HTC Puccini To Be Unveiled September 1st?


Apparently, HTC has been busy sending out invitations for a big September 1st event but is remaining tight lipped on exactly what will be unveiled. According to those that have received an invite (we’re still waiting on ours) no device was mentioned. Seeing how HTC has yet to release a Honeycomb tablet this is leading many to assume this event could be centered around the launch of HTC’s first 10-inch tablet, the HTC Puccini, that’s been leaked all around the net lately. The device was originally rumored for a mid August launch but again, those were only rumors. Has anyone been holding out or excited to get their hands on this particular Honeycomb tablet?

[Via HTC Source]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’m no longer impressed with HTC. HTC still has not released Gingerbread for the thunderbolt. I don’t see why I would buy another product which will no longer be supported as of the day that it is released. I’m going to wait and see what the new Amazon tablets look like.

    1. Amazon tablets will be an Android abomination. HTC supports their phone’s pretty well. Just look how quick they are to update Sprint devices. Remember, a lot if this update business has to do with the carriers…

    2. Amazon tab will taint Android

  2. No. I am holding out on a 12″ Galaxy Tab w/out a proprietary port and a dual core exynos. A quad core exynos would be nice, but not necessary. That is what I am waiting for.

    1. 12 inches?!?!?! Have you held a 10-inch in your hand? It’s too small???? :O

      1. Not necessarily too small, but not big enough to replace my clunky laptop. I want a laptop replacement that is easier to carry to school and around the campus. I also want a screen size that will allow me to view most pages w/out zooming in & out. If Sammy, or HTC, made a nice shell that my soon-to-be Epic Touch-Within could dock into…(all puns intended), I would be a very happy consumer.

      2. thats what she said

  3. so far I’ve loved HTC devices which is the only reason I’m waiting for wifi version… I’ll be buying a tablet, so, HTC needs to make this an affordable and/or overwhelming device or I’ll be sending my $$$’s to another OEM…

  4. Yeah HTC lets see what else are going to be shown at this event (ruby, hero 4g, etc hey maybe evo 2 as well just a thought) hopefully htc makes it wifi as well with sexy sense honeycomb style.

    1. Yeah, hopefully this is a BIG event and they will at least show off some upcoming handsets like the Hero and Vigor? *fingers crossed*

  5. Anybody else think about a vagina-on-a-knee when they see this tablets name?

  6. This suspense is killing me cant take it any more. Just show the tablet already n reveal the price tag already.

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