NVIDIA Dual-Core Blowout: 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest [PART 5]


Can you believe we’ve already given away FOUR Android devices in  4 weeks, all powered by NVIDIA’s lightning fast Tegra 2 Dual-Core processor? Time flies when you’re having dual-core fun and guess what? We’re not finished!

This week we’ve got a super sick collection of stuff to giveaway… but it’ll all go to one lucky winner.

First up we’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (the world’s thinnest tablet) which is powered by – you guessed it – an NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core Processor. In May we got our first look at the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and shortly after published our Galaxy Tab 10.1 review. It’s safe to say that Tegra definitely helps the Galaxy Tab 10.1 work wonders.

Our friends at NVIDIA didn’t stop there: while their Tegra processors help add visual perfection to the Galaxy Tab, they’ve sent us a JAMBOX by JAWBONE so that our winner has an equally awesome audio experience. The JAMBOX is ridiculously small but emits incredibly high quality sound that you can really crank up. The JAMBOX might have the best combination of size and sound quality on the planet.

So now you’ve got the Tegra powered Galaxy Tab 10.1 – the slimmest tablet on the planet with a stunning display. You’ve also got the JAMBOX – the smallest speaker with the best sound. Now all you need is some great content to use on your device. For that, NVIDIA is hooking you up with a $25 AMEX Gift Card for use in Tegra Zone.

If you’re not familiar with Tegra Zone, you’re probably missing out. Tegra Zone is NVIDIA’s special game store where the world’s top developers have optimized their games for Tegra devices like the Galaxy Tab. Familiar games like Fruit Ninja and some of my favorites – Backbreaker and Riptide – really shine in terms of performance and graphics.

Gaming is probably my FAVORITE use of tablets and as you probably know, NVIDIA has a long and history of taking gaming devices to the next level with their processors. Download some games from Tegra Zone and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

And now… for the contest nitty gritty!

This week we’re giving away:

  • The Tegra powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!
  • $25 Gift Card for Tegra Zone Games!


  • If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, what would it be and why?
  • Answer the above question in the form of a comment on this post
  • We’ll select one clever/witty/funny comment as our winner
  • You may only enter ONCE
  • If there are a LOT of great entries and we can’t decide, we’ll give special consideration to folks who also tweet their entry to @nvidiategra and @phandroid
  • It won’t win any extra credit but we also suggest you Like NVIDIA on Facebook

Make sure your comment is tied to an account with an e-mail address or some way of getting in touch with you… otherwise we’ll have no way to contact you and will have to randomly select a different winner.

Will be notified on Monday, August 15th by E-Mail.

Stay tuned for more contests from Phandroid… we have some great things lined up!

Thanks for participating and we’re really excited to see what creative super powers and explanations you leave in the comments. Good luck and have fun!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the ability to leap over lesser OS’ in a single bound.

    1. I believe it already has that power ;D

  2. Android Robot… super power… I’m going to say:
    The power to see into the future as to see new phones before they come out.
    That would save our pain and suffering.

  3. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, what would it be and why?

    Undoubtedly his super power would be invulnerability to all fruit, all building materials, and all legal action. Apples, Windows, and Patent suits would merely bounce right off!

  4. The only super power it needs – Mind Control – So all iPhone users can be set straight. All hail the Green Lord.

  5. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the “Apple fanboy ignorance”, so it could ignore all the lawsuits simply because it’d KNOW it’s the best.

  6. I think Andy would have the power to Crush, Slice, Chop, & Dice Apples…


  7. One super power the Android robot should have…
    Self-replication. That way it could never die and could take over the world!

  8. The power to core an apple.

  9. The Android robot should have the power to compliment you daily. Like “That was an awesome high five” or “You look fly tonight”.

  10. Andy’s power grants us the ability to make our own decisions, rather than have them made for us.

  11. Hmm…Android robot super power? How about speed and power enhanced by the Earth’s yellow sun?

    We could call him Kal-El. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

  12. The Android Robot, I believe, doesn’t have superpowers. Instead, he is more akin to Batman. With enough preparation time, he could beat anyone.

  13. Wipe all software patents away so everyone will be forced to innovate.

  14. He would have to ability to change forms, So he could always look different and unique (unlike Apple and the iPhone)
    He would also eat iPhones in his bowl of cereal every morning.

  15. The ability to squash and make ‘apple’ juice @nvidiategra and @phandroid

  16. The Android Robot should have a super power to take down apple and iphones/ipads and stop them suing android

  17. If the android robot “andy” could have one super power it would be to point at other os users and have their signal and batteries die instantly and it can be called the “touch of the droid!”

  18. How about the power to win all contests that it enters…like this one!

  19. The ability to eat an apple and “dispense” an ice cream sandwich

  20. Obviously he would have iron man’s fancy new triangular core. ENDLESS POWER!!!!!

  21. Super power = ability to replicate himself an infinite amount of times. This allows him to multitask with power unseen, handling business efficiently and quickly in multiple places at once! On a semi related note, I cut my finger this morning and bled Android. Rageagainstthecage! : )

  22. You guys are ridiculous. Andy already HAS a super power. The power to eat Apples. Whenever an Apple comes within range, his black hole ability sucks it in and makes everyone forget it even existed. There is no hope for Apples.

  23. I think it would be to travel in time….back to 1955 to help Marty save the clock tower…and stuff…

  24. The power to turn apples, and blackberries into wine on with the snap of a finger…and be able to do it through a window pane!!!!!!!

  25. Android Robot powers: Ability to remove or add any skin/costume over himself

  26. i like the idea of ‘self replicating’ , but I’ll say “self-upgrading” would be an awesome power – no having to worry about his manufacturers ensuring that he conforms to their guidelines… he just sees a cool idea and works on the code internally and pushes the firmware to himself and blammo… like Robocop he’s re-programmed with all the cool stuff google intended and none of the restrictions.

  27. I think the only power he needs is the power of opposable thumbs. Much easier to eat apples that way ;)


  28. He already flies doesn’t he?
    The ability to grow thumbs on demand… ;)

  29. One super power the Android robot should have…
    It would be the power to stop all patent lawsuits and spur innovation to the nth degree, this way the very best products can be released and utilized by the world!

  30. The Android Robot would have the super power of being the ultimate juicing machine. It would create the most fantastic Apple-Blackberry juice cocktail for all the world to enjoy at an OPEN global cocktail party…BYOM (Bring Your Own Mixer)

  31. The Android robot would be able to have super fast speed capabilities, cuz Android has some of the fastest devices!

  32. Super power: the fruit consumer. Apples, mangoes, and blackberrys. Fruits can only make all the delicious deserts, (cupcake…froyo…honeycomb)that android has to offer, look even better.

  33. If Andy could have one super power, it would be to produce earthquakes under the US Patent Office’s storage facilities. (After-hours of course, don’t want anyone hurt!)

  34. The Android Robot would have the power to time travel. For the first use he could travel back in time and patent all the inventions Apple/Steve Jobs has stolen and patented themselves. Secondly to travel into the future and find the items that Apple/Steve Jobs patent in the future, and come back to current time and patent it now, just to screw with Apple in the future. Payback is a…Steve Jobs.

  35. To peel an apple and eat it in one bite.

  36. I really need to win this man I want a Galaxy Tab but short on cash. Plus my computer speakers just aren’t cutting it at work anymore it would save my life!!!

  37. [Re-router]: When competitors try to find android devices to sue, androids can use , effectively waving their little green robotic arm and uttering the phrase: “These aren’t the androids you are looking for”. If the android device is overclocked high enough to the G-Force, the competitors will be re-routed to fake androids from China.

    [email protected]

    I don’t have a twitter account, will it help if I publicly post this in my G+ account?

  38. If all of the “fragmented” Android versions could somehow combine their best/most loved features like Voltron to become a new green dynamo of some sort… perhaps with frickin’ LASERS on its head.

    That’d be complete and utter awesomesauce.

  39. The ability to break himself into many fragments and then reassemble faster, stronger, and better than before!

  40. the power to work with out any power

  41. Android Robot Power:

    The ability to shape shift. One minute an android device, can change to an apple device, or change to BB device but at the heart of it all Android OS. But changing to most all of the platforms they could please everyone and have nearly 100% of the market. Oh and not to mention adapt to every app that existed for some awesome live action heroics. LOL…….Little far fetched but hopefully no more lawsuits and everyone can just get along!!! LOL

  42. Does the Andy robot need any more superpowers other than eating Apples and Blackberries while breaking Windows?

  43. Android Robot super power: Macdroidification. The ability to transfigure an apple into an android through the shear power of awesome.

  44. If the Android Robot could have only 1 super power, it would be that it runs on AndroidOS, what other super powers could it possibly need?

  45. Android power…bring the Galaxy S II stateside.

    But for reals, I think Android should have a power called “Patent Shield” which protects it from patent lawsuits.

    Even more for reals though, bring the Galaxy S II stateside.

  46. I think the robot should be able to turn every processor into Tegra 2 Dual-Core Processor. Because then everything would run at lightning speed.

  47. If the Android robot could have 1 Super Power, it would have to be able to gift the millions of users of Android with the latest version of android and be able to install a Phandroid bookmark on each of our phones with that update.

  48. The Android Robot should get the super power to FALCON PUNCH Steve Jobs right in his manjigglies.

  49. In standing for truth, justice and the android way, our mild mannered superhero has the fantastic ability to cancel out the seemingly all powerful mind control of the Cupertino Turtleneck.

    All he has to say is “I’m the moth#$ $#%$&^$ Android”

  50. He should have the ability to squash patent trolls that stifle creativity with a single swipe gesture. (Plus Saturday is my birthday!)

  51. Android Robot super power :
    It must be multi-cloning ! I can see them everywhere :)

  52. The power should be unification, because everyone just needs to get along and work together for the industry and the consumer

  53. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power it would be able to absorb other smartphone OS’s and use it’s best features against(with out patent issues :-S) it along with having super long endurance (battery life for at least a week) :-D @nvidiategra @phandroid

  54. The power of assimilation.

  55. The super android robot shall have the super power to report a release date and actually meet it, every time! His power of timely delivery will take the world by storm and make android forums 85% less whiney!

  56. The Android Robot would have the ability to call other fictional super heroes, like Captain Planet, to its aid in doing a can can dance.

  57. If the Android Robot could have 1 superpower it would be the ability to liberate all other androids by unlocking their bootloaders and conferring root access with a single touch.

  58. turn water into *cider*…

  59. Launches Patent Troll-seeking missiles…

  60. Force Close faster than a speeding bullet… More powerful than a Tegra 2… Able to jump OS versions every few months…
    It’s, it’s… Android Robot.

  61. Piss laser to cut apples in half :O

    Email: [email protected]

  62. The ability to sing north korean songs backward of course !

  63. His super power would be to turn into Kermit the Frog so that all the people in Sesame Street would assume he is Kermit’s brother and accept him as their equal.

  64. How about a power it kind of already has but improve it, Telepathy.

    I mean you can currently customize your phone to do what you want when you want without touching. Just superpower that up and you would truly have a connected device. Just think about, no lag, issues could fix themselves, updates could come easily. Your phone would know what to do when you think of it.

  65. Android Robot’s super power is eating apples for breakfast and spitting out little green android army men!

  66. he would have the power to constantly upgrade his power and firmware to be always the latest and greatest

  67. Invincibility…..

    That way all the Apples and Microsofts couldn’t see what he was up to and copy all of his brilliant ideas.

  68. he doesn’t need a superpower, he just needs an apple a day

  69. The ability to bring a bunch of random people together :) <3 android community

  70. If Andy could have one superpower, it would be to have super politician powers to become “Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office”
    After that, he uses he evil genius to destroy all enemies from the inside


  72. Android Robot Super Power:
    Metamorphosis, allowing quick adaptation to new hardware, environments, and most importantly, users.

  73. The power to eat every single Apple in one bite. Causing Apple extinction. No more of this slow eating. I’d still like Android if he was fat.

  74. A forcefield bubble of protection against Copyright lawsuites and lawyers!

  75. Lasers.

    Why? Because every robot should have a laser.

    Now – you say that a “laser” is not a super power. False. If the Android Robot had a laser it would, alas, use it to slice, dice and burn holes through all of the lame patents that all of the patent-happy-trolls have been judiciously trying to exercise as of late. Then again, maybe Android Robot needs the power of a patent law degree…

    Either way – FTW. Go, go gadget laser with tractor-beam-mod (only available to those with root). o_O

  76. If Andy the Android Robot could have one super power. I think it should be Pokemon-like “Double Team” (my son watches Pokemon a lot). That way when patent trolls and Steve Jobs are looking at one, the other can run up and sneak attack. Ka-Chow!

  77. Lasers to destroy bad apples.

  78. He doesn’t need any super powers — he’s open source. He can just write in any desired functionality as a standard part of his design. If he did have one, though, it would be delivering a CM ETA on-demand.

  79. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power it would be matter ingestion. That way, all non android devices could be consumed, including those silly apple products, and only the android platform would remain. This would bring apple to its knees, and cause global revolution of android devices.

  80. Laser eyes to obliterate the competition!

  81. Ability to create complete 3D holographic interfaces for phone/video calling. Only then can we reach the pinnacle of the early 21st century.

  82. A nose with which he may sniff out threats and eliminate them with an unstoppable, uncountable wave of Android handsets.

  83. If the Android Robot had one super power he would have the same powers as Bulrog! A tough brute ninja who has dedicated his life to eradicating the world of hippies!

    He has the powers to have as many powers as he wants! especially the one where he can turn Kyle into a Chicken. Also invisibility +1

  84. If the Android Robot could have one super power, it would be to have the abilities of Jesus, so the Android Robot could be our lord and savior from iPhones and iPads the decedents of Satan! He would lead us out of the vast Apple store by splitting iBeliever crowds in two creating a path for Phandroids. Whilst turning his RAM into cupcakes, eclairs, frozen yogurt, and gingerbread and ice cream sandwiches for all of us to eat!

  85. Adamantium claws ftw

  86. the power to auto update the hardware, so my og droid will always be up to date

  87. Never age just mature

  88. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the power to have more super powers! Why? [brings in Jeremy Clarkson:] MORE POWAAAAAH!!!11!!1!

  89. Self Repair/Adaptable Nano bot power…with that the phone will progressively get faster as apps make higher demands. It will never fail or die…always surviving any onslaught…indestructible phone that never slows down as time passes

  90. Android robot superpower? The ability to crush IOS and all the Iphone phanboys.
    Yeah thats it.

  91. If the Android Robot could have one super power it would be being bulletproof. Who doesn’t want a bulletproof phone?

  92. The Android Robot’s power IS (this is NOT just theoretical) the ability to disrupt Apple’s Reality Distortion Field. This is real life, of course, and so the power is not unlimited–enough of the field remains to corral millions of sheep, but if it weren’t for Android… well, let’s just say it’s not a pretty picture. You can tell the power is working because it’s spurred Apple to resort to fielding their army of patent attorneys, who are marching as we speak. On to battle!

  93. Be able to sniff out all the iphonies acting like droid fans.

  94. The power would be Invulnerability, so the robot could be immune to physical change or damage

  95. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, I think it should have the power to turn all that fruit, such as apples and blackberry’s into delicious pieces of android goodness…like gingerbread and ice cream sandwiches ;)

  96. The Android Robot would have one special super power:
    Cost: 0 Energy
    Build Up: Instant
    Effect: Destroy Patent Lawsuits. This effect increases innovation by 18 points per use.
    (Hmmm my profile won’t come up. suppose i’ll release my email just this once. jsweetser2 at gmail dot com)

  97. It would be the ability to cast “drain”(not speaking of soul as we all know they don’t have one) on Apple and Steve Jobs because they are sneaky, underhanded, and use unethical tactics when they are threatened, like trying to stop the sales of Android devices so consumers don’t have a choice but to buy their products.

  98. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the ability to install more super powers from the Market!

  99. He would have super speed. That would allow him to run his apps fast, have more of them going at once and it would also allow him to excape from the rotten fruit eating zombies even better.

  100. The Android Robot would be best served to affect anyone within it’s aura to provide them with Absolutely Clarity Of Reality. What does this do? It allows anyone that interacts with the Android Robot to suddenly see the phone world for what it is and not what Apple, Microsoft, RIM and others tell them it is. They’d then realize how uber-powerful Android is and this, of course, would deliver world peace as a by-product given the immense happiness that follows. (cue rainbow and mystical score)

  101. If an Android Robot could have one “super power”, it would be the power of having thumbs so it could enjoy all the great games from the Tegra Zone!!

  102. The power to unlock all bootloaders?

  103. The power to tune down the awesomeness so that the Blackberry Boys and iPhone users don’t feel left too far behind.

  104. Android would have the power of super genuis, so that he could forever stay in the lead of innovative technology.

  105. It would be the power of invisibility, so I have an excuse when I lose my phone once a week and have to use Lookout security to locate it via gps.

  106. the only super power the Android is currently lacking, Unlimited battery life!

  107. It should have the ability to be batman, I can already see the back story, in a world full of closed, ugly looking and user hostile OSes, One OS trains himself relentlessly using the loss of his parent OSes to patent trolling to fuel his desire to make the world safe from hostile ugly OSes and the criminal companies that support them. drawing on disciplines and teachers from all over the world so he can make sure that no other new and shiny OS has to grow up in a world where ugly and hostile OSes pushed by criminal companies can no longer terrorize innocent consumers.

  108. The power to freeze time, that way he can swap all the Ifails with Android phones. Imagine Steve Jobs at an Apple launch event. The Android Robot freezes time and puts and Android phone in his hands……. WINNING!!!!!

  109. I could transform into different desserts and transform fruit like apples into gingerbreads and ice cream android take overrrrrrrr lol

  110. Android Robot go back in time to kill John Connor to protect Skynet

  111. delete i guess this account is not link with my email -,-

  112. To leap over tall obstacles in a single bound, aka Intellectual Ventures

  113. If Bugdroid had a super power, it would be super sharp teeth to bite through Aluminum Unibody casings, and Gorilla Glass.

  114. The android robot would have the power of super speed. Seems simple enough, he would be able to out match any competition ever and always be ahead of the game. Seems quite if I may add, see as how it so true now.

  115. An Oracle seeking missile launcher that locks onto patent trolls.

  116. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be an ULTRAMEGAMAX KAMEHAMEHA to defeat all iOS/BB opponents. lol

  117. Android robot power–Extra Insulin production— to prevent Type 2 Diabetes from all the damn desserts

  118. If the Android could have 1 superpower, I think it should be to be invulnerable to carrier manipulation.

    As in the ability loosen carriers’ grips on phones, which it has done a bit, but I want to see google make it even easier to work around carriers’ decisions such as how I can use my data or what I can run on MY phone. That way, if I buy my android, I use my property that I paid for how I like. That would be a magnificent day indeed.

    And for clarification, I mean true unlocked, install what I want, tinker with what I want, etc, from the get-go. I realize that this is more of a US problem, but it still exists to some extent everywhere, and I think that if google took away some of that power, we would see some more real, true competition worldwide in the cell phone space.

  119. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the “Power of Giving” as “Giving” improve relationship, health, happiness. It also unleases the true potential of “Android”. Eventually makes the world a better place.

  120. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be able to transform into a car and become a member of the Autobots to run over Shia LaBeouf.

  121. Android “Andy” Robot needs no super powers, if he had 1 he would find a way to get rid of it before apple devised a way to copy the powers a year later, then turned around and sued him for using it’s super power without permission. super powers are beneath andy he would much prefer a utility belt and cool gadgets over “magical” super powers. For the sake of the contest though, he would have the power to communicate with animals, especially squirrels because they are fleet of foot and can do his bidding by land air and sea (with floaties on their legs and tails). Andy would wear a squirrel suit to make sure they did not feel like lesser beings in his presence and then, world domination via squirrelmageddon.

  122. Deactivate all iphones

  123. Android has lots of powers: it can be a phone, a computer, a portable game console (it needs some transplant thumbs though!), a tablet, a TV, it will be able to control your whole house soon… not to mention it is always connected to Google servers which means it knows EVERYTHING about us. Really, the only thing Android needs to rule the world is self-consciousness – and then… well, you all saw that movie.

  124. If the Android Robot had one super power it would be x-ray vision so it could see through walls and read the Microsoft/Apple/Sun patents before they were filed!

  125. He would have the power of immunity to patent trolling lawsuits.

  126. The Android Robot would have the super power to command any Arduino device. He would use the many devices like Aquaman uses sea creatures, but without the threats from PETA.

  127. Not sure this is a super power per se, but I think a universal translator would be great. Not for human languages, but for other machine languages. The ability to interpret iOS, WebOS, etc apps and functionality would be immense.

  128. Its super power is also its weakness: It can swallow apples. But it also MUST swallow apples to keep its nice green color. Preferably Granny Smith.

  129. If the Android robot can have 1 super power, it would be able to transform into Chuck Norris. And with the help of the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core Processor, it can finally destroy the real Chuck Norris. Then and only then will I finally be able to sleep at night.

  130. The superpower Andy needs is nanomorphosis – like the T1000, he could survive extreme fragmentation, melding back together into a form that can power any device!

  131. Just one super power? Then it’d have to be time travel. Why worry about patent disputes now when you could own them in the past?

    All hail our green android overlords!

  132. The ability transform into cupcakes, donuts, éclairs, frozen yogurts, gingerbreads, honeycombs and ice cream sandwiches. Oh wait, it already has that super power.

  133. absurd patent resistance: the ability avoid lawsuits over multi-touch.

  134. It would be Patent immunity!
    To be able to defend Android from the Axis of evil (Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other companies).

  135. The android robot’s best super power would be awesome agility and sword prowess…a la fruit ninja. After all, there are plenty of apples and blackberries to slice through out there

  136. The android robot have the super power of adaptability. To adapt to an challenge or hurdle the robot faces be it bootloader locked, unrooting, automatic upgrade to latest OS. Adapting to ever changing needs of each user.

  137. The power to mute other people, because my wife doesn’t understand that playing with my og droid > doing the dishes. Every. Single. Time. So, if I had a tablet, I’d *really* need that mute power.

  138. @nvidiategra
    if the android robot have super power i guess its’ super power would be to transform

    the reason for choosing transform as android’s robot super power is because its can keep transform the android device (smartphone & tablets) into the newest device on the markets in other word it will have unbeatable specs and by then people will kiss iphone good bye ^^.. by transforming into new products we can save our money =P hehe..

    [email protected]

  139. The power to momentarily remove the 5 senses of anyone spewing inaccurate information relating to Android (i.e. iOS is better than Android, Android Sucks, Apple Rocks, “I don’t care! It isn’t an iPhone!”, etc.). A trip or two into senseless appledumb will cure any lying tongue.

  140. Multiple post.

  141. If the Android Robot could have one super power, it would be the ability to read minds.

    Or make applesauce.

  142. Multiple post.

  143. My suggestion for an Android Robot super power would be… gamma ray powered OPENNESS!!!

    …a juggernaut (we’ll call him Jimbo) of awesome adaptability, with a fully transparent and flexible shell, powered by intuition and common sense, and asking “c’mon guys, can’t everybody just get along?”. Android Robot Jimbo combats deadly Patent Trolls with the help of his new, faithful sidekick IBM Boy 1000! Oh, and his mighty powers of gamma ray powered OPENNESS are free and immediate to citizens in need… which is more than we can say for iOS-bot, who will come to your rescue 6 months later and brag about how cool it is that he showed up!

  144. Replication aka Epic 3D printer =).
    At any moment the android robot can create objects beyond his wildest imagination. Through a library of open source schematics, it creates weapons of destruction or a companion by it’s side.
    I hope to win, I’ve been entering every tegra contest without luck. *crosses fingers*

  145. If my Android Robot could have one super power it would be to go back in time. You may wonder why that’s so cool. Well if my robot could go back in time it would give birth to an open OS that would allow us all to share information, communicate wirelessly, use the same apps on our tablet, phones, televisions and cars. We would be a truly a happier society and apple would be a relative (second cousin) and not a rival. But wait a minute isn’t that what’s happening right now. Maybe it’s not a wish and my robot is already making it happen but the past is now and the future is tomorrow. We’ll I guess we can just wait an see. Thanks little robot see you tomorrow.

  146. If the Android Robot had one super power, it would be the ability to acquire up to three super powers becuase the Android Robot is just that Super!!
    -1. It would be able to see into the future and it would tell you all the reasons why I should win. ( I’ve never won anything before and I love android anything so why not me :) )
    -2. It would also be able to not only destory apple in everything ( like it already is ) but completly wipe out any apple device.
    Two good qualities I know.
    -3. And finally, Did i mention I should win? Hey that rhymed.
    We Should All Bow To The Green God. ( That’s a Snapple fact it’s True )

  147. Androids super power is already evident; the power to turn the most average of phone users into an uber-geek within a few simple ROM tweaks!

    All hail the Google overlords!

  148. Shatter proof screens. They already have shatter proof backs (unlike apple phones) so I think that would be the logical next step.

  149. Be At Many Places At The Same Time : Multitasking

  150. Omnipotence. Pure and simple.

  151. Ability to unlock any phones. The mascot of an “open-platform” should have the power to grant “openness” (I’m looking at you Moto)

  152. Edit: new comment with new account.

  153. Andy’s greatest ability is not standing alone. The Hive Mind of the Cloud never forgetting, ever evolving. Andy is more than a single device, or a single company. Sweeping Countries and Continents like a vast storm. Andy is more than a mere sum of components able to freely communicate with all manner of electronics.

    Andy is Legion for he is many.

  154. The androbot, ill call it, should search out and find any apples and eat them just an awesome f$%& you to Apple

  155. aw i havent finished

    see on twitter

  156. If the android robot has one power is the power of ” PERSUASION”. i work in a place where 90% of my coworkers used apple product and after seeing how easy and open source my droid incredible was everyone change their perspective on the phone they had. Im amaze how those 90% switch to an android and i mean everyone. I know lasers and gadgets are cool for the robot to have but the real super power is how it persuades people to realize that they have options to chose from at a higher level of satisfaction.

  157. If Andy could have one and only superpower, it would be the massive ultra protonic droid dance ! The power to make people dance and rejoice while using their smart-droid-phones.

  158. If the android robot could have one super power and why, it would be the ability to transform into a vending machine carrying the real desert equivalent to each upgrade android has/going to receive(d). Come in handy on people jobs when they want a snack, and maybe these patent battles would ease up some. :)

  159. The Android Robot’s one super power should be: The ability to bake the tastiest apple pie ever!

  160. It already has a super power.
    It steals people’s fingers. (i’m looking at you xperia play android robot…)


    Edit: [email protected]

  162. if the android had one superpower it would be sharp teeth, so that it could finish the rest of the apple it already started…

  163. He already has super market share speed.

  164. The Android robot would have the power to silence all patent lawyers, making him the hero to protect the greatest villain out there: BS Lawsuits

  165. The robots super power would be the Midas touch, and everything it touches turns to gold, metaphorically of course.

  166. He needs the power to make an infinite amount of PB&J’s so he could feed any Android user instantly whenever they get hungry.

  167. The Android robot would have the power to fully recharge its batteries in a manner of seconds of exposure to the sun, much like Birdman.

  168. The ability to replace rotten fruit with scrumptious desserts.

  169. Android Super Power, Sexual Organs, like a Penis and a Vagina, so they can give birth to other devices, so you don’t have to pay for any Tablets, cell phones or any devices, and who knows, if you have a robot, you could customize it into a car, LIKE TRANSFORMERS, so that’s the power of ANDROID !!!!

  170. Andy’s superpower would be flight…because realistically, who the hell doesn’t want to fly?

  171. The ability to develop applications by way of montage.

  172. The power to turn into a caterpillar to eat any apples it finds to the core.

  173. If the Android Robot could only have one super power, I would cry, because it would have to give up all the ones it already has. @nvidiategra @phandroid

  174. the poser of free will. self explanatory… none cult-like behavior.

  175. This is a no brainer – Become Voltron (Cars or Cats, take your pick) – Whoop up on robeasts, possess a magical blazing sword that cuts through anything, and defend the universe

  176. the power to evolve on the spot

  177. The Android Robot’s power should be fire breath, in order to bake apple, blackberry, and mango pies…yum.

  178. Strong jaws, to munch away at apples market share :)

  179. What people dont know know is that under the android shell is actually Johnny 5 from the classic 80’s movies “Short Circuit” and “Short Circuit 2” which explains why android is steadily growing and developing into a better and better form of intelligence “Johnny 5 is alive!”…(oh so the super power is super intelligence because hes Johnny 5, the gold one from the end of “Short Circuit 2”)

  180. The Android Robot has the power to replace batteries with just the slightest glance in their direction. This feat alone sets it above those who would consider themselves its peers.

  181. This is a no brainer – Become Voltron (Cars or Cats, take your pick) – Whoop up on robeasts, possess a magical blazing sword that cuts through anything, and defend the universe. Powered by Android of course.

  182. If Android had a super power it would be: to kick that… good for nothing, only popular because of celebrity publicity, no home screen but an app page, notification bar stealing, built for the idiot consumer… Apple Inc. But sense we are already doing that. I say Android just keeps making some bad ass deserts. ;-)

  183. Come guys! It obvious that he doesn’t have a proper digestive system since we seem to always see him only take 1 bite out of the apple in all the pictures out there (yes there might be some that show him eating the whole fruit..obviously those are fake/Photoshop lol )…so the super power needed is the ability to process organic/patent hungry food!

  184. Mind Control; not for anything malicious, but rather used to empower surrounding apple disciples with the power of logic and reason.

  185. If the Android robot could have only one super power, I would say it is one the Android robot already has. It already has the power of being an evil genius. Why? Well, we know that all evil geniuses want to rule the world. Android is already half way to complete world domination, so it must be an evil genius. However, if that doesn’t count, I would want it to have invulnerability, so that way all these lawsuits would just slide off its green surface.

  186. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, what would it be and why?

    The power to shed it’s (carrier) skin(s).

  187. The Android Robot powers should be the ability to avoid lawsuits in a single bound. Take that evil cell phone doers!!

  188. It should have the power of turning Apple’s into robots. He would then take over the world and they’d all party it up while mocking Jobs.

  189. C’mon guys, the only REAL super power the Android Robot needs is the ability to multiply itself. Now, that may seem useless by itself, but not if you think of it my way. Enter the world of Super Andy….

    Andy’s power would grant him the power to save anyone from having to use a different mobile OS. Imagine, a call goes out: “Why? Why oh why did I buy this BlackBerry? I knew I should have gotten that shiny Nexus S.” Andy clones himself and the clone flies to the ailing consumer’s aid. The clone eats the BlackBerry, and, right before their eyes, begins to take a new shape. A familiar shape. The shape of that Nexus S the consumer was eyeing.

    “Oh my! Thank you, Andy! You saved me from having to use that lesser device and its boring OS!”

    But the day is far from over. Andy senses a man in a bar with friends, but there is something awry.

    “Oh yeah, my iPhone can do all that, but better.” – said the man, gloating.
    “Can it do… THIS?”- said one of his friends, popping out his dead battery and swapping in a new one.
    “Well, no, but-”


    Just then, another one of Andy’s clones smashed through the door or the bar. The clone walked right up to the man and ate his iPhone. “Mmmm, apple.”The clone thought.

    Andy’s clone began to take on a new shape, slowly morphing into an HTC Incredible S.

    “WOW!” exclaimed the man. “That’s incredible!”

    So you see, the only super power Andy the Android Robot needs is the ability to clone himself. Doing so, he is able to save the world of other, lesser mobile operating systems.

    And at the end of the day, who doesn’t need a little saving?

    1. And to eat phones and to morph into other phones?

      1. You didn’t know he does that anyway? haha Really though, minor oversight.

  190. Sorry, my phone double posted.

  191. Android already has a superpower: communication. Android communicates with any device that will listen, communicates with its users, allows us to speak, and more importantly, allows us to be heard.

  192. If the Android Robot could have one super power, it would be to turn apples into dual CORE processors.

  193. Android robot’s super power is definitely replication; he’s been duplicating at a ridiculous rate and shows absolutely no signs of slowing.

    Secondary power: Juicing capabilities specialized for making Apple juice quickly and efficiently.

  194. If the Android Robot could have one super power it would be to make all upcoming Android os to be named after some really good deserts and farytale creatures :)

  195. How about having the Android robot integrate with Google’s driverless cars? As we may be aware – Google has already implemented driverless cars. So, the Android robot would have the ability to integrate into the driverless car application. This would allow a user to specify their pickup locations, destinations, routes to take, and time for those scenarios. You now have the ability to do things such as drop yourself off at work without ever worrying about parking, drop your significant other off at work while you’re at work, pick up your kids while they’re in school, taxi yourself around town on a late night with friends, and more.

    The possibilities would be even more endless, such as shared town cars. Setup commute times within your phone and the car will pick you up, drop you off, and possible pick others up and drop them off that are on the same route. Then, when you’re at work, the car will be operable by others so that they can get around.

    No more worries about gas – have the Android robot get gas when the car is low. So many more endless possibilities.

  196. Apple dicer. Nuff said.

  197. It would have to be SUPER-MEGA-EARLY-UPGRADE power. (mostly because I have a droid1 and won’t get gingerbread and still have a year to go.) He would patrol the country and rain down S.M.E.U goodness to all the helpless citizens stuck with older android phones that are getting left behind and still have a year on their contracts! All of those evil two-year contracts would be running in terror when the little green robot showed up.

  198. The power of immortality because I never want Android to die out.

  199. The Android Robot needs the ability to pay for stuff without cash or credit cards. Oh. He can already do that? Well he needs the power to multitask seamlessly. He does that too? Umm… How bout he can make me a sandwich, cause I’m hungry.

  200. One super power for the android Robot? Easy, emit an interference field that stops Steve Jobs/Apples’ reality distortion field…. Im tired of watching people ooh and ahh at innovations that Apple stole from everyone else…. Please Android Robot save us from that!

  201. If the android robot could have one superpower it would be the ability to reverse patient troll. So it can fight the evils of corporation that want to stop the growth of android with troll in the court room and not in the market.

  202. Our little green buddy would have the much needed ability to install and update himself to the newest compatible version of Android on EVERY device hes installed on.

    Fragmentation Problem = Solved

  203. The android robot needs the ability to “become aware.”

  204. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be to turn whatever android robots signs into green color because the phandroid sign has a blue android robot

  205. Android Robot Super Powere would be the ability to “Poop out software updates”

  206. Android already has 2 super powers: Ability to convert random sweets into a BAD@$$ OS! 2nd is android automatically makes any human +1, they just seem to be a little bit ‘Cooler’. The super power it needs is a super Android/Zombie infection. The 1st human/electronic virus to convert all, unstoppable.

  207. If the Android robot had a super power it would be the ability to turn into any form/person. So then it can turn into a tranny and lure the iPhone users in.

  208. The android man should have a super power that allows him to eat enormous amounts of fruit… specifically Mangos, Blackberries and Apples. After all, he does sort of have that power right now anyways!

  209. The power to have all powers. Android is customizable to each user. So the android robot would have the ability to assist in every situation.

  210. If the Android Robot were to have one super power, it would be to make all the iphones super buggy, slow, and have tons of problems so that apple fanboys could stop talking about how great their phones are and try to convert you. This way Android would reign supreme.

  211. The Android’s greatest power is its ability to take a myriad of forms, confirming its beauty to the eyes of all beholders.

  212. @nvidiategra @phandroid Android Robot should be able to unlock bootloaders and wipe out skins and bloatware. “They can be a great phone, Andy, they wish to be. They only lack the stock to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you….. my only OS” – Google

  213. Andy should have the power of assimilation so he can turn apples to andys. Resistance is futile!

  214. so many powers to choose from…

    -how about the power to multitask?…already has that
    -how about the ability to use flash?…nope has that too
    -ability to shapeshift into different forms?….with a variety and handsets to choose from I’d say he has that one covered
    -use widgets to dissipate challenging tasks?…seems like that one is already under control
    -how about an open source system to help him utilize the aid of any developer to customize himself for any mission from personal business to military?….(the military uses androids?, almost forgot about that) damn he is good

    im running out of ideas here……

    -Well what if he could sync to any computer without an additional program like like itunes telling him what he can and can’t do?….He can? really? man this thing can do the impossible
    -system integration of third party services like messaging and browsers?…often overlooked but its there.
    -installation of third party apps?…I’d say he is well equipped
    -how about a top of the line notification system?….its so good ios is stealing it
    -ability to function on any carrier?…he is on all of them you say, amazing!
    -ability to fly, how many can actually do that?….oh thats right, androids traveled to space and back

    I’d say personally he has enough powers. but if i need to say something I’d say give him laser. every robot needs a laser. oh and a cape. with that many super powers he deserves a cape. lets see apple sue him for that…

    bryanhaugen87 at gmail dot com

    just incase

  215. Android should have 1 super power… To bypass any carrier… such a power could be used to push updates and remove bloatware… now that would be nice!

  216. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the ability to transform water to wine

  217. The android robot should have the power to eradicat fragmentation. With this power we could all be on honeycomb, awaiting the release of ice cream sandwich.

  218. Mr. Android should have the ability to absorb any device and integrate its function into itself. Whether it be a toaster, kegerator, or even an ipod. It will throw it in its belly, Bender style, and give you toast, frothy beer, or some iTunes.

  219. Time travel so he can go back in time and punch Adam & Eve for being the first Apple lovers! Lol….

  220. Andy’s one super power would be absorb and control other electronics and add them to his android army.

  221. The super power an android robot needs is to turn anything it touches into another android robot. Remember Agent Smith from Matrix? Enough said….

  222. Hmmm…. Still thinking what super Power I need as Android Robot?….Using Super Power to see future and seeing I am acquiring all available Super Powers in next 5 years…. Time up… Silly Question…Let’s go back to eat some apples right now.

  223. I think the android robot power would indeed be the ability so eat iOS products and anything iCrap and poops out renewable, recyclable, Android ICECREAM SANDWICH powered devices :)

  224. If the Android Robot could have one super power, it would have the power to single handedly reform the patent system. Why? Because we need a super hero to save the citizens of innovation from that evil thing.

    Edit: [email protected] or [email protected]

  225. The robots super power should be that the phone actually transform into a robot and does my house chores, as in, throwing my girlfriends iPhone 4 into the trash, and runs to the store to pick her up a GSII.

  226. His power would be the power to fix iphones by turing them into nexus phones in a single bound

  227. Andy would only need the power to fly. So he could equip all other Android phones with 4G/LTE and all the different carriers would have amazingly fast networked-Android phones.

  228. The Android Robot’s best super power would be…
    The ability to affect the minds of the Apple and Microsoft legal departments, and make them forget about their evil intentions to lash out at Android, and perhaps instead make them go do something useful… like work in a soup kitchen.

  229. Time travel. So he can go back in time and punch Adam & Eve in the face for being the first Apple lovers and setting it’s evil free.

  230. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power it would be a force field to defend itself against all of these patent claims coming its way!

    [email protected]

  231. The Android Robot needs the super power of superman’s digestive system so the buildup of apple seeds and an occasional toy car would not pose the ever lethal threat of constipation.

  232. The Android robot already has a super power. He has the ability to dupilicate all other powers and abilities like Amazo from Justice League. He can then combine those new abilities with his own to make something stronger, faster, and better than his competition which is why everyone keeps trying to shut him down.
    Just as the Justice League is jealous of Amazo’s powers; Microsoft, Apple, and other “so-called” heroes of the past fears the little robot can take them out individually and collectively.

  233. He should be able to summon a justice league of lawyers and congressmen to battle the nonsense pouring out of our legal system and the mouths of companies trying to feed off of Androids success.

    This is what the Colbert Super Pac is all about.

  234. Andy would have the power to control the carriers across the globe, worldwide release dates of fully up to date phones with the consumers choice of stock or custom UI, locked or unlocked and any phone on any carrier. LONG LIVE FREEDOM!

  235. Since he already has the power of invincability. I would give him the power of chuck norris. What else could he need.

  236. The Android Robot would have the power of the ultimate Baker. That way, not only could there be many more flavors of Android to come, but once and for all the evil empire would be reduced to nothing more than a pie/strudel/scone/other manner of apple flavored treat!

  237. Android should have the power to utilize quad core processor for 4x times the punch against apple.

  238. The android robot should have OS vision. This would give him the ability to see the losers that have Iphones, and he could avoid them at all costs.. While at the same time allowing him to find the super cool people who rock androids and chill with them all day.

  239. Well since Andy is already a robot, so he already has superhuman intelligence. Now all he needs is Mind Control so he can be the lawyer for Android and use his powers on the judge to get them passed all these ridiculous lawsuits so Google can keep destroying the competition fairly!

  240. Drink Apple juice. One nice sun shiney crisp cool spring day Andy can be seen dinking Apple juice. At the park In the trash next to him are all the apples he’s already crushed, with tops ripped off, and all their juice consumed. The caption reads, “Apple, (all) your juice are now belonged to us.”

  241. The Android robot should have the powers of a Super Patent Attorney to crush other companies in Court and resume the process of Innovation.

  242. If the android robot could have a superpower, I would give it the power of being a android genie. Granting every device owner three device related wishes. As a G2 owner I would pick: 1: All day battery life, 2: A faster processor, and 3: An image stabilized camera.

  243. The android robot would have the power to customize itself in any way and to be able to adapt to any environment and situation, a master of disguise.

  244. I wish it had the power to be waterproof. Seriously after two broken phones i really wish it had this power.

  245. the superpower that android robot should have is that it can just bring happiness. THE END

  246. If the androd robot were to get a super power it should probably be one called patent protection because we all know Google isn’t so hot in that area.

  247. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, I would say Andy should have the power of the Jedi Force… So he could tell Steve Jobs that these are not the Droids he’s looking for.

  248. It’s super power would be to stop all patent disputes in one swoop.

  249. I hope the Android Robot’s super power is the ability to love… ’cause if I win a Galaxy Tab, I’m gonna love the sh*t out of it.

  250. The Androids Robots power should simply be the ability to use Apple products as fuel so when all the mac fans throw away their apple gear it gets recycled and put to good use.

  251. A special “eye” so that all the “i” people will worship the ‘droid robot for his superior “vision”, “perspective”, and “insight”.
    This unique “eye”, enables the ‘droid robot to identify and asses the many “needs” of all individuals and assist them accordingly.
    After all, the “eyes” are the “windows” of the “soul”.

  252. Anti-patent lawsuit power!

  253. A Superpower? How about the power to control everything at a molecular level? Tiny nanodroids flowing through everything, living symbiotically with all living beings. Search your feelings… you know it to be true…

  254. Android shall have the power of omni-linguism. Android will then understand Objective-C, instantly porting every Appstore App into Android Market.

  255. The Android Robots super power would be his ability to turn into a juicer. I’d love some apple/mango/blackberry juice cocktail!

  256. Android needs the power of photosynthesis so it can draw power from the sun to rec are its battery :-)

  257. By day Andy is a spokesperson for the hottest, most efficient mobile operating system on Planet Earth. By night he is a masked super hero that spends hours and hours unlocking the fiendish bootloaders. Battling the mammoth Motorola monster has been his biggest feat yet! Andy has since teamed up with his hyper-active friends at HTC to unlock all their bootloaders, but that takes time.

    Just know that Andy is looking out for all of us!

  258. It should have the power of advanced software update. It would obtain the latest OS the moment it was available.

  259. Android needs the power of photosynthesis so it can draw energy from the sun and recharge its battery :-)

  260. If every android phone were a transformer and could turn into an android robot,that would be awesome. I could just tell it to get a broom and chase all of the rats off my back porch or scare my girlfriend with it lol.

  261. Andy should be a Super B-Boy who breakdancer in the streets by day but fights crime capoeira style by night straight bad boy, “not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good “

  262. Superhero Identity: Andy

    Superhero Name: Sweets

    Superhero Ability: The ability to give Cupcakes, Donuts, Eclairs, FroYos, Gingerbreads, Honeycombs, and Ice Cream Sandwiches for all!!!

  263. The power to get me little caesars pizza whenever, and where ever i need it. (physically, not just show me on a map.)

  264. I thought being super-awesome and super-cute were his special powers. Guess that just ain’t enough. Well, in addition to being a rock star, if Andy needed a super power it would have to be the power of Vanilla. Some may say, “Well, that’s just average Joe sounding.” Is it though? What? You need rescue from your crappy Motoblur? Sense has got you down because to you it makes no sense? Touchwiz isn’t touching you in the right places? BLAM! Vanilla ;)

  265. Android should have the power to shoot lasers from his eye and burn burn the i phone to pieces…

  266. I think Andy the Android robot should have Androidar to scan for phones in proximity of him and be able to change them into Android phones, including the iPhone with his Android-Ray for World Domination.

  267. Super power: Shoot vibration waves from those cannon-like arms like Marvels Avalanche.

  268. Power to devour APPLES in a single bite, to shatter WINDOWS, and to squash BLACKBERRIES….

  269. Power: Super mesmerizing, hypnotic dance moves

  270. The power to topple foreign psuedo-democracies and tyrannical dictators. And the reason you may ask? For the children, of course.

  271. The Android robot would have the power to unlock all boot-loaders, pre-root all devices, and clear the world of kangers!

  272. The Android robot should be able to Jailbreak (not unlock – why should they get more than we get?) all the ‘i’ devices and give them some sense of freedom

  273. The ability to make Android Phones fly out of nowhere and strike your enemies while screaming “Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats! Hooooooooooo!!”

  274. EMP burst, to target all those inferior iphones and blackberries and put them where they belong.

  275. He should have the power to rig contests so I can finally win one of them.

  276. To be able to shoot hungry worms from his fingers that seek out apples to feed on their digital cores.

  277. Skynet – Need I say more? :P

  278. Android Robot should have the power of cloning, since android’s can’t breed it’s the only way to keep growing as fast as it does! :)

  279. Energy conversion – the ability to convert any form of energy into battery power :-)

  280. Shoot out an OTA of the latest version of Android to all Android devices without any carrier interference! Even the G1 would get some Ice Cream Sandwich love!

  281. A power that the Android Robot should have is the ability to snap people out of Steve Job’s trance on people who believe the iPhone is superior in every way like shown on this video on YouTube.

  282. The Power the android Robot need is the Power to pull all the power it need from its environment, that way it can do everything wanted from it without ever having to worry about dead batteries (and of course share that ability with all the android phones)

  283. The android robots superpower shout be the ability to overpower non-android devices with a powerful radio frequency.

    Also id like the droid eye to shoot lasers. Lol

  284. If an Android robot had one super power, it would Transform!!!
    To defeat those evil Decepticons.

    [email protected]

  285. The ability to undermind apple, micrsoft and rim with the ;-) (wink) of an eye! Lol

  286. The Android robot should keep it’s current superpower… The ability to clone better versions of itself to world domination.

  287. The abillity to update my Logitech Revue to an atleast functioning state :( It seems anything short of superpowers will fail at that. :(

  288. If the Android Robot could have one super power, it would be to have a flux capacitor in order to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of power necessary to go back to the future and really muck up the patents of Apple and MicroSoft. :)

    1. That’s overkill bro! 1.21 Gigawatts would be suffice!

      1. Extra Gigawatts for the extra legal fees :)

  289. There appears to be a theme of animosity towards other OS’s; therefore, I suggests that the super power that Mr. Andy would inherit would be a twisted version of charisma. When any person comes within a certain distance of Mr. Andy, they are freed from their bias and feel inclined to tell the truth about the OS/device they are using.
    With this super power, Mr Andy will fly to every manufacturer and reveal what their true thoughts are towards the platform(s) they are working with and the customers they are aiming to supply. With the recorded truthful statements Mr. Andy would fly-I am assuming he can already fly since I’ve seen him wearing a cape-around resolving every dispute and allowing customers from every OS to escape the bonds of OS-Bias.
    Go Mr. Andy; GO; Free the minds of all those that have hate.

  290. He’d obviously just be the Green Lantern.

  291. I would give him the power to manipulate any electronic device. Be able to make a device split open showing its international components to show witch of them perform perfectly together to be able to optimize user experience. In seeing what’s really inside people could see that the IPhone isn’t all that special, wait the Google could Sue them for indecent exposure right? Well In doing all this adding a super charged battery that would never die.

  292. He Already has a superpower: Breakdancing.

  293. If the Android Robot could have one super power it would be the ability to unlock any boot loader and root any device.

  294. The ability to core an apple and consume it so Andy can go from dual core, to triple core and so on :P

  295. If the Android robot had a super power it would be the ability to read minds, because Android has all the features people want!

  296. Me me me!

  297. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be to block out all things “Bachelor/Bachelorette” before Monday Night Football begins.

  298. He should have the power…..

    To move you.

  299. i reall, really what this. hook me up

  300. Andy’s superpower should be the power of alchemy. That way he can convert any old Android phone into a new one, an iPhone or Blackberry into the Android phone of their dreams, and a Windows phone into what it truly is a pile of poop.

  301. The ability to cross a bridge without paying a troll $2.

  302. As I see it, the Android robot is a hipster, so its super power would be ironically travel back in time, disguise itself as an assembly line worker, and put together Model Ts.

  303. Android Robot needs the power to blow away carrier restrictions and foil their attempts to muck up the OS and defend the ability for everyone to get the latest version of Android within a month of release directly from the device maker.

  304. The ability to manipulate space-time. With this power android would be able to create anything at a moments whim and also be able to control anything in its environment… Anywhere… Anytime…

  305. Android super power :
    it doesn’t need one, it’s already super powerful and soon will be more with Kal-El

  306. the force

  307. ‘Twas the night before Google I/O, when all through the pad

    Not an Android was running, not even a Tab;

    The Wifi was buzzing through the house so fast,

    In hopes that St. Andy soon would fly past;

    The Droids were nestled all snug in their docks,

    While Bluetooth accessories stayed in their box;

    And mamma with her Samsung, and I with my Evo,

    Had just settled down to listen to some Devo,

    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

    I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

    Away to the window I flew like a flash,

    Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

    The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow

    Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below,

    When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

    But a green android, and a sack of goodies held near,

    With a wonderous driver, so useful and handy,

    I knew in a moment it must be St. Andy.

    The android robot, St. Andy, gives toys

    To all of the worlds girls and boys.

  308. The best super power an Android Robot could have is the ability to read minds. Right now I can speak to it and it understands me, but so does my dog. If my Android Robot could read my mind it would rule all!!!!!

  309. His power would be a tractor beam for developers and innovators. The ability to simply draw to it anyone who has a good idea, for a new device or an app or anything.. Would make for a good commercial! Some poor guy with a genius app idea trying to work through the apple process to create an app that he now has to charge more for based on development cost and right as he is at his most frustrated…. woosh there he is with the android guy and magically everything is all better. Poof app created everyone wins.

  310. To crap out the material that counts as the Apple “Genuis” brains’. Let’s face it, that’s all that’s up there. Well, that and hot air.
    [email protected]

  311. The one super power Android Robot needs is patently obvious!

  312. Android Robot Super Power:
    Have the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio come by and make him “a real boy”. This would allow him to then Become the President of the United States of America. He could then create Executive Orders. Executive Orders are the best super power ever.

  313. I’m certain – given recent events such as those at Blackhat – the Android Robot would most certainly opt for “invisibility” so as to move through tech communities undetected while protecting his vulnerabilities.

  314. Super power … power … life … battery life? … hmm

    I’m sure you know where I’m going with this

  315. [email protected]
    (my disqus account is bugged) (I tried to @nvidiategra @phandroid :( )

    Too much of a phan to let this one go.

    Android would have the “freedom” to transform himself into other forms which he uses to overcome all foes, or possibly stop natural disasters, save the human race etc.

    He would have a google-plex of different customization features that would allow him to conquer anything, but here’s the best part. He relies on human support to design transformations and advance what he is capable of. Even though hes the smartest super computer with completely free transformation abilities, he knows we the fans have the best ideas.

    He has a permanent connection to Googlenet, which allows him to see all social networks and get feedback. Users would help him with complex transformation schematics or strategic plan “apps”, or even simple “Android use lasers!” tweets, so when he’s overcoming evil/saving us from the impending doom everyone in the world can contribute, whether they are technologically savvy or not.

    Android always remembers, humans are the best at deciding what technology should be able to do, not the other way around.

  316. The ability to become ruler of the universe to trump all other inferior OSes, which is all other mobile OSes.

  317. Everyone knows our beloved Android Robot is R2D2 in green body paint!

    While his abilities as a Swiss Army knife are legendary, his Android superpower is INSTANT TELEPORTATION…bringing hope (as well as Hi-Def, 4G, openness, and innovation) to each honorable member of a civilization that refuses to kneel before The Evil Empire!

  318. The power to look into the future and offer us the benefits of Wafer! (Assuming that’s the name when it comes to ‘W’… if I had the Android Robot with this power, I’d know!)

  319. The only super power the android robot needs is the power of super speed like the flash! so it can run circles around every other OS and just blow past them in shear speed through system optimization alone:D

  320. The power of the Green Lantern: Creating anything he can think of at will. I can hear the oath now: “In brightest day / In blackest night / No iPhone shall escape my sight / Let those who worship Apple’s might / Beware my power / Green Robot’s Light!”

    PS: I even made an image for it! :) (STUPID DISQUS DIDN’T UPLOAD MY IMAGE!! SEE IT AT )

  321. If the Android robot can have one super-power, it should be the ability to speak in a slightly snobbish British accent and make droll and snarky comments about our activities all day long, for which we would forgive it because it has a British accent.

    “What do you think of my new jeans Andy?”

    “To be frank sir, they look like a double wind-sock full of oranges.”

    “I think I’ll go to the zoo today Andy!”

    “Oh joy. I’m sure the orangutans will appreciate the entertainment sir.”

    “Andy, should I buy an iPad 2 or a Samsung 10.1?”

    “Would you prefer a stripper with artificial tatas or a merely pretty girl with intelligence and a mind of her own?… on second thought sir, just get an iPad 2.”

    “Great! This will mark me as a trendsetter. A fearless and unique individual. A maverick!”

    “Yes sir. Just like everyone else sir.”

  322. The power to find and destroy all commenting trolls!!

    [email protected]

  323. The superpower it needs is the ability to code apps that work properly on all of it’s platforms. With this power comes the power to to have one OS that will work on all of it’s platforms as well.

  324. Obviously a desert vending machine.

  325. The android robot should get the power to plank, like a boss, sideways on an iPad 2 just to show Jobs whos boss!

  326. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power… he already has one and that’s the power of morphing. He first morphed into an Ass that no one would like, then a Bastard that no one wanted, then we all looked down at him as a Child awaiting patiently to see the road he would choose. As a child he became infatuated with his neighbor, a very sexy young robot who was an android police officer and he really wanted to get to know her so he morphed into a delicious Donut hoping she would notice him, but she did not. Thinking hard whats more desirable than a donut, maybe an Eclair, so he morphed away but did not get her attention again. He grew upset and morphed into his favorite dessert, Frozen Yogurt. Eating away he didn’t notice his sexy neighbor coming over, turns out she loves Frozen Yogurt too. Happy as ever their relationship grew, but all was not well. His sexy neighbor began to grow and lose her shape and well frankly become a hideous hairy beast with buckteeth and a tail but not a regular tail this was a frontal tail with spikes on the end and lightning shooting out of it, he knew he’d have to run away, fast. So remembering the story his parents told him, he morphed into the Gingerbread Man and ran as fast and as hard as he could. Months passed and he grew into his new life away from that hideous beast, getting over her he knew he’d have to find a rebound bot, so off to the club he went. Loud music pounding and girls aplenty, all of his friends were there and he was having a great time but something was missing he just could not place it. Drinking away he started to get really drunk and notice a sexy bee across the dance floor giving him the eye, so off he went straight through the dance floor, he started doing his favorite dance move which was the push lawnmower, then he did the sprinkler, and finally pulled the sexy bee girl in with the fish hook. Being as drunk as he was he thought it would be a good idea to morph into Honeycomb cause the she be all over him. Well it turned out to be a very bad idea cause the bee girl turned out to be a transvestite and started sticking him right there with his stinger, it hurt so much that he passed out and started to dream about Ice Cream Sandwiches….
    To Be Continued….

  327. The super power to replace ios on the iphone

  328. Super Power….hmm….To fly? Why not, doesn’t everyone want to fly? Or maybe to turn invisible, it would be the worst case of “where’d I leave my phone?”

  329. Chuck. Norris. Roundhouse. Kick.

  330. His superpower should be to be able to grow long flowing blonde hair at will. What could be better than having Andy riding a magnificent horse down a beach , white see through shirt half open with his magnificent hair whisping in the summer breeze, Fabio style, while lovingly looking into your eyes and giving you…an ice cream sandwich?

    [email protected]

  331. If the Android Robot could have 1 “super power”, it would be the power of having thumbs so it could enjoy all of the awesome games the Tegra Zone has to offer!!!

  332. How about the ability to destroy the fragmentation within it’s own market.

  333. Andy’s superpower would be to make a phone that would always be able to update its OS and upgrade its hardware by itself therfore abolishing to need to ever upgrade to a new phone through one’s carrier! THEN WOULD DOMINATION WOULD BE OURS!… I mean, yeah… that would be sweet…

  334. The best superpower for Android Robot would be a secret quantum computer processor and chipset embedded in his circuits. this would allow for multiple avenues of innovation and efficiency on a timescale that could churn out new technology faster than “the other guys”.

    Given that the Android Robot is a super hero (whence it comes from that the android robot has a super power), this quantum computing ability would not be abused by anyone other than Android Robot and to whom it sees fit to delegate his awesomeness to.

    think of the possibilties! from brute-force decoding your forgotten password to get into your google account to finding cancer mitigation! Even solving the world-wide economic recession is within Android Robot’s reach with quantum computing!

  335. The Android Robot would have the ability to emit a million-mile radius E.M.P., or ElectroMagnetic Pulse, taking out every single data-streaming device on earth, including satellites. Andy’s glossy, green, magical, metallic coat shields him from these waves. This way, the almighty Android is master of his domain. He frequently threatens Nokia, Apple, and RIM for being his smartphone competitors. Goodbye television; hello evil overlord.

  336. To [email protected]
    Android’s robot should be able to posses electronic devices to make them run better, faster and add software to the device and be able to shape-shift into various devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. (for his true identity to be unknown)

  337. The Android Robot could dispense delicious desserts to all mankind therefore ending world hunger and at the same time causing users of inferior devices to drop and break them in their rush to taste the delights of the Android!

  338. If the Android robot could have one super power it would be, the ability to save the patent system from abuse of companies who can’t create products to compete with others, so they have to sue over “infringement.”

  339. In a world, where patent trolls and electronic fruit companies attack from all sides, one robot stands out to save the day. One robot shall overcome the tyranny of the evil Darth Jobs. One robot to rule the……… You get the point. Only one super power can defeat these menacing enemies. And that super power gives our robot the ability to make their underwear suddenly appear on the outside. Evil doers beware!! You have been warned!!

  340. The android robot should have the ability to make Steve Jobs shit his diaper on demand. :o

  341. The power to open-source everything it touches! Like the Midas touch :)

  342. let android have the power to invalidate apple’s thinness patent in Europe so i can buy myself a galaxy tab, otherwise im just gonna have to win one

  343. Make the Robot half orange and call him Aquaman!! Wait..does anyone know if he has any superpowers besides talking to Dolphins!!

  344. The power of GREYSKULL!!!!!!!!!

  345. A gentle wave of hand…”Steve, I’m not the Droid you’re looking for”…

    Steve: It’s ok Germany and Australia, this isn’t the Droid I was looking for.

  346. The only super power android needs is to be an android. Android by definition is a super powered OS. Android can already do it all!!

  347. Hi

  348. I’d keep it simple and give andy the power of persuasion.. not only will it help him defend himself his followers and his platform but he will never have to worry bout not getting lucky tonight :)

  349. The android super power should be the ability to spin records like daft punk. Funky Android Beats. He would win over the masses with his righteous DJ abilities and put the world on notice that the robots are taking over! wiki-scratch, wiki-scratch, wiki wiki-android-scratch. ANDROID DUB STEP REMIX!!! Working 4 turntables at a time!

  350. Android robot needs the power to recognize and change lame or ridiculous ringtones. No more gangsta rap suddenly blasting from some middle-aged soccer mom’s phone in the middle of the PTA meeting.

  351. The robots super power would be mind reading. Then my new galaxy tablet that your going to send me would know what music to play through the jambox that your going to send me. All without have to touch them.

  352. The best android power would be the power to rot certain kinds of fruit.

  353. If the android robot could have 1 superpower…

    “…how ’bout the power to kill a yak? from 200 yards away! With mind bullets! That’s telekinesis, Kyle!”

  354. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the power to develop human emotions. Maybe then, little Andy would feel a little remorse when he takes a “bite” out of the competition ;)

  355. The power to be a Super Droid, and it’s super power would be “Imagination Cloning”, the ability to be programed thru our own imagination and transform to any android device we can imagine up, but u can only use the latest technology released to customize it

  356. Android Robot supper Power would be:

    The ability to unlock any bootloader the big carriers could come up with! Saving the headaches of all the android citizens!

  357. Andys super power would be to squash the world wide frivolous patent lawsuits that slow down the production and release of Android hardware or software!

  358. Not heat vision but… [suspenseful bracket text]… treat vision!

    You know, the same Andy that we know and love, except that he would be able to squint, look like he’s concentrating very hard, and then shoot donuts out of his eyes.
    Or cupcakes, eclairs, frozen yogurt, gingerbread snacks, honeycombs, or even the fabled ice cream sandwiches. It makes for a hilarious image in my brain-display, anyway!

    And please don’t dock me points for not jumping on the “I hate iOS/patent law/Steve Jobs” bandwagon ;)

    1. Was just checking on my account, and Disqus looks bugged for me, as well. rutherford.atlas [at] gmail [dot] com!

  359. His one superpower should be to turn any other devices into Android devices, and to unlock the bootloaders of locked down fellow Androids. He’d be like a Peter Pandroid >:D

  360. The ability to make Apple disappear

  361. The little green guy generates an electromagnetic field that, in “compatible” people, causes communities and awesome phones/tablets to be built. In “incompatible” people, it causes jealousy (often disguised as fan-boy/girl-ishness aimed in other directions) and a desire to sue.

  362. Transforming into a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig (how much more powerful could you be?!?!?)

  363. The Android Robot’s super power would be an immunity to patent infringement.


  364. If the Android Robot had one superpower, it would definitely have to be the ability to kal-el (kill all) of it’s competitors.
    [[email protected]]

    1. why would people like a post? it only makes it stand out more & reduces your chance of winning

      1. There you go, now you stand out too buddy. A power to make buddies…that’d cool

  365. It would have the power to turn apples and blackberries into frogs (with only the kiss of princess Leia having the power to turn them back).

  366. Super Speed.

    Oh wait, NVIDIA already gave it that power with the Tegra 2.

  367. The ability to banish Forced Closes from existence.

  368. Android Man’s Super Power is the ability to morph into Exactly what we need.
    See below!

    Android Man Superhero Mashup – You Know the Tunes
    Android Man…Android Man,
    Does it better than Apple can
    Surfs the web, any size
    Caches files, man it flies!
    Look out! Here comes the Android Man!

    Is he strong? Listen bud-
    He’s got Linux powered blood.
    Can he stream, while in bed?
    Take a look…it’s the Walking Dead.
    Hey there! There goes the Android Man!

    Faster than an IOS sheeple,
    More powerful than a Research in Motion
    Able to heap kernels in a single bound…it’s Android Man!

    Flash! ah-ahh!
    Savior of Open Source!
    Flash! ah-ahh!
    He’s custom for all of us!
    Flash! ah-ahh!
    Wait, there’s another ROM?
    Flash! ah-ahh!
    King of the impossible!


    I am Android Man…

    Is he on your mind?
    Or are you one of those Apple Kind?
    Do you want it all?
    Or rather join iPhone in it’s fall?

    Android Man Lives Again!

  369. Android Robots already f****ing print money. What more could you want?

  370. He would have the power of The One. Neo Green would then be able to control the Matrix and free the people from the “glamor” of iOS.

  371. The power to be able to pick a single entry in this thread. So many good ones here

  372. When I got my first Android phone more than a year ago, my friends all asked me why I was buying into Google’s new smartphone platform instead of sticking with a tried and tested one. It’s hard to imagine this now, but most people I knew hadn’t even heard of Android yet at the time. They all carried iPhones, Blackberrys and Nokias. But I knew Google had big plans for their little upstart OS, and I remember looking my friends straight in their skeptical eyes and telling them: Android will take over the world. (Not in the Skynet kinda way, of course! :p)

    Fast forward to today.

    Now, as the outright leader in terms of OS market share, and with about 500,000 new activations daily, and the ability to be used in all sorts of devices including phones, tablets, smart TVs, watches and even home appliances, Android truly is on the way to taking over the world. And in a benign and open way too – adding unparalleled functionality and power to otherwise mundane devices of any kind, and allowing us to benefit in the process.

    So forget about a super power Android *could* have. This is a super power it actually *does* have, and i am so glad that our little green friend is more than happy to share it with us :-)

    Now, when can we start seeing Android on robots?

    marcusleejh at gmail dot com

  373. The Android Robot would have the power to give the XOOM its 4G upgrade.

  374. The one superpower should be the ability all nearby iPhones make crying sounds and display tears (which should look real on the “Retina” display, right?) to convey the regret the owner of said iDevices feels after playing with the newest Android flagship. Or the ability to make Steve Jobs stop declaring that everything Apple does is revolutionary, like multitasking and cut and paste.

  375. He has the ability to continuously evolve into a better android. He’s always evolving better and more features, keeping ahead of the curve and the evil apple bot.

  376. The Super Powered Super Android would have the ability to continually power up, it constantly grows and becomes more powerful each time it battles, like a Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z! The more competition you throw at the Droid, the stronger and faster and better it comes back at you! It can never be defeated, for it is indefinite in power and ability to learn/grow! He/she/it…is the best an will always remain the best if ever contended!

    [email protected]

  377. The Super Powered Super Android would have the ability to continually power up, it constantly grows and becomes more powerful each time it battles, like a Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z! The more competition you throw at the Droid, the stronger and faster and better it comes back at you! It can never be defeated, for it is indefinite in power and ability to learn/grow! He/she/it…is the best an will always remain the best if ever contended!

    PLus my 25th birthday is on Aug27th so it would be really cool to win and finally own a tablet device! Haha especially an awesome android powered device! Cheers and best of luck to all the other commenters :)

    [email protected]

    1. Didnt mean to post twice! Hadnt finished my write up, login fail! Lol

  378. It should have the ability to kick ass…as Android is a kick ass OS :)

  379. The power to race. So he can show off his speed and power!!!
    (and yes this is my car that I made today using Nascar The Game 2011)

  380. Deep underground, Andy the Android breaks into Steve Jobs vault, filled to the brim with patents! At the same time a truck filled with radioactive goo crashes and spills, leaking down into the vault! Andy trips and falls into a giant stack of patents, becoming drenched in the radioactive goo.

    Andy, alarmed by what happened, rushes out and escapes the Apple refinement, making it safely back to Google headquarters! Andy, hangs is head is sadness as he did not get what he set out to, but soon realizes, he now has the power to print patents strait out of his butt! Andy can now protect the livelihood and longevity of his Android brethren, and keep the Evil Steve Jobs at Bay!

    Until next time!

    [email protected]

  381. If Android could have one superpower then it would be to transform into a Terminator and save us all from the evil Cupertino Skynet!

  382. Andy needs to have cloning powers. They’ll be Original Andy, Cyanogenmod Andy, MIUI Andy, Moto Andy, Touchwiz Andy, and Sense Andy.

  383. If the Android robot could only have one power it would be to shoot patent trolls in the face with lasers shot from its eyes.

  384. The best coolest power Andy could have would be the same as Boo from Dragon Ball Z. Turn your opponent into a Desert and eat them!! Picture Andy chowing down on a giant Steve Jobs Cookie, an Oracle fortune cookie, and Windows Phone lollypop!

  385. Why would the Android Robot need a Super Power? Hes already the best so he doesn’t need any Super Powers. Hes just a normal Robot blessed enough to be the best there is cause he runs ANDROID!!!! and nobody can do anything about that. Now don’t even think about making him mad cause everybody knows that deep down in his cute looking exterior there’s a powerful beast inside that’s ready to be unleashed as soon as its called upon in the time of need.

    [email protected]

  386. With a apron as his cape he’s chef Andy! Super power was cooking up all our sweet os’s. Gingerbread was my favorite. Yum

  387. If Andy had one power it would have to be the power to time shift so that it could bring back amazing technology from the future to further enhance our list of Android desserts!

  388. The best super power would be the ability to grant infinite power to any android device! This way we can keep using our favorite devices forever without ever needing to part with them due to a dead battery or a cord!

  389. Android already has a superpower, its the ability to run on almost anything. Its super power of “adaptability” has helped it take over the smart phone market. With Ice cream, this power will be amazing because it will run on both tablet and phone.

    [email protected]

  390. The ability to develop any app that the user thinks would be handy on the spot. Without any bugs, something that works perfectly every time.

  391. I would like to use the Android Robot’s superpower to wirelessly charge my Galaxy S2 and provide true 4G speed (1Gb/s download).

  392. The green Android will have the power to repel ironic Apples.

  393. The Android robot would have the power to control time – freezing it every time a “competitor” (I use that term loosely) releases an upgrade to their OS to produce a superior product seemingly instantly to the release that is backward compatible on devices built within the last two years, ensuring us mere mortals never again have to labor under another 2yr contract upgrade period.

    Of course with great power comes great responsibility, but since it is the Android Robot it can be trusted to be beyond reproach.

  394. If the Android robot could have 1 super power, it would be the ability to walk on water, just like his distant relative jesus.

  395. The ability to break people out of Apple’s walled garden

  396. Android: a real american love story

  397. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the ability to walk on water, just like his distant relative Jesus.

  398. The Android Robot would be the Multiple Man of OSes. He’s multiply and spread himself everywhere until everyone succumbs to his potential and durability.

  399. The Android Robot should have super power of being able to balance the Federal Budget. This would actually be too great a power to even consider it a super power and would be in a class by itself. This power would allow the further proliferation of powerful Android devices leading to Android world domination.

  400. The BugDroid (as Xavier says it is so aptly named) should be given a power that fits his name, thus, he should have the ability to tap into a Developer’s IDE and help SQUASH the bugs that pester us dev’s on a daily basis! (You thought I was going to say morph into a bug, didn’t you! Gotcha!)

    not sure if my email is tied to this if I sign in using google account, it’s thoms.ucsc at gmail

  401. He would destroy all of the patent trolls that instead of innovating just try to sue and destroy him.

  402. The Android robot’s most awesome super power would be making me win this contest. Oh and something about world peace or whatever.

  403. The Android Robot should have spiral eyes that spin in reverse to dezombiefy all the apple zombies so they can realize that they are buying inferior products, and not some magic boxes that apple invented.

  404. Andy the robot has a unique super power, many others have come close to discovering that one special power, but i am here to tell u.

    I see a lot of comments that say Andy likes to “Eat” a certain “healthy” product, which ever overpriced product that may be, and while said product travels through the bowels that is our beloved friend, TRANSFORMS it into a delectable desert.

    Our friend, Andy the Robot, does not wish to TOUCH nor even EAT of the prodcuts named after fruit for they would give him “bad reception” during bowel movements, no he merely stares….OH YES, STARES HIS MIGHTY FOE DOWN and while concentrating with all his might and mind and thinking of the most delicous of desserts and snacks and of how his enemy is so slow on developing their own products with features such as a “notification bar”, HE VANQUISHES HIS ENEMY AND TURNS HIM INTO AN OH SO INTANTILIZING DELICACY!!

    But i see that many of u believe he turns his foe into an Ice Cream Sandwich, but Andy does not move as fast as me or you….HE MOVES FASTER, AND HAS FOES ALREADY INTO ICE CREAM SANDWICHS FOR OCTOBER (rumor)…, Andy is now at work HARNESSING his power for something even better….maybe some “J”ellybeans

  405. Fiscal responsibility.

  406. Our little green friend has the power to…
    Moonwalk! Moonwalk? What else is the #1 OS supposed to do., it already does everything. But totally seriously, to walk on the moon would be pretty awesome.

  407. Andy should have to the power to transform anything into anything he wants to. That way, he can turn any iPhone user into an Android user. :D

  408. Andy’s Super Power should be the power to feel like a real woman…because everyone needs a robot with the ability to PMS whenever the situation warrants a hostile response.

  409. If the android robot had 1 super power, It would have the power to go back in time to have an android device before the iphone was even thought of.

  410. Advanced precognition to be able to predict when new devices are actually coming out for real.

  411. The Android Robot should have the power to embed worms in any apple, and/or shatter windows with his voice.

  412. the robot would have the power to “sense” what (i)cant

  413. something like offering an internalize web like i mean
    world wise like an all knowing super Matrix
    the real power of Google

  414. If the Android Robot could have one power it would be:

    The power to solve this countries economical problems, if humans can’t fix it then maybe a green little Android robot can. ; )

  415. Its pretty simple, Android doesnt need one, there competitors do. RIM needs the power of immortality cause right now there dead in the water. Windows craves the power of duplicity, so they can actually duplicate more sales and start making money on there own OS instead of HTC android purchases. Oh and let us not forget Apple and there fearless leader Mr. Jobs who thinks they already poses every super power ever handed out, what with there mind controlling ads and invisible pixelating screens, not to mention there precognitive ability to see into the future and give us all earth shattering features never seen before.
    With all that said, i guess one super power does come to mind that would be perfect for Android, the power of invulnerability, cause with there constant market growth and steadfast innovation timeliness, the competition has realized they’ve been knocked out, and its time to get up and play dirty.

  416. If “Dandy Andy” as I call him, had a super power it would be X-Ray vision, to help see through and expose the evil ways of “The Dirty Core” aka CrApple,. Live It, Love It, Phandroid-Life……

  417. The 1 super power Android should have would be the power of mind control. Mind control would be awesome because Android could 1) Have Steve Jobs bow down to Android and 2) Make Steve Jobs wear something other than that turtle neck he always wears…

  418. I think the perfect super power for the Android Robot would be to be able to Core any Apple that comes within reach of it’s Bluetooth radio. It’d be like neutering Stevie.

  419. How about the power to kill a Mac from 200 yards away… WITH MIND BULLETS!

  420. I think when asked the question “What super power would you have if you could have any?” nearly everyone picks the ability to freeze time and I think we all know FULL WELL why.

  421. The little dude’s ability should be to infect iPhones. When it infects these user’s phones it shows them the ways of Android. Turn by turn navigation, true multitasking, and flash video content. Slowly, the world will learn why Android is so much better than iOS.

  422. He should have all kinds of powers! What powers you ask? I dunno, how ’bout the power of flight? That do anything for ya? That’s levitation holmes.

  423. The Android Robot should have the super power to imbue intelligence upon any stupid person that calls for tech support(not to be confused with someone that calls for legitimate support reasons).

    “Hello, Android Robot. I can’t watch TV. The screen is blank and it looks like the power is off.” *sparkle sparkle sparkle* “OMG! TY, Android Robot. I now understand that I should turn on my tv. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before calling you.” *sparkle sparkle sparkle* “Thank you, Android Robot. My increased intelligence has led me to feel ashamed that I actually spoke those abbreviations and I will stop doing it.”

  424. Apple Coring – Dismiss false patent suitswith a single swipe…

  425. The android robot should have the power to control iphone lovers and make them part of the android army

  426. Formed from a drunken union between Oscar the Grouch and R2D2, the Android Robot was born. But he was no ordinary trademark cartoon. No! The potent mix of parentage left him with an amazing ability. A super power!! His pico-projector shows terribly filthy pornography starring a modern day Carrie Fisher while she’s singing the theme from the Star Wars Christmas special. Yes, it’s the power to make grown men cut out their own eyes and stuff them in their ears!!

  427. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power: The Android robot would have the power to turn other OS’s into the fruits that they are.. Apple into apples Blackberry into blackberries chew them up and spit them at Windows to make Windows 8: The stained glass collection since thats all Windows is good for! :D

  428. The only super power Android needs is the ability to “Spawn more Overloards.” Android has obviously hit its current unit cap. Why else would the Galaxy Tab 10.1 be prevented from selling in Australia and Europe?

  429. Remember The Architect in Matrix Reloaded? The Android Robot’s powers should let us forget that movie was ever made.

  430. The power the Android Robot should have is MIND CONTROL!! That way anytime someone thinks of better systems, upgrades, apps, or anything that would make a phone more tech saavy, they would always introduce it via the Android and dry out all other markets like Pinky and the Brain and their famous quote (Pinky) “What are we going to do today Brain?” (Brain) “What we try to do everyday Pinky, try and take over the world!!” LOL!!

  431. It would have the ability to telepathically connect with everyone in the world all at once. If anyone needed to communicate with anyone else, in any way, it could make that happen. It would also show you the best deals on that thing you like…

  432. The robot’s power should be the ability to vaporize every iphone that comes within a 50′ radius.

  433. Android super power: FCC Clairvoyance – The ability to scan the entire FCC document library and instantly detect new submissions. Then through complex analysis, determine what new Andriod phones are going to be released and when. Robot then secretly emails the analysis and updates to Phandroid so they can be the first to publish the news. Robot has more power and programming logic than IBM’s Watson and can beat Watson at Jeopardy.

  434. The robot would posses the power of enlightenment. Bringing wisdom to the masses, freeing their minds. Also heat vision!

  435. If the Android robot had a super power? He does have a super power. It’s the power to let you do whatever you want with your smartphone…well, virtually.

    but seriously, I think he should have the power to bring me a grilled chicken sandwich. I would really like a grilled chicken sandwich right about now.

  436. Mr. Android Bot would have the ability to stream anything to any electronic device at any moment, any where. Sending hilarious awesome videos to you, or great movies that are even still in theater. This would be his power, and he would love this power, and we would love him more for this POWER!!

  437. …2 chicks at the same time…

  438. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be to eat anything apple in its way and turn it into some wonderful apple cider for us all to enjoy!

  439. The Android Robot’s superpower is being open, which means you choose any superpower he can have. And you can change your choice anytime.
    E-mail: [email protected]

  440. The Android Robot would have the power to time travel, so he could become the Androidinator and go back in time to kill Steve Jobs leader of the apple resistance, giving Android complete global dominance.

  441. Andy Robot’s super power would be speed cooking, so he good could keep cooking up delicious treats quicker! I doubt people run for Fruits when it comes to dessert.

  442. #1 SUPER power would be the ability to shape shift: Then it could shift into any iOS device while still running android OS / after people used the device for a week and went WOW this is frick’in sweet it would shift back into a full Android device. Then all the closed minded people would actually use Android and fall in love with it.

    Honorable mention: Adamantium exoskeleton so when I drop my devices they wil remain unscathed :)

  443. WIZARDROID!!….the power of a wizard to destroy the Oracle, eat the Apple and stomp hard on the MicroSoft

  444. Andy the robot should have the power of regeneration like Wolverine of XMEN fame. God knows I’ve shed a tear or two after watching my phone slip from my grip and fall to the floor!

  445. The ability to cook Apple pies!

  446. If the android robot could have one super power it would be the power of nano technology. So that it can repair its self and upgrade its own hardware as new technologies emerge, enabling it stay on the bleeding edge of technology for what ever purpose it seems fit to accomplish. extra email just in case: [email protected]

  447. Donate that superpower to a kid in the make a wish foundation… because we all know curing cancer is the only true obstacle facing android. And let’s face it, the youth is our future.

  448. The android robot doesn’t need a super power, it’s already awsome(Everything iDon’t, DROID DOES!!)…but if I had to give it one it either would be the ability to break the mind control that Apple has over its customers or the ability to end device fragmentation(maybe by making it so carriers cant slow down updates).
    Or get rid of apples lawers and patents

  449. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, what would it be and why?

    Simple, the power to travel backward in time and arrive a couple years before Steve Jobs announces the iphone revolutionizing the mobile industry and allowing a slew of developers to ignore apple products and instead code with our little green buddy.

  450. Litigation Laser would be the best super power for the Android robot! Wherever, whenever….. No matter the day or hour or courtroom, Litigation Laser would seek out and zap any and all Apple lawsuits against Android tablets!

  451. He is able to transform into a car and join the autobot in transformers 4 and defeat the evil apple that transforms into garbage well it is a garbage! :)

  452. If it could have one power it would have the power to OTA push, to ANY smartphone, to have the latest and greatest, Android 3.2 and have control of it. Thus taking over anything that can be run by android!

    [email protected]

  453. if the Android robot could have one super power.
    It would be Brainiac’s “12th-level intellect”

  454. Thurgood Jenkins once said “Abba Zaba, you my only friend.” So what better way for Android to make sure everyboby has at least one friend, than to make Abba Zaba’s for everyone. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t love to get one one of those.

    Sure, other people want to give Andy some type of apple destroying power or amazing tech specs, but those aren’t super powers. What is truly super is to create chewy, taffy with a peanut butter center which truly is “Long Lasting Fun!” for everybody.

  455. A freeze time power to do over on messed up texts

  456. If the Android robot had a super power it would have to be the ability to be brutally honest without being labeled a jerk or a dick. That is absolute power.

  457. Change colors. He doesn’t have to be green with envy. All others should be envious!

  458. The Android Robot would have the power to time travel, so he could become the Androidinator and go back in time to kill Steve Jobs leader of the apple resistance, giving Android complete global dominance.

    1. sorry didn’t mean to enter more than once

  459. The ability to grow a penis. He deserves to be able to “get some of that Apple rear” literally as well as metaphorically.

  460. The Android Robot would have the power to time travel, so he could become the Androidinator and go back in time to kill Steve Jobs leader of the apple resistance, giving Android complete global dominance.

  461. The Android Robot would have the power to time travel, so he could become the Androidinator and go back in time to kill Steve Jobs leader of the apple resistance, giving Android complete global dominance.

  462. If it could have a superpower it would be to fly around to all Android devices, upgrading them all to IceCream Sandwich. Then it would use the IceCream Sandwiches it would have used across Europe to crush Apple’s lawyers and iPads. And then, of course, leave us some extra IceCream Sandwiches!

    [email protected]

  463. Evil Genius like the Brain from Pinky and the Brain. Andy would have his own theme music and show on the WB.

    Andy and the Droids,
    They’re Andy and the Droids,
    Yes Andy and the Droids.
    They’re overtaking the world, like a massive hurricane
    They’re incredibly nice
    Every carriers prized device
    They’re Andy and the Droids, Droids, Droids, Droids
    Droids, Droids, Droids, Droids, Droids.

    Before each month is gone
    New devices released in a whirl
    They’ll sell by the ton
    and they’ll take over the world

    They’re Andy and the droids
    Yes Andy and the droids
    Their Smartphone Campaign
    Is easy to explain
    to prove their mobile worth
    They’ll take over the earth

    They’re Handy

    Andy and the droids, droids, droids…… Narf :)

    [email protected]

  464. Android should have Doctor Manhattan’s powers over matter and energy.

    This will solve all our battery woes (limitless energy), existing phones can just reconstruct themselves to get the latest features, and of course a 60ft glowing blue pen^w android phone will solve all the patent problems from cupertino one way or another.

  465. how about a realistic power like every android able to update to the latest iteration of android as soon it releases.

  466. If Andy could have a single super power, it would be the ability to be impervious to frivolous patent lawsuits and to protect it’s manufacturing partners from licensing fees from companies that can no longer innovate. chrisfsullivan at our favorite g mail

    1. I was right!! They did it, they bought Motorola and gave Andy his powers!!

  467. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the ability to win Apple patent disputes in court. SUPER DROID LAWYER! unclepaul24 at gmail

  468. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be the ability to fly because all it would have to do is fly sky high from the competition!

  469. Super Android Robot would be able to mass produce awesome Android tablets and sell them at reasonable price points (ie less than ipads). Seriously, get your ish together Android Robot. Appzilla is out there roaming the streets of Tokyo and you have to uppercut it or something. Maybe Super Android would be able to start by giving “someone” (ahem) a tablet at the best price point possible (free!).

  470. If the Android Robot has a super power, it would be to hide behind a slower Java operating system just to be equal to iPhone 4.

    [email protected]

  471. The Android Robot’s super power would be the ability to grow larger or smaller a-la Ant Man, sneak into small spaces or crush big ones :)

    [email protected]

  472. The Android Robot will have the power to repel fruits, such as Apples, Mangos, Black Berries, and such. I think it already has that power tho lol. And for Apple lovers, yes, this robot does come in white, too! ;)

  473. If the Android Robot could have one super power, it would be to dream of electric sheep. Why is this a great super power for the Android Robot? Because it would make him more human, and therefore a better android.

  474. If the Android Robot could have one super power, I would pick multiplication. Similar to that episode of Futrama where Bender kept multiplying into two smaller and smaller and infinitely smaller clones; Eventually overtaking everything. The Android robot should have that super power.

  475. The Android Robot should have the power of Mindcontrol.
    Make the one-who-should-not-be-named(Jobs! I named.) switch the iDevices to Android. iAndroid 5!

  476. The ability to channle people from the dead so we can have Johnny Cochranto beat crApple!

  477. If an Android robot had one super power, it would have to be Telepathy so that it can comunicate by thought alone and let SteveJobs to choke on an apple…… oh wait, does apple have a paten for that….

    ([email protected])

  478. If Andy could have one super power it would be to make the law makers in all nations see sense and get rid of software patents.

    Patents where implemented to foster innovation so an inventor could take the time to go through the long process of getting something to work and get in to production without some company swooping in and saying oh I see you have solved that problem thank you now I will go in to mass production.

    Software on the other hand should always be free if we release early and release often we can all work on the problems together and come up with the best solution. Software can be worked on in multiple locations easily without the need for complex manufacturing.

    Currently to get anywhere as a software company it is not how you innovate it is how you litigate small companies are becoming weary of innovation in case they accidently step on someones patent.

    Case and point what is going on now with the samsung gallaxy tab 10.1. So it is clear that software patents need to go and who better to dispense with them than a cute little green robot :)

  479. If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be to destroy Steve jobs and the whole Apple corporation..

  480. My father used to tell me “the problem with computers is that they always do exactly what you tell them to”. The Android robot definitely needs the superpower to know what I WANT to do, rather than what I TOLD my phone do.

  481. The ability to unbrainwash apple’s isheep and bring them to the proper army. The ANDROID ARMY!!!

  482. The power to destroy iOS.

  483. If Andy, our beloved hero had any superpower, it would be the power to evolve. He would further enhance himself in any way aided by the needs of the many to provide whatever someone lacks. His ability constantly renews him and makes him even better than he was before, allowing him to crush his oppressive opponents.

  484. The ability to find that missing piece of the Apple, form the Apple back a whole and end the bitterness it suffers from having been missing that part all along. @phandroid @nvidiategra

  485. If Andy the Android Robot could have 1 super power, it would be…

    The power to shoot IQ points at iTard cult members, allowing them to finally break free of the dark Apple Kool-Aid spell.

  486. The ability to be a real boy or girl

  487. The power of openness. AND super epic awesomeness laser swords that can core and apple with a single swipe :)

    ([email protected])


  489. Why give it new powers? It already evolves faster than the speed of Sense and will soon even out smart the ‘Wiz (as in Touchwiz)!

  490. The power to give the little android is to destroy all apple products

  491. We know the Android robot is fast and strong (Mmm… dual-core *drools). He can already appear in different shapes and sizes. He can also be in many places simultaneously.

    His most needed ability (which I believe he’s practicing as I type this…) is to be able to pull all of his many forms together to exponentially increase his strength, speed and, of course, desirability.

    Excuse me, there’s Ice Cream melting in the kitchen.

  492. The ability to understand doesn’t matter what race or ethnicity you are and being able to help that person in the way that they need….That is indeed a super power far greater than any other.

  493. If android could have one superpower it should have the ability to transform into a Bionic Chuck Norris, then it could have unlimited tag lines.