Rdio Update Mentions ‘Ice Cream Sandwich Support,’ Don’t Get too Excited


The latest update to the Rdio Android app brought, among other things, a peculiar item to its recent changes list. Below bug fixes, TELUS integration, and giftcard support is listed “Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Support.” But, to the best of our knowledge, that particular OS update is still months away. So what gives?

Well, that particular OS update is indeed still months away. Google gave us a launch estimate of Q4, and it would be extremely unlikely for the new build to launch any sooner. No SDK has been made public yet, either, though a chance remains that an early build may have been forwarded to certain developers under a hush-hush agreement. The app may have also been updated based on a series of guidelines provided by Google but based on any actual build at all. There also remains the possibility that Rdio is simply talking out of their ass. Whatever the answer is, we’re taking this to mean that when Ice Cream Sandwich does land towards the end of the year, Rdio will be ready to go instantly.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. they probably put that in there so that all the android blogs would give them free advertising.

    1. if that is true…looks like it worked lol.

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