Dell: It’s Been a Great Ride, Dell Streak 5 Discontinued


Dell has announced through a special landing page on their website that their original Android device that blurred the line between tablet and phone has reached its end of life. “[The] Streak 5 is now longer available,” reads the page’s headline. An image of a forward-looking beauty in car is accompanied by the text “Goodbye, Streak 5. It’s been a good ride.” Stop it, Dell, you’re getting me all teary eyed. The Streak 5 is survived by the Dell Streak 7 and the Dell Streak 10 Pro, which is still awaiting its release here in the US. Post your condolences for the Streak 5 in the comments below.

[via Dell]

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  1. Good phone for the most part…won’t buy another Dell that’s for sure. They have a lot to learn if they’re going to survive in the mobile world.

    1. Agreed I have one and like it but the standard rom makes the touch screen act like crap and the camera is awful. That said I still think its a good phone. Good giant phone. It’s not a tablet.

  2. goodbye awkwardly giant phone….

  3. Dell makes phones?

  4. Go fuck yourself

  5. At least it had some nice build quality. If only the camera & software could have been better. Tisk tisk

  6. They should make it a stronger/faster phone and just use straight android.

  7. I owe a “Japanese” streak, being discontinued doesn’t really worry me, it makes it more unique…. it’s the perfect phone for me, and in combination with the mugen 4800 battery it’s so much more than just a phone. Thanks Dell for having the guts to make something this original, a Dutch proverb states that “what the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t dare to eat”

  8. Too bad this device never really took off.

  9. I have it, would buy it again, and developed a ton for it. It is still alive in many other countries around the world: France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines, United Kingdom.

    So no worries! I wrote an article about it in more detail: http://www.unlockstreak.com/blogs/news/3795932-dell-streak-is-not-dead

  10. Stealth 5 was the size of phone I wanted because I’m not a skinny Asian school girl, however:
    T-mo did not and still has not stepped up to the plate and provided 3G/4G service closer than a 160 mile radius of where I live. ATT & Sprint just started 3G. Stealth 5 needed to be on Verizon in this city.
    I also wanted a 5-row, physical QWERTY keyboard with the Stealth 5.
    The Stealth 7 and similiar items are too large to be considered mobile items per my way of thinking. Displays of 4-inches are too small for my use.
    What will replace the Stealth 5? I’m still looking while my dumb phone costs me $100 per year.

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