Latest Virgin Mobile Ad Campaign Goes Right After T-Mobile


Sprint has launched a new ad campaign for Virgin Mobile that goes directly for T-Mobile’s jugular. In true in-your-face fashion, Virgin Mobile mimics T-Mobile’s commercials that feature Carly trying to downplay AT&T’s network and the iPhone, ironic given their current engagement.

Virgin Mobile clearly points out the fact that T-Mobile is about to be bought by the carrier who is dead last in customer satisfaction. Because of that, they think you should join their network with lower prices instead.

Timing is key here, folks – Virgin is striking at T-Mobile at a time where their future is in limbo. T-Mobile and AT&T don’t even know how the acquisition talks will turn out for quite some time, so preying on their customers’ uncertainty is smart. It’s a win-win for them, in my eyes.

If T-Mobile merges with AT&T, Virgin Mobile will have strengthened their spot even further, giving them a good chance to be the new “#4”. If T-Mobile fails to be acquired, Virgin Mobile probably gains a few more customers and the only losses they incur are on the ad campaign it itself.

It’s unclear if Sprint and Virgin Mobile will continue this campaign if the judge denies AT&T and T-Mobile’s proposal. Alongside uncertainty in AT&T talks, Virgin Mobile is also touting their value plans as reason why T-Mobile customers should flock.

The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is how Virgin Mobile now considers T-Mobile a direct competitor. Although their prepaid plans may mimic postpaid plans in terms of how customers pay for and receive service, Virgin Mobile is still a prepaid carrier at the end of the day.

The biggest thing to take into consideration there is the cost of admission – T-Mobile users can get the devices they want for less, while Virgin Mobile customers have to pay for their phones outright. A lot of people get phones – smartphone or otherwise – based on out-of-pocket costs, and T-Mobile gives consumers the ability to get set up without paying anything, if they so choose.

In any case, Virgin Mobile is getting aggressive and it comes as no surprise considering their owner has openly denounced the proposed merge between the 2nd and 4th largest carriers. The video’s above for your enjoyment.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Why are the lame AT&T guys in these commercials always bald? I’m offended as a balding man.

    1. Just shave it all off and work out so you don’t look like the guy in that commercial.


    2. Larry David would agree with you.

    3. You ever see those credit score adverts where the guy with the low credit score looks like Jason the serial killer with a mask, and husky and fat. Yeah, totally not cool !!

  2. Maybe they are going after T-Mobile’s prepaid customers?

  3. lmfaoooooooo

  4. “I’m contractually obligated to enjoy this!”


  5. +1 Sprint!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If Virgin Mobile switched to GSM I would switch in a heartbeat. Just because I like the option of switching SIM cards and having more device options without having to attempt to flash it to their network. The day that Virgin gets a Nexus device or starts carrying high end devices I will switch over.

    Who cares about cheaper devices with a contract. I would much rather pay the unsubsidized price and pay less for the rest of the year.

    1. thank you! I feel exactly the same way

    2. “Who cares about cheaper devices with a contract. I would much rather pay the unsubsidized price and pay less for the rest of the year.”

      Thats what I do with T-mobile.

  7. If that’s not full of win then I don’t know what is!

    1. It’s full of lose. They neglect to mention you only get 300 minutes, no 4G, slow ass 3G, no night/weekend minutes, no mobile to mobile, and the Moto Triumph is their best phone. Pretty pathetic imo

  8. Im happy with my AT&T, and I have never had any problems at all with their customer service. They are always friendly and helpful.

  9. If I wanted Sprint, I would be with Sprint. I definitely don’t want to be paying to use someone who is paying to use someone else’s network. That’s just silly.

  10. she look better than that t-mobile girl ppl always fuckin trippin over

  11. Thats freakin bullshit, i love Carly!!!!!

  12. I will stick with T-Mobile. Virgin is no better the cricket IMO. Its not available all over. T-Mobile I can drive cross country with and lose signal in places I would expect too (say within a canyon or in a mountain area.) Virgin would be dead anywhere outside a major city. Plus if there are more customers using sprint’s network at the time you want to use it, your SOL. Your call gets bumped. I’ll stick with tmo, even if they do get bought out by att I will still be able to use my internet while talking on the phone. Can’t do that on sprints network, and you sure as hell can’t do it on virgins.

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