Limited Edition Tab Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxed at Google I/O


After hearing word that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be given away to every Google IO attendee, we headed over to the long line of eager recipients, graciously accepted the box, and brought it swiftly to a table for an unboxing:

I really like the white back with Android Robots but can only guess this is exclusive to the limited edition Google I/O version. We’re looking forward to powering it up for an extended period of time and putting it through the paces, but for now we’ve got more Google IO goodness to cover. Stay tuned for more coverage of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Google Music, Google Movies, Google TV, and pretty much Google everything!

Rob Jackson
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  1. No, Its too sexy!
    But I must

    1. I am going to try to buy one of these. I bought the limited edition Google Ion that Google gave away at I/O 2009.

  2. I have to get my hands on one of these.

  3. It’s gorgeous! I love the androids on the back!

  4. I can’t wait to get it… lol

  5. Hmm so thin, its awesome. cant wait for some speed test and Comparison.

  6. lol at how many of them are already on ebay and what people are trying to sell them for.

  7. I think I will want this in black on WiFi…

  8. Just got my Asus Transformer a few days ago….but this is looking pretty nice lol.

  9. Doubt i win but i signed up and called 8 of my friends which also signed up

  10. Oh I can has want. Hopefully my email is chosen :D

  11. You are some lucky bastards, I tell you that. I have an Asus Transformer and I think I will get myself a Samsung Tab 10.1 as well.

    Now Asus, where the hell is 3.1 Honeycomb for my current tablet? :-)

  12. I want this pretty bad. I have been looking for a tablet and I think this is what I’m going to get, one way or another (subtle hint!).

  13. I hate to hate, but I hate you all

    1. Haters gonna ha… Yea, I’m with you!!! :)

  14. I’m loving that

  15. Goodbye Xoom, hello Galaxy!!!

  16. This is amazing, can’t wait to try it myself for some testing…if I only had it!

    Been testing Android since the HTC G1…now it has Android 2.2.1 but nothing comparable to this!

  17. I would love if they kept that back on the Galaxy Tab full production model

  18. Rob Jackson, is this a Tegra2 or Exynos platform? Please let us know.

    1. Android Police gave it a spin and the Quadrant benchmark reports an nVidia GPU. So, unfortunately, it’s the slower Tegra 2 that’s inside. But that was to be expected as Honeycomb has been heavily optimized for that specific SoC and might take some time to be available as a more universal version.

      1. Tegra2 – dissapointed.
        Can you _please_ run few 720p trailers/movies encoded in H.264 high profile? (95% of them)either ones (pirated versions) from rapidshare/filesonic/fileserve… or ones from to try the 6Mbps nVidia Tegra2 HW limitation of H.264 decoding?AFAIK, hundreds of users complaining can’t be wrong, and Tegra2 makes HD collection of movies unplayable (it will play them but won’t handle decoding properly – “slideshow like performance”).Most of HD movies are encoded (due to space constraints) as high profile ones (and obviously, H.264 is the codec of choice!).Exynos platform doesn’t have this limitation as it can even play Full HD(1080p) without any problem, and my Galaxy Tab plays 720p smoothly as well.

  19. be gentle with my baby

  20. be gentle with my baby

  21. I’ve been deciding on a tablet, winning a limited edition would be extra sweet!!!

  22. No micro sd is a potential deal breaker … Was really looking forward to this.

    1. get the fat one then… damn some people cant be please with slim

      1. it has nothing to do with fat or slim…the device SHOULD have a micro SD card slot (as indicated in specs released at the same time as the pricing for these devices…and YES I mean slim device).

        For all we know, however, it could still have the micro sd card inside somewhere.

  23. Oh how I wish I could have one of those!

  24. No USB, no HDMI out, no SD, no microsd……sounds like Samsung is looking for more lawsuits with apples design model.

  25. doesn’t the galaxy tab 10.1 have the accessory to enable it to read micro-sd cards?

  26. Maybe it’s a refurbished version. That’s why they gave it for free. Hahahaha!!!

  27. Did anyone else notice that the androids are arranged in a honeycomb pattern on the back??

  28. SWEET

  29. I love this tab, but if no Netflix, still a dealbreaker.

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