Has Your T-Mobile Android Been Experiencing Poor Battery Life Recently? You May Not Be Alone


If you have an Android device on T-Mobile and your battery life is suddenly not what it once used to be, there may be a bigger issue at hand. A recent posting on the T-Mobile support forums is addressing the issue, which apparently arose around July 28th and seems to mostly be affecting HTC handsets, particularly the G2. While the support team says it is working to resolve the issue, they are seeking user input to better diagnose the issue. We’re scratching our heads as to what exactly could be causing widespread battery issues, but questions concerning 3G/2G data modes suggest that it may have something to do with changes to T-Mobile’s actual network. We’ll keep our ear to this thread as more develops. In the mean time, any readers experiencing poorer than usual battery performance?

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  1. Terrible battery life here over the past few days with the MT4G. I did however pick up extra batteries for dirt cheap so I’m not too worried although it’s a pain to swap them out.

  2. G2X here, it hasn’t been the best battery life since I’ve had the phone, but the last week has been horrible. Dead after a few hours.

  3. Been having less than usual battery life performance on my HTC Sensation & my brotheres G2’s battery life is dismal o.O

  4. G2 Owner here and i am experiencing the same. Called tmo and they want me to replace my battery if it still has those issues then I get myself a new phone. Only problem is that they want me to go to a tmobile store and buy it there, but most tmobile stores in my area don’t sell them.

    1. Well that’s horse carp (yes, carp). You shouldn’t need to buy anything. You should call them and claim your phone is defective and they should replace it for you without you needing to buy anything. Don’t let them bully you.

  5. Follow the above link to report your issue with T Mobile.
    Or, follow this link.
    The more people that report this, the better chance we have of getting this resolved.

  6. Slightly worse performance over the last week on my Evo (Not TMobile, but HTC), I assumed its that its over a year old. Didn’t think too much about it (its not that much worse) though.

    1. Some days I’ll get 12 hours. Some days I’ll get 5.

      Some weeks will be good. Some weeks will be bad.

  7. I have a MT4G, and my battery life seems fine…of course I keep my 3G/4G radios turned off and use Edge and Wi-Fi only.

  8. so weird ive noticed this on my sensation only in the past week tho ..maybe it was teh 42mbps switch ?

  9. finally they’re looking into it!

  10. My dad’s G1 has had this problem my nexus is fine but maybe because I have it on 3G only

  11. Interesting, my coworker just came and asked my why his battery sucks lately. I looked his phone over and nothing is different than before.

  12. “may have something to do with changes to T-Mobile’s actual network”

    Yep, yep.

    Can’t wait for the iPeeps to run with this and trash Android.

    1. Yeah right….They will too busy standing in line for the iPhone 5.

    2. um actually im having the same issue with iphone 3gs and att my battery is slowly becoming weaker so its just not android its our networks changing

      1. My boss has the same problem with his 3Gs. It’s not the networks. Your battery is just shot. I don’t know if it’s possible to replace with one of those handdy kits you buy online.

  13. My battery life has been great till recently with my g2. Tmo cs has no clue about whats going on. Sux, if it keeps up im gonna have to jump ship. Back to sprint i go.

  14. I thought my N1 battery was just starting to die all of a sudden.

  15. @ Travis i agree with you! There something with network!

  16. I am using a vibrant and in the past few days my battery sucks, BAD!

    1. My brother and I also have Vibrants. My youngest brother can kill my phone ‘s battery with games like Zenonia in a few hours. My younger brother only uses his Vibrant for texting and it will last a day or two on a single charge.

  17. G2 user. Battery life has suffered bad recently. Won’t even make it over night on less than 75% battery. It’s annoying to say the least.

  18. I’m a G2 owner running CyanogenMod 7.0.3. I rooted/flashed my G2 around the time of the first mention of this battery drain issue and thought it was because of my new ROM. Perhaps not since there’s hardly anything running in the background…

    1. I should add I’m not seeing major drains but the charge has been going down quicker than usual lately.

  19. Pretty much EVERY Android device has horrible battery. It’s what Android is known for. I’ve gotten used to it and just buy spare batteries to pop in my device like magazines..

    And you always have those guys that get 22 hours of battery life while someone somewhere else with the same exact device is getting 6.

    I never listen to anyone that says they have great or horrible battery life with a device. No point =/

    1. Thanks for speaking the truth Chris. Android has a far way to go in improving battery life to meet the standard that Apple and RIM have set.

      1. It’s all about usage. When I had a BB, it was in my pocket most of the time. Phone calls and emails. If I use my EVO 3D that way, I have no problem going well over 20 hours. The display size also plays a big part.

        1. This is exactly what Chris is talking about. Theres always that guy that says hes getting 20+ hours. I had a BB and it would last a full day and would probably go another half day if I didn’t charge it every night. I use my android just as much as I used my BB and I get 6 hours use on 4G and MAYBE if I tried really hard get 8 hours on 3G. I NEVER use 4G unless I’m plugged in for power.

          1. Well seeing as you are prolly using and LTE or WiMAX 4g connection I could see why! Those are power hungry antennas…. I chose the HSPA+ T-Mobile network because I don’t need more than 7Mbps on the go…. and because the latency and building penetration is better than all the other 4g networks. Android phones are about choices and options…. make the wrong choices with your options… and you can wind up with terrible battery life….

            Make the right choices… and learn how to use the phone properly….. and then all of the sudden you are the 20hr guy!

            Like me!

            Rooted HTC Sensation 4g, overclocked to 1.8gz per core….. new radio and ROM flashed….. I use my phone constantly because I am a bike courier…… and I still get a day and half worth of usage.

            (The custom Kernel that over clocks my phones Proc while the screen is one…. also underclocks it when the screen is off! Unlike SetCPU its written in natice C and so this power adjustment happens instantly!)

    2. My iPhone 3G, HTC Dream, and HTC Nexus One have all had pretty similar battery life. I wouldn’t say it’s an “Android” issue, but more of a “smartphone that’s useful enough to be used all day” issue

      1. it an android issue.

    3. Really? I was getting 48 hours before this issue arose. Are you insinuating that more than 20 hours on a charge is hyperbole?

      Maybe it’s because some use their devices more than others.

  20. I have not noticed any major change in battery life G2 running cm 7.1 rc 1 and radio

  21. My t-mobile sensation 4g battery only last me about 4 hour……..

  22. My brother has a LG optimus 2x and easily makes it to the next day on 3G. I guess it’s the network?

    1. They saidhtc devices

      1. One of the comments here complained about the G2X, so I thought it would be relevant

  23. Mytouch 4G owner. All I can say is thank god for juice defender! Before it my battery lasted about 6-8 hours, 10 max. Now I get 12-16 hours most of the time. Got 19 hours once. But… As of late it does seem like my battery isn’t lasting as long as normal. And today for whatever reason I keep getting an alert from watchdog that google framework services is exceeding threshold. I’ve got an alert like 7 times today. Very frustrating!

  24. Running an original MyTouch G3. Over the past couple weeks, my battery life went down the tubes (while, oddly, hubby’s has been fine). I also didn’t make it overnight when left unplugged at work. Situation has improved greatly in the past couple of days, however. Perhaps they are working on the problem? At least in my area.

  25. My mytouch 4g is experience bad battery life to

  26. This is definitely a problem despite some people’s claims that “oh, the android battery just sucks, users should just accept it” and that they’re just imagining this problem. Yes, some days my battery will be shorter than normal, depending on usage and where I go. But when the battery of my G2 all of a sudden starts losing 10% an hour just sitting in my pocket in the same places I’ve always been, something is definitely wrong. And when the same thing starts happening to my co-worker’s G2, my friend in Seattle’s G2, my roommate’s Nexus One, and my friend’s Nexus One at the exact same time, accompanied by forum posts by other people in Atlanta and Seattle (and a couple of other places) wondering if other people have suddenly experienced battery issues, I’m inclined to believe its not just our phones.

    1. if u wanted battery life, should have gotten wp7 or iphone. enjoy the 2 hour battery life

      1. If you were happy with an iphone or wp7, maybe you should stop trolling an Android blog.

      2. Are you always like this, or is this a once a month thing?

  27. Over the last 2 days, my battery life went way way down. So I guess starting thursday (I read reports of this happening to others earlier than that though, I was late onset.)

    They can email me if I can help diagnose.

  28. HTC Sensation… And yes ..I also just baught
    1900 mah battery from Anker the battery life seems to be no better then the 1520

  29. it has to do with the upgraded 4g signals it demands more power for stronger signal so it drains the battery faster

  30. g1, 2 cliqxt’s, and an hd2. all android, all started having horrible battery life issues starting last month too. great…. i think its their “4G” getting the partial HSPA+ on all devices “3.5G” and its already killed one cliqxt battery.

  31. I’m running an HTC HD2 2.3.4 gingerbread on AT&T and have seen no change in battery. Leads me to think its tmobile’s network changes. Just a thought.

  32. I’m running an HTC HD2 2.3.4 gingerbread on AT&T and have seen no change in battery. Leads me to think its tmobile’s network changes. Just a thought.

  33. Hmm… I’m on Wifi right now, and apparently my cell phone reception just turned back on. It was off for about 15 minutes since I just got a text from 15 min ago. This happens when I let my phone go idle. When I start using Google Music, which forces data connection, my offline songs play, obviously, then eventually my data turns on. It seems to turn off and start searching for a signal while it’s idle, but as soon as I start using it, it turns back on. I stay on 3G/4G, because I switched to 2G only for a while, but even then my phone still kept going to 3G/4G which was weird.

    Battery is dying fast, like 10% within an 1 hour while idle.

    P.S. I know android has battery issues, but 10% idle in an hour is not good. Even you all know that. I used to be able to have 100% for 3 hours idle. That’s not the case now. So don’t give me that bad-battery crap. -_-

    HTC G2, rooted.

  34. Rooted HTC Glacier (2.3.3 Honeybread), aka The Mytouch 4G, CM7 uploaded. I get amazing bettery life after the root. I can easily use my phone all day without the fear of running low while out. Root or Nothing :D

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