AT&T Says No LTE Handsets Until Late 2011


AT&T’s senior vice president of mobility and consumer marketing has mentioned that they will not be offering LTE handsets until late 2011. Starting out, they will only offer laptop dongles and mobile wifi hotspots, just as every carrier has done in launching their new 4G networks. The launch is on schedule for this summer still, but they will only start out in five markets (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio) and there’s no telling how fast expansion will be. We didn’t expect AT&T to launch phones right away so this doesn’t bum as at all. In actuality, we’re rather pleased at how quickly we’ll see LTE handsets after the network launches. In the meantime, AT&T says it will continue to improve their 3G network while LTE phones mature enough for primetime. [via PhoneScoop]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nexus Prime to start it off?

    1. I hope not. That’s a long wait.

      Nexus Prime should launch in October with Ice Cream Sandwich. I don’t expect an LTE device until January.

      1. However, the new Nexus has consistently been rumored to have LTE.

        1. Verizon. ;)

          1. I would prefer Verizon if I had a choice. My company uses At&t. It’s ok. However, Verizon has yet to sell a Nexus phone. At&t, T-Mobile and even Sprint have picked up the brand. Google needs to push the Nexus series hard to all carriers. All this criticism about fragmentation is getting old. ICS needs to show consumers what the stock Android experience is all about. I fully expect the UI to be astonishing. All things considered, a late October release would equate to a late 2011 release date in my book. Here’s to hoping all major carriers flaunt the Nexus Prime!

          2. In my dreams ;-) but that’s the point right? I just don’t see Big Red EVER offering up a Nexus phone as it takes all their control away from them. I hope I’m wrong cause I’ll upgrade day 1 even at full cost.

  2. my only issue with the nexus prime talk is this, there is not a single ounce of proof that the phone actually exist. I do think that the Nexus S was just a bridge phone from the nexus one to whatever the next nexus is. The S, while having the same clock speed, does have superior hardware to the N1, but it isn’t a bar setter like the original Nexus.

  3. so, that means a 3G only SGS2 (Attain)? that sucks. I just hope when ever ATT rolls out their 4G, its better than their 3G. its soooo spotty. (at least in Phoenix, coverage sucks)

    1. Isn’t AT&T already calling their HSPA+ 4G anyway? So Attain with 21Mbps HSPA+ is definitely 4G phone by their standard. No big deal.

      1. Ill buy that, I could care less what “G” they call it, 21mbps is fantasitc, although I find it to be a dubious claim with any sort of network load. I was mostly referring to ATT’s network coverage in general, or lack thereof.

        1. yeah. LTE is whole new 4G technology and it will take years to get anywhere close to their current 3G/3.5G (HSPA/HSPA+) coverage.
          It’s different story on verizon though as their CDMA 3G speed is quite slower than LTE.

  4. That means iphone 5 is not getting it on at&t;)

    1. yeah, that’s a huge blow to the Apple crowd. There next (amazing, magical, world changing) phone is already a year behind the competition, and it isn’t even out yet….

      Clearly Apple didn’t understand that speed wouldn’t be a focus on their data-centric/heavy device. tsk tsk.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but does AT&T even have a 4G network?

  6. Hey I got a great idea for AT&T… How about you actually go ahead & deploy your 3G nationwide & THEN worry about your HSPA+ or LTE or 4G or 5G service that isn’t what is advertised to begin with. After the debacle you made of the Cingular & Bellsouth purchases (I was a customer at both), you really need to get your act together. My hometown is still waiting on your 3G two years after Verizon has it here. But don’t worry we switched to Verizon to help you out with your network capacity issues.

    1. Clearly, you don’t know what you’re talking about. AT&T didn’t buy Cingular. Cingular was co-owned by Bellsouth and SBC. Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, which was an independent company separate from AT&T.

      SBC bought the original AT&T and renamed themselves, not the other way around. They didn’t need to buy Cingular because they already owned it. They then bought BellSouth and became sole owners of Cingular, which they rebranded as AT&T Mobility.

      1. Allow me to stand corrected good sir. Perhaps my internet knowledge isn’t as grand as yours.

        I notice you didn’t dispute anything else I said though. So I guess I’m not too far off the mark am I?

  7. so what. i live 35 miles away from the nearest 3G signal.

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