Google Videos Updated with Froyo and Gingerbread Support


Back at Google I/O, when Google Videos was still known as Google Movies, the video rental service was announced for Android device running OS version 2.2 or higher. Videos made its way to Honeycomb tablets but has been missing from smartphones. A new update available in the Android Market changes all that. Froyo and Gingerbread devices are now supported by the app, enabling all the Android Market rentals your little heart could desire (not that your wallet could afford that). For those already running the app on your tablets, you will want to grab the update for a few minor bug fixes. Have at it.

Android Market Link: Google Videos 

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  1. No mention if it works on rooted phones? I’m guessing it doesn’t since it won’t work on rooted tablets.

  2. Comments in market suggest it does not support rooted phones, which is BS on Google’s part.

    1. Probably something they had to agree to in order to get the license deal from the studios.

  3. Stop this US-only BS already!!!!

    -Google voice
    -Music Beta
    -paid Movies
    -paid Books

    and now Google videos?

    (I am sure I am forgetting more US only services)

    1. Google Music is not US only except for the invite part of it.

      1. Well, when I go to the site I get the message “We’re sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States” Maybe there’s a workaround with invites… but for the majority of people it’ simply not available.

  4. I have the galaxy tab 10.1, and google videos will not load on my device. My DROIDX now has 4 movie choices but zero for my tablet. Very frustrating, unless I am doing wrong.

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