HD Display Coming Soon to a Handset Near You? Devices Rumored from Samsung, LG, and HTC


According to numerous rumors popping up around the web, we can expect the next wave of Android handsets to feature displays with higher resolutions than ever before, crossing over into true HD territory for the first time. Devices from at least three manufacturers have been linked to rumors of such high-resolution touchscreens, including the HTC Vigor, LG Revolution 2, and two rumored handsets from Samsung.

The HTC Vigor is said to sport a 4.3-inch, 720p HD display on top of a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. It should feature Android 2.3.4 with a revamped HTC Sense 3.5, which we first heard of in conjunction with the HTC Bliss. The device is slated for Verizon and for the most part will read as an updated Thunderbolt. It will be joined on Big Red’s airwaves by the LG Revolution 2, a second-generation handset that looks to make a bigger splash than the original with a 4.5-inch HD display coupled with VZW’s 4G LTE network.

In Samsung’s camp, a leaked roadmap is suggesting two devices will showcase HD resolutions in conjunction with Super AMOLED Plus technology. One will be the almost-tablet-sized Samsung GT-I9220, which is said to rock a 720p HD 5.29-inch display, a 1.4GHz dual-core CPU, 8MP camera, and Android Gingerbread. But the one that piques our interest most is the Samsung GT-I9250. Its 4.65-inch touchscreen will run at a 720p HD resolution, though we are more interested in the rumored Ice Cream Sandwich operating system said to be shipping on the device.

We see no reason why these rumors wouldn’t pan out based on the way smartphone tech has been constantly progressing over the past couple of years, though whether or not we see these types of devices this fall is another questions entirely. Take the above information for what you will, but take it with a grain of salt, as we all too often say.

[via Android and Me, DroidLife]

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  1. Now the question is: LG Thrill or no LG Thrill?

  2. the next market is video streaming/on-demand services for the mobile market, he who gets there first will have a very large pay day.

    1. i should add that NFC is still considered to be a year away before retailers implement it, the “now” is the video on demand services. IMO at least

    2. I don’t completely agree – I think mobile media streaming (TV/Movies) is a nice to have, but I can’t see it redefining/revolutionizing the category. I think entertainment will stay primarily in-home, IMO, whether it’s via computer, tablet, TV, game-console is up for debate. If you’re talking about Music streaming, we’re already there with Pandora/Spotify, etc.

      I think improved and increased functionality and innovation will continue to drive the mobile category forward, for example: True 4G speeds, NFC payment.

      I think having media streaming capabilities is definitely a selling point, and a big value add but I don’t see it as the next big thing for mobile. For the content providers (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) absolutely.

    3. Netflix already does this, as does Hulu+. The problem is not the streaming itself. Why have streaming content if you’re only going to be allowed to watch 1 or 2 shows/movies before blowing through your data cap? Either they’re going to have to find a new way to compress data for streaming (to allow more of it) or the carriers are going to need to allow more throughput. Neither of which, at this point, I’d be holding my breath for.

      But then again, IF wi-fi was bit more expansive, some of this wouldn’t be an issue.

    4. Try watching a movie on a high /fast Android phone without resting it on an ice pack, to prevent it from heating up!!

  3. Samsung GT-I9250 = Nexus Prime???

    1. I definitely hope so!

    2. Possibly, but 4.65 inches is too big.

      1. Without a huge bezel I’m betting they could make it the same size if not a little larger than the Nexus S.

        Which is the perfect size, hell I would even like it bigger.

        1. And if it doesn’t have any physical buttons on the front, that will help with the size of it too. I think this just might be perfect.

        2. Thats what she said

        3. The Nexus S is 124×63 mm. A 4.65″ 1280×720 screen would fit this form factor, but the width for bezels is pretty small, 10.5 mm top and bottom which is doable without buttons, but the side bezels are only 2 mm which, though I’ve seen photo shopped edge to edge display phones, I don’t know how realistic the concept is. A little wider (say 67 mm) and we can get to the iPhone 4 bezel of 4.5 mm.

          4.5″ is prob a better size, but 4.6, 4.7 will also work. Heck, if they can get edge to edge display tech to work, then 5″ or even a bit more becomes quite pocketable.

          I’m psyched – I’m all over the big (> 4.3) high res screen concept. Can’t wait.

    3. Definitely seems it. Can’t wait, although VZW roadmap doesn’t seem to mention it (which can potentially be upsetting).

  4. What’s up with HTC?? Didn’t they just release 2 high end phones? Those @holes seriosly needs to slow down. I don’t care if they dont have the newest and best device but i know for a fact that HTC doesn’t give a Fk about their “old” phones once they release new ones(every week). Why can’t they update HTC sense for their current devices? Why doesn’t Sensation and Evo 3D got android 2.3.4< ? THANK GOD i bought Galaxy SII. I feel sorry for my bro who bought Sensation… I feel sorry for him. HTC UPDATE your phones!!

    1. because there is no real different between the two. 2.3.4 has google voice integration. But you get already get the Google voice app in the market place with 2.3.3.

    2. You want them to slow down? Enjoy your sg2 because it really is a badass phone, but don’t get mad and show your ass because better phones are coming out. These companies are making billions off of people like you who always have to have the best.

  5. I smell nexus 3

  6. So when does everyone think Ice-Cream Sandwich will be released? I might get a new phone in about 6 weeks. I’d go with the Galaxy S II, but could wait a little longer for something even more awesome from Samsung.

  7. By the time a phone actually worthy of extending one of my line’s contracts, they will both be ready to upgrade. I’ll be in this boat all over again.

  8. Hell, man, Apple just shipped me a new iPad and a hundred dollar bill stuck in the bottom of the box! All for free!!1!

  9. i dont see the love affair with wanting a phone with a screen larger than 4.3″. optimally, 4″ would be my choice, but 5.29″? 4.63?

    wtf?! Just get a tablet…

  10. Droid X resolution is 854×480 = 409,920 pixels

    iPhone 4 resolution is 960×540 = 518,400 pixels

    720p HD resolution (the one that will be standard on the future phones) is 1280×720 = 921,600 pixels

    Full 1080p HD resolution is 1920×1080 = 2073600 pixels

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