Motorola Photon 4G Receives Leaked SBF (System Boot File) – Brings Bricked Devices Back From The Grave


If you’re a Photon 4G user and fancy yourself an Android modder you may be able to rest easy now that the “system boot file” for the device has been leaked onto XDA. This will essentially let users bring back to life hard bricked devices and give a gentle push to would be rooters now that they they have a way to jump start a bricked Photon. Here are the directions on how to apply from XDA:

http://www.multiupload.com/HPIO6K8XIK download and extract this file to somewhere you will not lose it…

to flash this you need rsdlite and drivers
64bit drivers…
Steps to flashing…

1. DL and install RSDLite and Driver package from link above
2. Power down your phone
3. On your phone hold vol up and power till you see RSD at the top of the screen
4. Launch RSDLite from your program menu on your pc/laptop
5. Press the “. . .” button next to the box labeled “Filename”
6. Load up the SBF file you extracted from the MR download
7. Plug your device into your computer RSDLite should recognize your phone right away if you installed the drivers from this link i provided
8. Press the “Start” button
9. Be patient…takes a while…will reboot a couple times so grab a beverage of choice…use the restroom…take out the dogs…whatever…
10. may require activation again…mine did so be sure you have a means in which to do so…web…phone to call sprint for programming…OTA…
11. Enjoy and hit thanks!!!

Don’t bother attempting this process unless you know well what you are doing ahead of time but I think that goes without saying. I’m curious to know if this new SBF will help any of our readers make the jump into rooting their Photon 4G’s?

[Via BriefMobile]

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  1. Great. Now photon can be exposed to more ROMS and mods without having to worry about losing everything.

  2. Weird, when I hard bricked my Atrix, RDS wouldn’t see it at all.

  3. Invalid Link :~(

  4. SBF == Single Binary File. I know the site you linked it from said System Boot File, but they’re wrong.

  5. My issue is …I want to use this…but….when I open RSDlite…it wont see the SBF download. :(

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