support would be provided. If not then this is a terrible deal for the other OEMs.

      1. I would guess there is some behind the scenes mutual patent defense agreement for OHA members

  21. Google has motorola handsets, has android Os, has been experimenting with internet connections (the topeka/google state contest) and has Google voice

    No room for 3rd parties in the Google world (unless you are building apps or about to be bought by Google)

    Clarification: As long has Google has competition, I don’t mind this at all, actually I welcome such tight integration between all google products…but ONLY when there is decent competition such as apple…else it gets scary

    I wonder when we will hear the news of the first town/village that Google will be building for its “employees”

    Sign: “You are now entering Googopolis, population: people with brains”

    -All cars will be automated like the prototypes google has driving around today
    -All houses will be fully automated with Android@home protocols
    -All electronics will run Android or Chrome OS (or a merger of the 2)
    -TV shows will be converted to google tv apps or youtube videos
    -Robots, with tablet for faces will walk your google-dogs
    -The internet will die as we know it, since all the good stuff will be posted on either, google news, youtube, google docs, Google+ or picasa
    -Not having a google account means you can’t do anything, since all financial transactions use the Google wallet and nfc chips embedded in your right hand
    -EVERYTHING you do is recorded in the Google Cloud
    -When the server experiences its 0.00001% chance breakdown….the world…as we know it….will cease to exist….As Apple will finally rise again….Rise of the Planet of the Sheep

    1. Sounds like SyFy’s ‘Eureka’.

  22. This is a great Monday for me to wake up to, thank you Google.

    Take that CrApple and pMS!!!

  23. Awesome. This proves android is here to stay.

  24. Hopefully this means I can finally get a high-end, stock Android phone on Verizon. I’ve been motoblurred/sensed/touchwiz’d to death.

  25. Wow! Sounds a lot like talking points. Now Google is telling is “partners” what to say. I sure hope the “don’t be evil” is not being forgotten.

    A few years ago Google purchased another company with a product I use daily. Their takeover, was mixed bag, and their control changed the focus of the product. In addition, the product had the best forum/message board group I have ever come across. Google shut it down and forced everyone over to Google groups. That experience was awful, and the complaints were unanimous. They essentially scattered to the 4 winds an international collection of the most experienced and knowledgeable people. I even got a sort of apology letter from the Google employee charged with the change acknowledging this. Eventually, users from the old closed site started their own forum and it is so much better.

    That said, I’ve been a fan of Moto since the first time I used one of their walkies in the late ’80s. Unbelievable quality! Though it’s had it’s glitches my D2G is so solid. I dropped it so many times and it soldiers on. In my life I have no allegiance to any brand, but if I find your product is good, I’ll give you a chance on my next purchase. In my feature phone days I switched from Moto to Samsung (price reasons) and then to LG. The LG was spectacular, the Samsung was not. Most of my Samsung products have been mediocre at best. All my LG have been great. These are MY experiences, for others of you it might be different. I have been soured on Samsung and barely gave the Charge a glance. Didn’t appeal to me visually either. I’m looking forward to LG producing a smartphone to entice me. But at present Moto and HTC are my favorites.

  26. YES!! Oh my google!! Some person way in the distant past said Android was about to go down when MS. Loser and that rotten APPLE bought all those patents from Nortel I think the company was.

    This is a great change. Heh heh… Now all I’m waiting to here is “Google buys Tmo” and I’m going to kry.

    1. they would have to buy AT&T-mo

  27. Makes sense. Even ignoring the patents in a defensive way(which will be a large score and I hope Google is able to help out companies such as B&N in their cases) Moto had made plans to start suing other android OEMs. The patent wars have been rough enough on android, an internal war between OEMs could have self destructive results.

  28. Should have bought Palm last year.

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